30 Flirty Things to Say to a Girl to Make her Fall for You

30 Flirty Things to Say to a Girl to Make her Fall for You

1. How do you manage to look so flawless all the time?

2. Are you a magician? You make all my worries disappear.

3. Do you drink honey every day? Your voice is so melodious.

4. Do you know that you are one of the reasons for global warming?

5. Are you gravity? I feel so attracted to you.

6. Are you Sun? My world seems to revolve around you.

7. Do you mind me calling you mine?

8. Can I have your number? Because I want to make your contact number 1 in my dialer?

9. Are you an angel? You keep appearing in my dreams.

10. Would you let me grow old with you?

11. Are you an aspirin? You make my pain disappear.

12. Are your parents from heaven? Because they have given birth to an angel.

13. Are you a virus? You make my system crash.

14. You look so tired, would you like me to a sing lullaby for you?

15. Do you know your eyes are like an ocean? I keep getting drowned in them.

16. Do you know your eyes are like a maze? I keep getting lost in them.

17. Are you a bottle of vodka? You keep making my spirits high.

18. Why do you always make it so difficult for me to say goodbye to you?

19. Do you know you are a walking lucky charm? I feel so lucky every time I’m with you.

20. Do you know you have a vibrant smile? I have to wear sunglasses whenever I am around you.

21. Are you a genie? You keep making my wishes come true.

22. Are you a Roman goddess? I feel I could worship you.

23. Does Victoria Beckham consult you? Because your fashion is bang on.

24. Are you a rockstar? Because you definitely rock my world.

25. Are you a princess of some kingdom? Because you are ruling my world.

26. Are geometric? Your curves and angles are perfect.

27. Are you sure you didn’t get a call from Hollywood? They sure are missing out on a nice catch.

28. Are you a teddy bear? I feel like hugging you.

29. Are you chocolate? I can’t seem to resist you.

30. Perhaps are you a descendant of Sun god Ra? Because you keep melting my heart.


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