The 37 Very Best Ghost Puns and Ghost Jokes

The 37 Very Best Ghost Puns and Ghost Jokes

Warning – be careful who you tell these jokes to, they may Ghost you!

Ghost puns that go bump in the night. Try these Ghost jokes and puns out on your friends and give them a big laugh. If you can not wait for Halloween these puns will sate your appetite until October 31st. Then we can dress up as scary Witches, bloodied Zombies and creepy Vampires!

1. Why are Ghosts in such good shape?

Plenty of exorcise and a good die-t.

2. How does a Ghost say good-bye?

“I can’t wait to seance you again.”

3. What sound do you hear if you explode a Ghost?


4. Which is a Ghost’s favourite cheese?

Ghoul-da Cheese.

5. What do Ghosts say when they are impressed?

“That was spectre-cular!”

6. Which soccer position does a Ghost play?

Ghoulkeeper, of course.

7. What is a Ghost’s favourite treat?

Ice-scream floats.

8. Where do Ghosts travel to for a holiday?

South Aarghfricaargh.

9. Where is the Ghost’s bedroom located?

Down the Hall-oween.

10. Is Casper a boy or a girl?

Casper is a Ghoul.

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11. Why do Ghosts make such good company?

They are full of spirit.

12. A Ghost walks into a bar.

He did not notice.

13. Why did the Ghost turn down the job?

He could not see himself doing it.

14. How should you greet a Ghost?

“Long time, no see.”

15. Why are Ghosts so lonely?

They have nobody to lean on.

16. Why did the Ghost make such a good host?

She was the Ghostest with the mostest.

17. What do Ghosts eat on a Sunday?

Ghost Chicken and grave-y.

18. What does the Ghost say when he sneezes?


19. What do Ghost children play?

Hide and shriek!

20. What is a Ghost’s favourite toy to play with?


21. What is the collective noun for Ghosts?

Team spirit.

22. What is Ghost’s favourite element?


23. What do Ghosts suffer from?

Saturday fright fever.

24. What is a Ghost’s favourite film?

Paranormal Activity.

25. What do Ghost’s say when they are disappointed?

“I am Peeves-d off!”

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26. What do Ghost’s list themselves as for tax purposes?


27. When is a Ghost’s favourite time of day?

Mourning time.

28. Which car is a Ghost’s favourite?

It is between a Boogatti or a Rolls-Royce Phantom.

29. I just found out my Husband is a Ghost.

I realised the moment he walked through the door.

30. Why do Ghost’s make terrible liars.

They fall right through the bed.

31. Why did the Ghosts win the soccer match?

They scored more Ghouls.

32. What you call the Ghost of a Chicken?


33. Why do Ghosts avoid the rain?

It dampens their spirits.

34. Who serves Coffee at a Starbucks?


35. What is a Ghost’s favourite Pizza?

Tomb-ato and cheese.

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