The 40 Very Best Tree Puns

The 40 Very Best Tree Puns

Keep reading for plenty of tree-based jokes and puns that will definitely twig your interest!

Join us as we log on (get it?) and take a deep dive into 40 tree puns and one-liner jokes that are so good, they should have rings on them (see what I did there?). Going through these one by one, you’ll be laughing so hard that you wet your trunks. Trees are an essential part to our very existence, just like the sound and feeling of ruptuous laughter, so we (being the clever c-logs that we are) decided “Why not combine them both?” and so we bring you 40 (yes 40!) of the very best tree jokes and puns that will leave you all in disbe-leaf!

But first, we encourage everyone to take a few moments to appreciate the amazing ecosystem this planet has, and the major role that trees and other plant life have in creating that. Deforestation is a major issue at the moment, so we ask everyone (even though it might not be the “poplar” thing to do at the moment. Sorry couldn’t resist) to go out and plant a single tree and play a small part in keeping our environment beautiful for the next generation of tree pun lovers!


1. I tried to look up my family tree

But I ended up stumped!

2. In Ireland,

Good things come in trees

3. I named all my kids after trees

Because they are the root of all my problems

4. I’m so bad at gardening

Even my trees don’t root for me

5. I tried root beer for the first time today

But now, my trees are drunk!

6. Even though trees don’t celebrate Valentines Day

They are still very sappy

7. My partner must think that I’m a tree

Because they are leaf-ing me

8. I panicked when I saw all the leaves falling off the trees during fall

But luckily, they all grew back. What a re-leaf!

9. Why can’t arborists go into any banks?

Because they all hate branches

10. My uncle cut off his finger while trimming his trees, but can’t remember how it happened

He tried his best to remember, but ended up stumped

11. I have so many nieces and nephews

My family tree has more branches than Walmart!

12. I was convinced to pay over the odds for a beautiful bonsai tree today

What a sap!

13. Why do all the other trees avoid the acorn tree?

Because, it’s nuts!

14. I loved Groot in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies

But his performance was a bit wooden

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15. Today, I finally realised why it’s called “Root Beer”

Because it tastes like dirt!

16. Why do trees not have any social media accounts?

Because they are all too scared to log in!

17. What is every tree’s favourite style of shoe?


18. I’ve had an awful lot of friend requests from trees lately

They must be branching out

19. How do you know that a tree is single?

It’s a palm tree

20. How do you know that a tree is starting to get desperate?

It keeps texting it’s axe


21. I got bit by a mosquito today while tree climbing

Don’t worry though, the bark was worse than it’s bite!

22. I saw a bunch of trees floating down the river today

You could say, they were swimming trunks

23. Trees are always giving me shade

I’m pretty sure I heard the last one call me fat!

24. What is every tree’s favourite brand of shoe?


25. Why do trees always take naps?

Because they live forest

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26. Why do Christmas trees not have lots of friends?

Because a lot of people are scared of needles!

27. What is the world’s smallest tree?

A palm tree

28. What is the first thing people usually say when they see beavers gnawing wood?


29. What is every tree’s least favourite brand of deodorant?


30. What is it called when trees grow from other trees?

Maternity leaf!

31. I found out today that the trees in my garden have huge roots

So I bought them some hair dye

32. All my biggest fans are trees

They are always rooting for me!

33. Why can’t any trees get married?

Because they all already have rings on them

34. Did you hear about the world’s most beautiful tree?

It has a great fig-ure!

35. What type of tree’s need the most tissues?

A weeping willow!

36. What type of tree has the best tan?

A beech tree

37. What is the quickest and best way to describe conkers?

In a nutshell!

38. Why was the dogtree sad?

Because it lost its bark

39. Why couldn’t the lumberjacks go swimming?

Because they forgot their trunks!

40. Why was the tree in shock?

Because it heard the birds and the bees 


And there you have it! 40 Tree Puns and Wicked Wordplay jokes to quench your thirst for some tree based laughter, without being left feeling like a sap (some of these just write themselves). Take all these jokes and use them on your friends, kids, students, colleagues, anyone really that loves to branch out and laugh. Plus let’s face it, after 2020, who wooden’t want some rib ticklers to brighten their day!

Chris Wright

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