80 Golf Puns

80 Golf Puns

Do you spend a lot of your life as a single pringle because your other half spends a large amount of time with their other love of their life…golf?

Golf is a sport that takes over not just the golfers life but the whole families. Every golfer thinks they are the next Tiger Woods and is full of expertise they like to impart on others. Those who do not play golf do not understand the draw of the game. However spending hours walking in the sun, having a laugh with your friends sounds great to us. Here are 80 golf themed puns you can keep up your sleeve ready to share with your golf obsessed partner or your buddies on the course.

  1. Why did the golfer wear 2 pairs of pants? In case he got a hole in one!
  2. You just have to green and bare it.
  3. Balls well that ends well.
  4. The golfer had to raise the par to be at the same level as his mates.
  5. The golfer hit a perfect ball it was tee-rific!
  6. The caddy was really putter-ing around today.
  7. A golfer is the best driver on the road.
  8. The golfer got in trouble for having too many strokes of genius.
  9. A golfer’s favourite type of animal is a birdie.
  10. The golfer’s favourite food is a “slice” of cake.
  11. The golfer’s favourite dessert is “putter-scotch” pudding.
  12. What did the golfer say when he missed a putt? “That’s a bogey!”
  13. The golfer’s favourite swim stroke is the “putt-erfly.”
  14. What does a golfers laugh sound like? Tee-hee
  15. What did the golfer say to the golf ball? “You’re driving me crazy!”
  16. The best music to play golf to, is Swing Jazz.
  17. The best drink for golf is a “Tee-quila” Sunrise.
  18. A golfer’s favourite vegetable is “putt-atoes.”
  19. The best dog for a golfer is a “caddy-poo.”
  20. It takes a lot of balls to golf like me!
  21. What’s a golfer’s favourite food? Chips!
  22. I am the golf father.
  23. To tee or not to tee? That is the question.
  24. What did the golfer have in his sandwich? Tee-Nut Putter.
  25. What did the golfer say when he hit a bad shot? “That’s a tee-rrible!”.
  26. The golfer’s favourite type of shoe is “Spike-less.”
  27. The golfer’s favourite type of candy is “Birdie” Bites.
  28. Golf forth and prosper.
  29. The golfer’s favourite type of tea is “putt-ernut.”
  30. What did the golfer say when he hit a great shot? “That’s a hole in one!”
  31. Why was the golfer so good at baking? Because he knew how to slice.
  32. Why was the golfer always calm? Because he knew how to putt his worries away.
  33. The bread always fell putter side down.
  34. Over the hills and fore away, a golfer was having the best day.
  35. I am reviewing the course information.
  36. How many golfers does it take to change a light bulb? Fore
  37. What do you call a wizard who plays golf? Harry Putter.
  38. Why is a golfer the funniest person in your family? Because he has a fairway to make people laugh.
  39. Why was the golfer always happy? Because he knew how to stay out of rough patches.
  40. I am going travelling around the golf coast.
  41. Why does a golfer have a pocket full of birdseed? To attract more birdies.
  42. Why is it vital for a golfer to have tissues in his bag? To clean up his bogeys.
  43. I just got a new set of clubs for my wife. Best trade that I have ever made.
  44. A golfer asked his friend “what time is ‘tee’ time? I am starving”
  45. You are the best by par!
  46. The golfer hit the ball as par as the eye could see.
  47. The golfer decided to take a drive.
  48. The golfer was such a social putterfly.
  49. The golfer wouldn’t putt it past his friends that they were cheating.
  50. To putt a long story short, the golf course was rammed.
  51. The golfer decided it was ball or nothing.
  52. Stop coursing there are kids around.
  53. Is golf just adult marbles?
  54. No matter how bad you play, you can always play worse.
  55. I peg your pardon? What did you say?
  56. I like big putts and I cannot lie. You other golfers cant deny.
  57. The golfer was putt naked.
  58. This is all fore the best.
  59. That was a chip shot.
  60. Golf is a hole new game.
  61. I’m in the golf of Mexico.
  62. Whats a golfers worst nightmare? The bogey man
  63. The golfer spends more time in the sand than David Hasselhoff.
  64. The golfer had a tee in his bonnet.
  65. The golfer was swingin in the rain.
  66. Where can you find a golfer in society? Clubbing.
  67. What do sex and golf have in common? You can enjoy them even if you are bad at them.
  68. Golf drove a wedge between the married couple.
  69. Golf is what you play when you are too old for football.
  70. Float like a putterfly, sting like a tee.
  71. Remember the fore fathers of golf.
  72. Kiss my putt!
  73. The golfer said to his opponent, putter luck next time.
  74. The golfer shouted at his children ‘stop wasting time and puttering around’.
  75. It was a stroke of luck that shot.
  76. Time to drive right in.
  77. Drive had it up to my eyeballs with rubbish shots.
  78. It’s a tee-utiful day, it’s time for golf.
  79. You are my best friend by par.
  80. Golf is my cup of tee
Ziz Brown