50 Very Best Halloween Riddles

50 Very Best Halloween Riddles

We bring you 50 of the very best Halloween riddles and wordplay puns that’ll even make your nightmares scared! Take a deep dive into our cauldron, and see what types of brain-tickling humour we have in store for you. After reading these, you better make sure your home ghost proofing skills are as good as your article choices! Let’s begin…


1. Riddle – Why did the skeleton run up the nearest tree?

Answer – Because the dog was trying to catch its bones!

2. Riddle – Why couldn’t the skeletons eat any spicy foods?

Answer – They don’t have the stomach for it

3. Riddle – Why do demons and ghouls get along so well?

Answer – Because demons are a ghoul’s best friend

4. Riddle – What motto makes every ghost really happy?

Answer – “Every shroud has a silver lining”

5. Riddle – What is every ghost’s least favourite room in any house?

Answer – The living room!

6. Riddle – What should anyone do if they ever see a group of ghost’s in their house?

Answer – Pray that it’s Halloween!

7. Riddle – What’s the best position for ghosts to play in any sport?

Answer – The Ghoul-Keeper

8. Riddle – What did the skeleton say to the vampire?

Answer – “You suck!”

9. Riddle – Who is the most famous skeleton in all of France?

Answer – Napoleon Bone-Apart

10.Riddle – Why was the skeleton always too frightened to go see a scary movie?

Answer – They didn’t have the guts!

11.Riddle – What is every skeleton’s favourite thing to order when they go out for dinner?

Answer – Spare Ribs

12.Riddle – What is every skeleton’s least favourite season?

Answer – Winter, Because the cold goes right through them!

13.Riddle – Which skeleton made the best ever detective?

Answer – Sherlock Bones

14.Riddle – Why did the pumpkin turn green?

Answer – Because it was jealous of the other pumpkins!

15.Riddle – Knock Knock

Who’s there?


Ghost who?

Answer – Ghost stand over there and I’ll bring you some candy!

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16.Riddle – What type of pumpkin is the most athletic of them all?

Answer – A Jock o’ Lantern

17.Riddle – Why are pumpkins always doing so badly at school?

Answer – Because they all had their brains scooped out!

18.Riddle – Why are pumpkins always left sitting on people’s porches?

Answer – Because they don’t have any hands to knock on the door!

19.Riddle – Knock Knock

Who’s there?


Eddy who?

Answer – Eddy body get dressed, we are going trick or treating!

20.Riddle – Knock Knock

Who’s there?


Voodoo who?

Answer – Voodoo you think you are!

21.Riddle – Knock Knock

Who’s there?


Witches who?

Answer – Witches the way to the nearest candy store?

22.Riddle – Why was the ghost always crying?

Answer – Because he wanted his mummy!

23.Riddle – What is every zombie’s favourite place to live?

Answer – A dead-end street!

24.Riddle – What is every vampire’s favourite breed of dog?

Answer – A Bloodhound

25.Riddle – What is a werewolf’s favourite thing to eat after every trip to get their teeth cleaned?

Answer – The Dentist!

26.Riddle – What does every demon keep in their stables?

Answer – Nightmares

27.Riddle – Why can’t mummies find any time for themselves?

Answer – They are always too wrapped up in other stuff!

28.Riddle – What mode of transport do vampires always prefer to travel in?

Answer – A Blood Vessel

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29.Riddle – Where does Dracula keep all of his money?

Answer – In a Blood Bank!

30.Riddle – Why can’t Dracula play any baseball?

Answer – Because he lost his bat!

31.Riddle – What type of monster has the best fashion sense?

Answer – A Wear-Wolf!

32.Riddle – What is every ghost’s favourite band?

Answer – The Grateful Dead

33.Riddle – What is every ghost’s favourite ever film-maker?

Answer – Rob Zombie

34.Riddle – What’s the scariest ever place that a tree can live?

Answer – Elm Street!

35.Riddle – How does every race between vampires always end?

Answer – Neck and Neck

36.Riddle – What is the dessert of choice for every monster that’s ever existed?

Answer – Iscream

37.Riddle – What is every zombie’s favourite device to play music on?

Answer – An Eye-Pod

38.Riddle – Why are scarecrows always the first to get any promotions?

Answer – Because they are outstanding in their field!

39.Riddle – People are never off their phones these days, so next Halloween…

Answer – We are going Trick or Tweeting!

40.Riddle – Why are cemeteries more popular than ever right now?

Answer – Because everybody is dying to get it

41.Riddle – What is every mummy’s favourite type of music to listen to?

Answer – Wrap Music!

42.Riddle – What is every skeleton’s favourite type of instrument?

Answer – A Trom-Bone!

43.Riddle – Why do spiders make the best web developers?

Answer – Because they love finding bugs

44.Riddle – Why do ghosts make such terrible liars?

Answer – Because you can see right through them!

45.Riddle – Why do vampires seem unwell so often?

Answer – Because they are always coffin

46.Riddle – Why do vampires not have a lot of friends?

Answer – Because they are always a pain in the neck!

47.Riddle – What do you call witches that live together?

Answer – Broom Mates

48.Riddle – Where do monsters keep all of their junk?

Answer – A Were-house

49.Riddle – Who is every ghost’s favourite member of the Spice Girls?

Answer – Scary Spice

50.Riddle – I’m so overweight, that if I was a psychic…

Answer – I’d be a chocolate eclair-voyant!


And there you have it, 50 frighteningly good Halloween riddles and puns to scare away any of the worries you might have. We hope you had as much fun reading these as much as we had typing them! Laughter can be an incredible way to brighten any day for yourself or the people you care about, so share these with your friends, family, colleagues, students, anyone really and spread so much joy that people will think you’re scarily funny! 

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