18 Taylor Swift Chants and Moves to Know and Practice

18 Taylor Swift Chants and Moves to Know and Practice

It Feels Like the Perfect Night: Taylor Swift’s Era Tour and All The Chants and Moves You’ll Need

Picture this: 70,000 people dressed in beautiful, hand-picked outfits resembling different vibes, different colors, different eras. Bright flashing bracelets on hands with the number “13” painted on them. Smiling newfound friends trading bracelets and stories as they dance and sing the night away to their favorite songs. No, this isn’t a fever dream; it’s Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. 

Many people hear the words “Eras Tour” and immediately picture the now 33-year-old who has won dozens of awards – being named Artist of the Decade in 2019, winning Album of the Year thrice, and earning twelve Grammys to name a few. Some may even picture the bedazzled and sparkling Versace and Louboutin outfits Swift wears throughout the three-and-a-half hour set. 

But what onlookers may not know is that when Swifties (Taylor Swift fans) think of the “Eras Tour,” images of a 16-year-old releasing her first studio album, a twentysomething living in New York, a love-struck woman who wrote about love and daylight, a grief-stricken singer sharing her champagne problems with the world during a major pandemic – these images come to mind. On the Eras Tour, fans get to relive and re-experience her full career, music, and all the memories they have experienced through Taylor Swift’s music. The success of the Eras Tour is a testament to the incredible business woman, creative mastermind, and girl who taught us all how to “Shake It Off” that is Taylor Swift, but it also is a testament to the millions of people who have walked, danced, cried, and cheered victoriously beside Swift all these past years. 

So much of the sold-out Eras Tour is better left as a surprise, but here are a few of the chants and moves in the show that you’ll want to know in advance to have the best Eras Tour experience possible!

Lover Set:

The Bridge of “Cruel Summer”

During the iconic single “Cruel Summer,” Swift takes a moment to comment, “We have arrived at the first bridge of the evening.” She then asks the crowd if they know the lyrics and then challenges them to prove it by singing the words at the top of their lungs. So make sure to prove it. 

Chant/Move: Scream the bridge of “Cruel Summer” as loud as possible.

Showing Your Hands During “You Need to Calm Down”

Taylor Swift gets everyone dancing and out of their seats during this song, an LGBTQ+ anthem Swifties know all too well. Once singing the lines, “We all got crowns. You need to calm down” Taylor screams out to the fans “Let me see your hands!” and the song continues as everyone waves their hands in unison ‘til the song ends.

Chant/Move: Wave your hands once Taylor says, “Let me see your hands!”

Fearless Set:

Hearts for “Fearless”

@tawn.gurnsey Look What You Made Me Do, Eras Tour, Night 2, Glendale, Erazona #erastour #erastourtaylorswift #swiftcity #taylorswift #tstheerastour #reputation #lookwhatyoumademedo ♬ original sound – Tawn Gurnsey

During Swift’s first stadium tour for the album Fearless, she started a tradition of giving her fans a sign of her love and appreciation during her title track: Taylor would show a heart with her hands before the last chorus. The tradition stuck, and even throughout other tours, the hand-hearts found their way to the stage and through the stands. 

Chant/Move: Put your hands together about your head and form a heart with your hands after she sings, “It’s a first kiss, it’s flawless, really something. It’s fearless.”

Two Claps During “You Belong With Me”

A Taylor Swift classic, “You Belong With Me” is well-known for getting any crowd up and dancing. During the bridge, Taylor and everyone present give two claps along with the drum beats as the official move of the song. 

Chant/Move: Clap twice after the lyrics “I’m the one who makes you laugh when I know you’re ‘bout to cry.”

Proposals During “Love Story”

During this song, there may not be any official chants, but be on the lookout for couples around you. Wedding proposals are popular during Swift’s well-known lyrics “He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring, and said “Marry me, Juliet.”” 

Just be careful if you plan on attending this event with a significant other, or else they may expect you to get down on one knee during this song.

Evermore Set:

Lights On for “Marjorie”

One of the slower, emotional songs of the setlist, Swift sings her thirteenth track of Evermore, a song dedicated to the singer’s grandmother and her memories of her. Sensing the weight of the song, the crowd will all put their phone flashlights on and wave them in support. 

