50 Fucked Up Jokes

There is no need to be ashamed for laughing at these R-rated gags or telling them to your friends, but we suggest keeping them out of the office! 

These jokes are so filthy you’re going to need to wash them afterwards, or at least ask your partner to do it. Once you’ve rinsed off the soap these fucked up jokes will have you shaking your head and cringing at the same time. It might feel wrong, but it also feels so right. 

Much like COVID-19, these puns aren’t hard to get and may see you in the isolation for some time if you tell them to the wrong crowd. Now that we’ve inappropriately warned you, check out the below list of 50 adults-only jokes! 



fucked up jokes

1. What did the oven say to the chicken?
“I can’t wait to have you inside me.”


2. What do alcoholics and amputees have in common?
They are both legless


3. What is my favourite thing about my grandpa?
His life insurance


4. Why do men find it so difficult to solve puzzles after taking Viagra?
Because they just keep getting harder and harder


5. What is the difference between my girlfriend and an umbrella?
Only one of them ever gets wet


6. What do 15-year-old boys and washing machines have in common?
They both like keeping one sock for themselves


7. At what point does a joke become a dad joke?
When it disappears and never returns home

most fucked up jokes

8. What do you get if you cross a loaf of bread with a vagina?
A yeast infection


9. “Why is my sister named Rose?” asked the boy. “Because your mum loves roses. You knew that already that, Cocaine.” Replied the dad.


10. What do you call a paraplegic stuck in a tower?
In trouble

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11. Today was a really bad day. My mother-in-law was hit by a cab AND I lost my job as a cab driver!


12. What is the difference between onions and my dead grandma?
I cried when I cut up the onions


13. Whats do Americans and stars have in common?
They both love shooting up


14. How do you know where COVID-19 is manufactured?
It will have a sticker on the bottom saying “Made in China”


15. How do you know if you’ve walked into a sex addicts counselling session?
The psychologist will thank you for coming


16. What do you get when you cross a duck with Kurt Cobain?
An overdose on quack

best offensive jokes

17. What goes in dry and hard and exits soft and wet?
Bubble gum


18. Why do my boyfriend and instant noodles have in common? 
They’re both done in two minutes


19. How do you know if a fisherman is single?
He’ll be a Master Baiter


20. What do KFC and a brothel have in common?
They’re both full of greasy chicks

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21. How come Santa Claus is always so frustrated with Mrs Claus?
Because he only comes once a year


22. What is the best joke of all time?


23. What do you call a prawn that loves smoking cannabis?
Seafood marijuana


24. What are a terrorists favourite cartoon to watch at night? 
Osamas in pyjamas


25. What is the difference between a puppy farm and a rubbish dump?
A puppy farm has more litter


26. What did the spider say to the toilet?
Oh my god, you scared the shit out of me!

offensive jokes

27. Why are obese jokes so offensive?
Because fat people have enough on their plate


28. What do you throw a racist when he’s drowning?
His wife and kids


29. Who is Bill Cosby’s favourite Disney princess?
Sleeping Beauty


30. What do you call an Australian visiting the UK on holiday?
Returning to the scene of the crime.


31. Why are carpenters never horny after work?
Because they’ve already spent all day getting hammered and nailing things


32. What is the worst thing your sibling can steal from you?
Your virginity


33. What got four legs and a hand?
A lion in a daycare centre


34. What is the difference between $50 and my kid?
I care when I lose the money

offensive jokes

35. How do you know when the dishwasher has stopped working?
She’ll be sleeping next to you

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36. What do you do if you see a car accident?


37. How many rabbits does it take to keep warm?
It depends on how big their skins are


38. What is worse than seeing your sibling drown?
Getting the water bill 


39. What is the difference between Jesus and a painting of Jesus?
You’ll only need a single nail to hang the picture frame-up 

offensive jokes 2

40. What do gay men and drug dealers have in common?
They both get a lot of crack


41. Why does your grandma like gardening so much?
Because she loves getting dirty down on her knees


42. How is a sibling-like a laxative?
They both give you the shits


43. Why do chipmunks make great girlfriends?
Because they’re used to eating nuts


44. What do your husband and my kids have in common?
They’ve all seen my boobs


45. What is the difference between a remote and a G-spot?
My husband will actually look for a remote


46. Why do women rarely become copywriters?
Because there are just too many periods.


47. What do you call Snoop Dogg in a hot air balloon?
Higher than usual

messed up jokes

48. Where can you never take an orphan for dinner?
A family restaurant


49. Why do cats make the perfect animal for experimentation? 
Because they have nine lives


50. Why do nerds like playing tennis? 
Because it’s the only love they get


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