The 50 Very Best Math Jokes & Puns

The 50 Very Best Math Jokes & Puns

Join us as we take a look at 50 Math jokes and puns that are guaranteed to make any Mathematician look like a Math-magician! Swap that same old boring Math lesson for an educational and fun laugh session with some wicked wordplay for Parents, Teachers and kids alike.


Why is maths important?

Here are nine reasons why –

Math helps us to have analytical thinking.
Analytical thinking develops the ability to investigate and know the truth about the world around us.
Mathematics develops the ability to think.
Thanks to mathematics, we can explain how things work.
Mathematics promotes wisdom.
Mathematics quickens our minds.
Mathematics is essential in order not to lose money.
Math will be more represented in the future.
Math makes up a large part of our everyday life.

If you want to impress your teachers, inject humour into a classroom and help develop young minds with humorous lessons or just be the funny person in every office, then these jokes and puns are perfect for every occasion. Humour can be an incredible way to learn for both young people and adults – it can help with memory skills and attention span, along with being great for motivation and reducing anxiety. What’s not to love about that?

Don’t go round in circles trying to learn new skills or be funny, (that’s pointless anyway, get it?) Just keep reading and tickle your rib cage with these 50 Math Puns and Wicked Wordplay Jokes!


50 Math Jokes

Along with some math puns

1. My son taught me algebra today.

 I guess people really CAN learn from their mistakes


2. I tried to explain myself to a circle.

It was pointless!


3. What do amatuer farmers need?



4. Why did the triangle get a date?

Because he was acute-y


5. Why don’t calculators go to heaven?

Because they’re sin-ners


6. I have geometry in all my display pictures

Because they have acute angles


7. I only became a Math teacher because

I heard there would be Pi


8. Despite being terrible at Math

I’ve caused a lot of division


9. Never fight with a 90 degree angle

They’re always right!


10. My future supermodel wife and I are like parallel lines

Because we’ll never meet!


11. Who’s in charge of Mathematics?

The Ruler


12. My partner called me an obtuse triangle today

Because I’m never right!


13. I cook all my food at 180 degrees

But it always ends up on the floor


14. My doctor is really interested in my Math skills

They said “Never multiply!”


15. I’m not big on Math

But I LOVE takeaways!

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16. I always try and be the number 1

That’s odd!


17. I always write on my desk during Math class

Don’t worry though, it’s my tables


18. I tried learning about the circle of life

It was pointless!


19. I love warm weather

Anything below zero, is just negative


20. A lengthy divorce should really just be called

Long division!


21. I bought an old TV just to watch Math videos

The sound isn’t great, but di-vision is perfect


22. People are superstitious about the number 13

That’s odd!


23. My farmer friend asked me to round up his 7 chickens

I said “Okay, 10.”


24. I work the 1st and 3rd week of every month

Because I only do odd jobs


25. Why is the number 1 friends with the number 6?

Because it’s 2,3,4,5


26. Why was 2-4-5 scared?

Because 2-4-6-8-10


27. Why does everyone love calculators?

Because you can always count on them

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28. My son is 3

But only to a good home!


29. I remember when my son was 1

I love the carnival!


30. Half the world is on facebook, half the world isn’t

And the other half are just terrible with numbers


31. My ex girlfriend said I look like a Math teacher

Because I’m average!


32. What did the Math test say to the jigsaw?

“You think you’ve got problems?”


33. Why is the number 7 so desirable?

Because they’re in their prime


34. Why are the numbers 1 and 3 being together superstitious?

Because they are an odd couple


35. What kind of underwear do fish wear?



36. What do you call a Maths teacher’s day off?

Summers holidays


37. I count on my friends for everything

They are like “Dude, just buy a calculator!”


38. When I heard about Henry the eighth, I thought

“Where’s the rest of him?”


39. Why didn’t the number 20 want to break up?

Because it’s too in tenths


40. Why doesn’t anyone get excited about statistics?

They are just average!


41. What snakes are the best at Math?



42. My hands grew to 30cm

They are now feet


43. I tried teaching my son about decimals

He didn’t get the point!

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44. What don’t Germans know?

The square root of 81


45. What is the best part about ballet, according to the number 4?



46. What’s every criminal’s favourite number?



47. I don’t understand the 7 deadly sins

That’s odd!


48.What’s every Mathematician’s favourite pet?



49. Can you guess every German person’s favourite number?



50. What is every parent’s scariest number?

The terrible 2’s


Thank you for reading our article, and hopefully you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it! Laughter gives us all the ability to brighten someone’s day, bring a smile to someone’s face or help to make the moulding of minds for the next generation of young people more fun. So take these jokes, share them with your friends, students, colleagues and family, and make people laugh for longer than it takes to say Pythagoras Theorem in its entirety!


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