Chant/Move: Wave your phone flashlights along with the lyrics.

Standing Ovation for “Champagne Problems”

This heartbreaking ballad touches Swift’s and the audience’s hearts with its vulnerability. Recognizing this, each night on tour, fans give Taylor a long and powerful standing ovation, trying to beat the previous record of 8 minutes. 

Chant/Move: Give Taylor a standing ovation once “Champagne Problems” ends.

Reputation Set:

1,2,3 LGB for “Delicate”

A tradition originally started in 2018 during the Reputation stadium tour, Swift will sing the opening lines of “Delicate.” Once the lyrics “We can’t make any promises, now can we babe? But you can make me a drink” are sung, the whole stadium – while the singer counts down – will scream “1, 2, 3, let’s go b*tch!”  

Chant/Move: Once you hear the lyrics, “But you can make me a drink,” chant “1, 2, 3, let’s go b*tch!”  

The Transition for “Don’t Blame Me” / “Look What You Made Me Do”

Arguably one of the most iconic parts of the show, Swift sings a mashup of “Don’t Blame Me” and “Look What You Made Me Do.” In order to do this, the singer changes the last lyrics of the former song to “Don’t blame me for what, you, made, me, do,” which then starts the latter song. 

Chant/Move: Sing “Don’t blame me for what, you, made, me, do,” instead of the original final words of “Don’t Blame Me.”

Speak Now Set:

Two Arms for “Long Live”

The Speak Now stadium tour was well known for ending the night with “Long Live.” While the singer only added the Swiftie anthem to the set on July 7th when she announced Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), Swift now sings the song every night and carries over another move from this previous tour: pointing to the crowd and pumping her fist towards the sky twice during the lyrics “I had the time of my life with you! Long, long live.” You can see tears streaming down the faces all across the stadium. 

Chant/Move: Pump your arm in the air twice for each long during the lyrics “I had the time of my life with you! Long, long live.”

Red Set:

Show Your (Age) Support During “22”

While this song was written when Taylor Swift was 22, she is very aware of the fact that she is now, well, not. During the chorus of the song, she sings the lines “Everything will be alright if we just keep dancing like we’re 22,” doing a “22” symbol with her fingers. The second time she sings the number 22, however, Taylor does a “33” with her fingers – her current age. 

Whether you are 22, 33, or just want to join along, be sure to share your support with Taylor Swift as you get to be “22” for the night.  

Chant/Move: Pull out a “22” or “33” with your fingers during the lyrics, “We just keep dancing like we’re 22”

Curse the Patriarchy During “All Too Well (10-Minute Version)”

In her rerecorded album Red (Taylor’s Version), Taylor Swift gives her fans a decade-old best kept secret: her original 10 minute version of “All Too Well,” the fifth track on the Red album. Gaining popularity in 2021 when Taylor released the song, and continuing to be loved by fans to this day, you can hear the stadium put their heart and soul into the lyrics. During the lines, “And you were tossing me the car keys, f*ck the patriarchy keychain on the ground,” you can imagine which words are screamed by everyone present. Fans will even throw their metaphoric keys towards the artist too.  

Chant/Move: Consider throwing your pretend keys towards the stage and chanting, “F*ck the patriarchy” along with the lyrics. 

Folklore Set: 

Get Loud During “The Last Great American Dynasty”

Everyone knows that Swift loves storytelling in her songs, and the Folklore album is the perfect example of how the artist will bring her stories to tell the audience something about herself too. In “The Last Great American Dynasty,” Taylor proudly sings her now autobiographical line, “There goes the LOUDEST woman this town has ever seen!” and we are sure she wants everyone to (loudly) join in too.

Chant/Move: Sing loudly and proudly the last time “There goes the loudest woman this town has ever seen!” is sung.

