37 Very Best Egg Riddles

37 Very Best Egg Riddles

We scrambled through the internet to bring you lucky folks 30 (yes, 30!) of the very best Egg Riddles and funny yokes to brighten your mood. Start your day by looking on the sunny side, share all these riddles with your friends, kids, colleagues, students, loved ones etc and get them all cracking up! Boiled or fried, you’ll be satisfied with these wordplay puns and riddles, so get your noggin joggin’ and hopefully the answers start coming to you over-easy!


1. Riddle – Where does the Easter Bunny get all the eggs from?

Answer – An Egg Plant

2. Riddle – What type of jokes do Eggs tell?

Answer – Egg Yolks!

3. Riddle – If I had 4 eggs, a thief gave me 3 and my rooster laid 5 more, how many do I have?

Answer – 3 (this one fried us too, don’t worry!)

4. Riddle – I have 10 eggs. I break 3, I fried 3 and I ate 3, how many do I have left?

Answer – 7

5. Riddle – What happens when you ask your dogs to make you some breakfast?

Answer – You get pooched eggs!

6. Riddle – What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Answer – Apparently, it’s an egg. Well, according to modern evolution, anyway

7. Riddle – If a peacock were to lay an egg in my front yard, who would own it?

Answer – Peacocks don’t lay eggs, only peahens

8. Riddle – How would you drop an egg onto a concrete floor without cracking it?

Answer – Don’t worry, it’ll take more than an egg to crack concrete!

9. Riddle – If a rooster laid an egg on a barn roof, which way would it roll?

Answer – If you’ve been paying attention, you’d already know roosters don’t lay eggs

Next: 50 Halloween Riddles To Scare Away Your Worries 10.Riddle – There is a carton of 6 eggs on a table, and there are 6 people around the table. Everyone takes an egg and there is still one in the carton. How is this possible?

Answer – The first 5 eggs are taken by the first 5 people. The last person takes the last egg, while it’s still in the carton!

11.Riddle – Which one is correct to say? – “The yolk of the egg IS white” or “The yolk of the egg ARE white”?

Answer – Neither, because egg yolks are yellow!

12.Riddle – Why should you never tell an Easter egg a joke?

Answer – It might crack up!

13.Riddle – Breakfast or dinner, I always taste great. I come from an animal that never stays up late. What am I?

Answer – Egg (Duh)

14.Riddle – Where do eggs go on their summer holidays?

Answer – New Yolk City (The Big Omelette)

15.Riddle – What do you get when a turkey lays an egg on a barn roof?

Answer – Eggrolls!


16.Riddle – Why do hens lay eggs?

Answer – Because if they dropped them, they’d break!

17.Riddle – Why does it take over a million sperm to fertilise an egg?

Answer – Because none of them stop to ask for directions

18.Riddle – On what days are eggs the most angry?

Answer – Fry Days!

19.Riddle – Why do the citizens of France only have one egg with their breakfast?

Answer – Because one egg is un oeuf

20.Riddle – What two words do these letters make? Gges Esgg Gegs Sgeg

Answer – Scrambled Eggs!

21.Riddle – How does the Easter Bunny manage to paint all their eggs?

Answer – They hire Santa’s elves during the off season

Next: 50 Amazing Riddles for Children 22.Riddle – Why is every losing team like scrambled eggs?

Answer – They have both been beaten!

23.Riddle – What does a mixed up hen lay?

Answer – Scrambled eggs

24.Riddle – Have you ever heard the joke about the broken egg?

Answer – Yes, it still cracks me up!

25.Riddle – How do ghosts like their eggs in the morning?

Answer – Terri-Fried!

26.Riddle – What happens when you rub a balloon against an egg?

Answer – It becomes egg-static

27.Riddle – Why did the chicken’s computer break?

Answer – The hard drive was fried!

28.Riddle – What’s the best thing to have for breakfast when you are meditating?

Answer – Ommmmmmm-lettes

29.Riddle – Why was the baby chicken shy?

Answer – It still hadn’t come out of it’s shell!

30.Riddle – What type of people always steal eggs?

Answer – Poachers!


We hope you enjoyed these Egg Based Riddles and puns, and that you were as cracked up reading them as we were typing them! I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely in the mood for some egg rolls now. But please always remember, when you are scrambling about looking for some eggs during your shopping trips, always buy free range because animal cruelty ain’t no yoke!

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