55 Very Best Animal Riddles

55 Very Best Animal Riddles

Are you a lover of riddles? If you or someone else loves animals, why not combine the two? Brain teasers are amazing to bond with family or include in parties and quizzes.

We get that riddles can be tricky, and people range from riddle beginners to riddle masters. Whether you want to entertain your kids or have some light-hearted fun, these head-scratchers are for you. Check out over fifty animal puzzles from easy to hard so you can find the right level for everyone.

Easy Animal Riddles 

1. I fly in the air. I eat seeds and worms. I say, “Tweet, Tweet.” What am I?

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Answer: Bird

2. I live in a bowl.

I can swim.

I have a tail.

I also have fins and big eyes.

What am I?

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Answer: Goldfish

3. I like to hop around. I’m a tadpole when I’m young.

I am green and I croak. And catch flies with my long tongue.

What am I?

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Answer: Frog

4. I’m an animal you might love But I’m too big to be your pet

I have an extremely long trunk. And it’s said I never forget.

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Answer: Elephants

5. You say “hey” but I eat it. I say “neigh”. 

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Answer: Horse.

6. I hang upside-down on trees. I’m the opposite of busy bees. I sleep and sleep, I’m very slow, and on each foot I have three toes. Who am I? 

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Answer: Sloth.

7. I build a home of sticky string and catch my prey with a bite or sting. Who am I? 

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Answer: Spider.

8. I have fish in my tummy

I would find you quite yummy

I swim, and I bite

I could give you a fright!

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Answer: Shark

9. I munch leaves from treetops but my feet never leave the ground. What am I? 

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Answer: Giraffe.

10. This is something black and white

But it’s not an old TV

It’s a type of animal

That starts with the letter Z

What animal is it?

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Answer: Zebra

11. I wear a tuxedo in the snow and skate on my tummy across ice, what am I?

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Answer: Penguin.

12. I love honey, but I don’t like the bees

I have cubs

And sometimes climb trees

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Answer: Bear.

13. I slither around,

With my home on my back.

I’ve never been rich,

But I leave silver tracks.

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Answer: Snail.

14. I am small and colorful. I have got big wings. I live in gardens. I used to be a caterpillar. What am I?

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Answer: Butterfly

15. I’ve got two big humps

And sand-colored hair

I live in the desert

And I spit, so beware!

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Answer: A camel.

16. You can hear me roar for miles around

I chase gazelles and don’t make a sound

I have a big mane

And a big pride

When it gets hot

In the shade, I hide

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Answer: A lion.

17. I’ll give you a butt if you get near my horns

Just like sheep, in the spring time I’m born

I’m not a cow but I can make cheese

I wear a bell so you can hear me with ease

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Answer: Goat.

18. I’m bigger than a house, scared of a mouse, have great big toes and a hose for a nose. 

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Answer: Elephant.

19. I like to hop around. I’m a tadpole when I’m young. I am green and I croak. And catch flies with my long tongue. What am I?

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Answer: Frog.

20. I’m grey and I say ‘Eeyore.’ What am I?

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Answer: Donkey.

Medium-Difficulty Animal Riddles 

21. I look like you except I have a tail, I am a good tree climber. I can mimic you very easily. I eat fruits, insects and flowers. My favorite food is bananas. What am I?

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Answer: Monkey

22. I’m bigger than a house,

And scared of a mouse.

I have great big toes.

And a hose for a nose.

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Answer: Elephant.

23. What do elephants fear the most?

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Answer: A mouse.

24. I am the biggest mammal that lives in the sea

You would be tiny if you swam near me

I blow water high up in the sky

I would be amazing to see, but I’m hard to spy

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Answer: Whale

25. I like to grab nuts and hide them away

Sometimes I’m red and sometimes I’m gray

I scramble up trees, way way up high

Some of my cousins can even fly.

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Answer: Squirrel.

26. You can hear me in grass but I’m quite hard to see

I make chirping noises so you can find me

To move around and hop really high 

If I get bored, sometimes I fly

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Answer: Cricket.

27. I am yellow and have webbed feet. I can swim in the water.

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Answer: Duck.

28. I have arms that are longer than my legs. I have been taught sign language to communicate. Who am I? 

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Answer: Gorilla.

29. I’m a king without a crown. What am I?

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Answer: Lion.

30. I join you at parties every year, but I never get to enjoy them. Who am I? 

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Answer: Turkey.

31. What time does a duck wake up?

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Answer: At the quack of dawn!

32. Where did the sheep go on vacation?

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Answer: The baaaahamas.

33. Why do cows wear bells?

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Answer: Because their horns don’t work

34. I have no eyes, legs, or ears but I can move the earth if you give me time. Who am I? 

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Answer: Worm.

35. The strangest creature you’ll ever find: two eyes in front and many more behind.

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Answer: Peacock.

36. What’s Orange And Sounds Like A Parrot?

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Answer: A carrot.

Hard Animal Riddles

37. What do you call a horse that lives next door?

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Answer: A neigh-bor.

38. Why was the cow afraid?

Answer: He was a cow-herd.[/su_spoiler]

39. What can honk without a horn?

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Answer: A goose.

40. A Woman Stands On One Side Of A River, Her Cat On The Other. The Woman Calls To The Cat, Who Immediately Crosses The River Without Getting Wet, And Without Using A Bridge Or A Boat. How Did The Cat Do It?

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Answer: The river was frozen.

41. What do you call a cow in a tornado?

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Answer: A milkshake.

42. I plow fields, but never sow. I’ve a corkscrew tail and snuffly nose.

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Answer: Pig.

43. Some people don’t like me when I am first born

I creep and I crawl until I transform

I’m all different colors, try and catch me

I have beautiful wings and I feel so free

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Answer: Butterfly.

44. I sip at nectar

But I am no bee

I don’t sing but I hum

Try and hear me

My wings move so fast, I’m a blur to the eye

I dart around, flying close to the sky

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Answer: A hummingbird.

43. What animal is shy and always trying to hide from flying objects?

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Answer: A duck.

44. What kind of music do rabbits like?

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Answer: Hip Hop.

45. I grow down as I grow up. What am I?

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Answer: A goose.

46. A Bird, A Squirrel, And A Monkey Are Climbing A Coconut Tree To Get A Banana. Who Will Be The First To Get To The Banana?

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Answer: None of them; bananas don’t grow on coconut trees.

47. A Cat Can Jump 5 Feet High, But Can’t Jump Through A Window That’s 3 Feet High. Why Not?

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Answer: The window was closed.

48. A Black Dog Is Lying In An Intersection In A Town Painted Black. No Street Lights Are Working Due To A Power Failure. A Car With Broken Headlights Drives Towards The Dog But Turns In Time To Avoid Hitting Him. How Did The Driver See The Dog?

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Answer: It was daytime.

49. What’s At The Head Of An Elephant And The Tail Of A Squirrel?

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Answer: ‘el.’

50. My first’s in old but never in young, my second’s in whistled but never in sung. My third’s in lunar and in light, my whole is a creature that flies at night.

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Answer: Owl

51. What did the duck say when he bought lipstick?

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Answer: Put it on my bill.

52. What does a cat have that no other animal has?

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Answer: Kittens.

Animal Riddles Are Always Great Fun

Animal riddles are perfect if you want an enjoyable activity, to test your brain, or even learn something new. Give them a go and have some animal fun today.

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