The 55 Very Best Ice Cream Jokes

The 55 Very Best Ice Cream Jokes

We can all agree that ice cream is one of the best desserts out there. Breakfast, lunch, dinner? It doesn’t matter when you can have ice cream! The number of flavours is endless and the joy it brings to your mouth is sensational. But, what’s better than ice cream? Eating ice cream while laughing at jokes about ice cream! Who would have thought? If you haven’t already, get a bowl of ice cream and read these funny ice cream jokes.


Jokes That Will Make You and Ice Scream!

50 Ice Cream Jokes

  1. What’s a lion’s favourite ice cream? Mint Choc Chimp!
  2. I had some green coloured ice cream. Guess what? It was Mint!
  3. Why does everyone want ice cream on their team? Because with them, anything is popsicle!
  4. Why did the ice cream van break down? Because there was a rocky road!
  5. Why do ice cream cones always carry an umbrella? In case there’s a chance of sprinkles.
  6. What does an ice cream lawyer say? You got served!
  7. Why is ice cream so bad at tennis? They have a soft serve.
  8. What’s Mikey Mouse’s favourite treat? Mice cream!
  9. What football team loves ice cream? Aston Vanilla!
  10. Why did the ice cream cone get sick? He spent too much time in the freezer!
  11. What did the ice cream say to his partner on valentines day? You make me melt!
  12. Why does the ice cream always get out of trouble? He’s too sweet!
  13. What does no one want to eat and smells fishy? A sardine ice cream!
  14. What ice cream is always drunk? Rum and raisin!
  15. What do you get when you cross and ice-cream, dog and a cow? Milk-shake
  16. Why did no one take the pistachio ice cream so seriously? He was nutty!
  17. What flavour of ice cream is always on the go? Mango!
  18. What do you say to the ice cream that just got promoted? Cone-granulations!
  19. What did the ice cream cone say to the ice cream scoop? Your legendairy!
  20. What hit song is a favourite among the frozen treats? Life is just a cream!
  21. What is a horse’s favourite flavour of ice cream? Strawberry!
  22. Why was the ice cream cone misunderstood? She was always waffling!
  23. Knock, knock! Who’s there? I scream! I scream who? I scream for ice cream!
  24. Why do chocolate and mint ice cream go so well? Some flavours are mint to be together!
  25. Why was the ice cream so sad? He was blue-berry flavoured!
  26. What do chicken and ice cream have in common? Eggs!
  27. What type of ice cream is the worst? One that falls on the floor!
  28. What did the ice cream say to the upset cow? You’re milking it now!
  29. How is ice cream as a girlfriend? The sweetest!
  30. What is ice creams favourite day of the week? Sundae!
  31. What was the ice cream cones naughty pick up line? Wanna lick me?
  32. What happens when I watch a movie with my favourite frozen dessert? I scream!
  33. What did the ice cream say to his crush? Lick me up, I’m mint!
  34. What is ice creams favourite movie? Frozen!
  35. What is a monkey’s favourite flavour of ice cream? Banana!
  36. What did the dentist say to the ice cream? Your way too sweet!
  37. How do you defeat an ice cream in a fight? Break their cone!
  38. What’s the best band to listen to while eating ice cream? Spoon!
  39. What did the commentator say when Ice Cream FC scored? What a scoop!
  40. Who is the most famous ice cream? Mr Whippy!
  41. Why can you never get ice cream at McDonald’s? The ice cream machines always broken!
  42. Why does the ice cream man go so slow? Because he’s a sundae driver!
  43. What’s the difference between ice cream and sorbet? £1.50!
  44. What do you get when you milk a cow in Antarctica? Ice cream!
  45. What’s a pig’s favourite ice cream? Hoggin Daz!
  46. Why was Tom so angry at Jerry? Because he chose Ben over him!
  47. How does an ice cream wish you happy birthday? Congratulations, its sherbet day!
  48. What does the ice cream call his girlfriend? Her ne and cone-ly!
  49. How does an ice cream congratulate you on your wedding day? Cone-granulations, you have a wife!
  50. What did the ice cream say to the angry ice cream?  Your a bit frosty!

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Best Ice Cream Puns!

  1. Ice cream because you are driving me crazy!
  2. Do I love ice cream? You sherbet I do!
  3. Having my own ice cream shop is a cream come true!
  4. My relationship with ice cream is unhealthy because its cold!
  5. I was able to explain taxes to my kids by eating 38 percent of their ice cream!
  6. Mint ice cream must be good at poker because it has so many chips!
  7. The ice cream truck got a flat tire by driving down a rocky road!
  8. Ben and Jerry are partners in cream!
  9. I had to get out of the ice cream business. I just don’t like working sundaes!
  10. An ice cream would make a terrible athlete because they always get licked!
  11. That ice cream is so overpriced. The guy selling it is a real cone artist!
  12. I’m such as softie for ice cream!
  13. I would go to Italy and eat ice cream if I won the gelato-ry!
  14. Today, it’s sunny with a chance of sprinkles!
  15. You and I were mint to be!
  16. My day got sprinkled with love!
  17. When people dessert you, eat ice cream!
  18. I hope your having gelato fun on your birthday!
  19. Making this ice cream sundae will take up gelato my time!
  20. Ice cream is part of the cream team amongst desserts!


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