The 55 Very Best Dentist Jokes

The 55 Very Best Dentist Jokes

Everyone knows how important oral hygiene is, but they also say laughter is the best medicine – So what better way to impress your friends and family than by putting a toothy grin on their faces than with these dentist jokes and puns that will leave them with their mouths agape!

(Maybe these jokes will even persuade them to want to visit their dentists more than just once a year for their annual checkup!)

Once you’ve read these jokes you’ll definitely have your mouthful next time you’re at a dinner party and want a quick crowd-pleaser, or even when you’re sitting in the dentist’s waiting room and want to reduce some of the nerves and tension! (Just make sure not to use them during an actual tooth extraction!)

So without further ado let’s take a bite into these 40 juicy dentist jokes and 15 funny dentist puns!

Best Dentist Jokes

What do dentists have in their garden? 
Dentistrees and implants!

What’s the only sweet food that dentists approve of?

Why don’t dentists like the police?
Because of the cavity checks!

What do you get if you cross a dentist and security personnel?
A mouthguard!

Why did the dentist get lost at sea?
Because he was exploring the great barrier teeth!

What happened when the dentist crashed into a car?
They left a dent!

What did my dentist do to stop me eating so many sweet treats?
Put a sign over my mouth saying ‘Donut Enter’

What are dentist’s favourite movies?
Jaws and Top Gum!

What do dentists say when their patient is a gothic water spout carved out of stone? 

Why do dentists go to the zoo?
To see the enamels!

How do dentists teacher’s say when starting to teach the ABC’s?
“Say Ahhh!”

What is a female dentist’s favourite make up? 

Where do dentists go sailing?
Down the root canal!

What’s a dentists favourite part of a sandwich?
The filling!

What do dentists say when trying to train their dogs?
“And spit!”

What do dentists wear to a formal wedding? 

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What do dentists call their tupperware?

Knock Knock

Whose there?


Dennis who?

Dennis appointment reminder!

What did the dentist say when her boyfriend said he loved her? 
“I love you too-th!”

What do dentists say when you offer to hold the door open for them? 
“Open wide!”

Doctor Doctor, I’ve got a toothache!
Well, then you’ll want to see a dentist!

What do you get if you cross a plant and a body of water?
A root canal!

Why did the dentist get arrested by the FBI?
For supplying false identiteeth!

A dentist walks into a bar and then walks straight out again. 
“The sugar content in these drinks is ridiculous!”

Why are dentists so detailed orientated?
Because they go through everything with a fine-tooth comb!

How do dentists ask people to take a photo for them?
Can you take a tooth-pic?

What a dentist’s favourite animal?
A molar bear!

What type of chairs do dentists sit on?

What was a dentist’s favourite part of maths at school?

Knock knock

Whose there?


Tooth who?

Toothin crust pizza? That’ll be $19.99 please!

What household appliance can’t a dentist live without?
The (mouth)washing machine!

What’s a dentist’s favourite rapper?

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What do you call a man who loves working on teeth?

What are dentist’s favourite dishes?
Teeth Wellington and Tooth-Pasta!

Why didn’t the dentist cross the road?
Because chicken don’t have teeth!

What’s a dentists favourite type of music?
Gum and bass!

What’s a dentist’s favourite and least favourite colour? 
Pearly white and Plack! 

What’s a dentist’s favourite drink?
English Breakfast Teath!

What is the most important thing a dentist looks for in a potential partner?
A toothy grin!

Why do dentists always fight over the TV remote?
To change the TV canal!

And one bonus one…

What type of washing-up liquid do dentists use?
Tooth Fairy!

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Best Dentist Puns

That dentist was terrible – He really needs to brush up on his skills! 

Dentists make the best witnesses because they always tell the tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth.

Dental graduation certificates are always printed on a plaque.

Never stop a dentist that’s running – they might be in a brush!

Depression in dentists is a serious dental illness.

Dentists aren’t easily offended, they always manage to brush it off!

‘May the floss be with you!’ – Lick Skytalker

Don’t disrespect an old-fashioned dentist, they’ll tell you to wash your mouth out with soap.

Dentists love when their patients play Fornite, a great way to get the kids flossing!

When two students get together it’s young love, but when two dentistry students get together it’s tongue love!

It’s no surprise that dentists are sad, they’re always down in the mouth!

What comes between 1st and 3rd in dentistry school? 2th!

Don’t argue with a dentist, they’ll start getting mouthy! 

What’s the worst time to book a dentist appointment? Two-Thirty (Tooth hurty!)

Beware if a dentist asks for a hefty retainer, they might not be talking about a mouthguard!

Thank you for reading this article full of toothiful dentist jokes and puns, we hope you enjoyed them and are looking forward to seeing you again here next time at ponly.com! Don’t forget to brush for two minutes twice a day – Next please! 

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