1989 Set: 

Spitting Lyrics During “Bad Blood”

@breabeckman Bad blood 🩵🔥 #theerastour #seattletstheerastour #swiftie #swifttok #seattleswifties #swiftquake #badblood #1989taylorsversion ♬ original sound – Bre(Taylor’s Version)

While Kendrick Lamar has yet to show up to an Eras Tour show, Swift does not let his bars from “Bad Blood (Remix)” go unsung. Along with the crowd, the singer will sing her lines, “Band-Aids don’t fix bullet holes, you say sorry just for show. If you live like that, you live with ghosts,” then chants off-mic Lamar’s famous lines: “You forgive, you forget, but you never let it (pause) go!”

Chant/Move: After the lyrics, “If you live like that, you live with ghosts,” sing Kendrick’s lines, “You forgive, you forget, but you never let it go!”

“She’s fine!” During “Bad Blood”

In addition, on Night Two of the Philadelphia shows, a security guard incident had Swift singing on stage for him to leave a fan alone. On beat to the song – incredible, we know – Taylor sung, “She’s fine! Cause baby now we got bad blood. She wasn’t doing anything. Mad Love. Hey stop! Cause baby now we got bad blood. Hey! Stop!” 

Chant/Move: “Oh, it’s so sad to think about the good times, you and I” sing “She’s fine!”

Surprise Songs:

There are no recognizable chants in this section, but there are a few secrets that we won’t spoil for the tour. All we will say is prepare to see Taylor one second, and the next you won’t. 

Midnights Set:

Here for Taylor During “Anti-Hero”

A newly-deemed famous Taylor Swift anthem, “Anti-Hero” is known for being bluntly honest about mental health and struggling with other people’s judgements. In honor of this, during the second pre-chorus of the song, after singing “Did you hear my covert narcissism I disguise as altruism like some kind of congressman?” the crowd chants back at her, “Taylor, you’ll be fine!” This harkens back to Jack Antonoff’s lyrics in the “Anti-Hero (Featuring Bleachers)” remix. 

Chant/Move: Sing “Taylor, you’ll be fine!” instead of “Tale as old as time” during the second pre-chorus. 

Asking Taylor Questions in “Bejeweled”

@tyvid5 my audition to make this the new 123 LGB #tstheerastour #swifttok #houstontstheerastour ♬ where are you going taylor – tyler conroy

Fan Tyler Conroy posted a video of himself at one of the Houston shows starting the newest chant. In his Tiktok, Taylor sings “And by the way,” and in-between her next lyrics, he chants, “Where are you going Taylor?” The singer responds with the lyrics, “I’m going out tonight.” Over a dozen shows later, and the chant can still be heard through the stands. 

Chant/Move: Ask “Where are you going, Taylor?” after the line, “And by the way.”

The Errors Tour Chant in “Bejeweled”

@madeleinesedillos 💎 Sapphire tears on MySpace sadness became my whole sky 💎 #Theerastour #theerrorstour #denver #empowerfield #denvern2 #taylorsversion #lowerbowl #midnights #bejeweled #bejewelederastour #denvertheerastour #denvertheerastournight2 #Taylorswift #taylorswiftmyspace #swifttok #swiftie #picturetoburn #timeless #starlight #backtodecember #taylorsversion ♬ original sound – Madeleine

Not necessarily a well-known chant, but if you want to sing along to one of the singer’s funniest lyric mix-ups, we are sure Taylor Swift herself would approve. During Night Two in Denver, Swift accidentally sang “Sapphire tears on Myspace” instead of “Sapphire tears on my face,” and now we can’t unhear the new lyrics. 

Chant/Move: Consider singing “Sapphire tears on Myspace” instead of “Sapphire tears on my face” during the bridge.  

“Karma” is Taylor’s Boyfriend 

This new chant Taylor Swift herself created during Night Two in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her boyfriend Travis Kelce, tight end for the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs, was in the crowd watching Taylor doing her thing on stage, when she decided to surprise him. During “Karma,” the last song of the night, Swift normally sings “Karma is the guy on the screen, coming straight home to me.” Instead, she went with the obvious choice: “Karma is the guy on the Chief’s coming straight home to me.” Let’s just say, we are never singing the original lyrics again.

Chant/Move: Sing “Karma is the guy in the Chief’s coming straight home to me” instead of “Karma is the guy on the screen, coming straight home to me”



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