The 55 Very Best Owl Puns and Jokes

The 55 Very Best Owl Puns and Jokes

Feel like a wise owl with these jokes you can crack with friends and family, they’ll love owl of them! 

Before we swoop into the jokes and puns, here’s some owl facts:

Owls can rotate their necks up to 270 degrees! 

The majority of owls hunt insects, birds and small mammals. A few are adapted to hunt fish. 

In different cultures, owls symbolise everything from a powerful protector to an omen for death. 

Without further owldo, let’s get into the owl jokes / owl puns you came here for!

Owl List Some Favourite Things 

What’s an owl’s least favourite subject? Owlgebra. 

What’s an owl’s favourite song? Owl by Myself. 

What’s an owl’s favourite clothing? A c-owl neck sweater. 

What’s an owl couple’s favourite habitat? A love nest. 

What’s an owl’s favourite TV show judge? Simon C-owl. 

What’s an owl’s favourite film and catchphrase? The Verminator – Owl be back.

What’s an owl’s favourite sports position? On the wing. 

What’s an owl’s favourite country to visit? Owlgeria.

What’s an owl’s favourite mystery? A hoodunnit. 

What’s an owl’s favourite flower? A daffowldil.

Who’s the poor owl’s hero? Robin Hoot.

Who’s an owl’s favourite stunt performer? Harry Hoodini.

What’s an owl’s dream job? Geowlogist.

What’s an owl’s favourite gemstone? Owlite.

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Terrib-owl Puns

What’s a defender of the bird realm called? A knight owl.

You’re hooting up the wrong tree! 

Hoot have guessed?

The nerdy owl is a know-it-owl.

Like feather like son. 

Have you checked the feather forecast?

Owl always love you.

You see that owl there? She’s adorab-owl.

A group of Russian owls is called an Owligarchy.

What’s an unstealthy owl called? A spotted owl.

What’s an owl’s political leaning? Left wing.

Owls can’t breed when it’s raining, it’s too wet to woo.

Owl’s well that ends well.

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Hoo Said That?

What did the owl say to its prey? “It was mice to meet you.”

What did the long-eared owl say? “I’m owl ears.” 

What does the owl say when he answers the phone? “Hoo’s this?”

What did the cocky owl say? “I don’t need to study for the exam, owl wing it!”

What did the tattletale say? ”I’m talon on you!”

What did the winning owl say to the loser? “Better luck nest time!”

What did the baby owl say to their mother? “Chick me out, I’m having a hoot!”

What did the owl say to his nosey neighbour? “Keep your beak out!”

What did the owl say to his wife? “You’re so hootiful to me.”

What does the owl say to put off making a decision? “Owl let you know later.”

What does the owl say to the hypocrite? “Look hoo’s talking!”

What did the mother say to her chick? “Beak-a-boo!”

What does the owl say to the hunted mouse? “You better prey!”

What did the bird newsagent yell? “Read owl about it!”

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Chick Out These Owl Jokes!

What do you call an owl that transforms things through magic? An owlchemist.

What did the bird do when he gave up? He threw in the t-owl.

What does a well-educated owl say? Whooom.

The owl heard people talking about him, but he was too cool to give a hoot.

Where’s the chick’s favourite place to play? In the neighbourhoot.

What would the bird world be like without rules? A free-for-owl.

An owl went to visit his relative in hospital, she was on the cardiowlogy wing.

What did the angry owl do? He flipped the bird.

Why didn’t the owl get on with Tinder? He was too much of a twit to woo. 

Where do owls live? In the Houses of Parliament.

Why did the owl have to go to rehab? Because he was an owlcaholic. 

Why was the owl sent off the football pitch? He fowled his opponent.

Why aren’t there any owls in supermarkets? Because they fly off the shelves!

What’s one of the most controversial books ever written? Owlita.

I hope you enjoyed these tweet-worthy puns! Owl be back soon with more silly jokes!

Victoria Anne Wise

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