30 Texting Games for You and Your Bored Contact List

30 Texting Games for You and Your Bored Contact List

Ever stuck in line at the pharmacy and need a health distraction? Or want to bond with a friend but have over a thousand miles between you? Maybe what you need is an exciting game between two cell phone users to pass the time and connect via a keyboard. Next time you need an exciting and convenient break from reality, try one of the thirty texting games below!

I Spy

It’s fairly simple to play I Spy over text. Just send a picture of your location and send it through your phone, mentally picking something in the picture and in writing giving a hint to what that item is. Best part about it: you can make it as easy or hard as you’d like!

Crossword Puzzle

If you can find a crossword puzzle in the newspaper or online and take a screenshot or picture of it, you instantly now have a shared puzzle to be completed among friends. Take turns sending it back and forth or asking each other the hints to see how fast you can complete the game.

Judge the Owner by the Dog

They say that dogs and their owners tend to look alike so this texting game truly is for the pet-lovers out there. One person can take a picture or find one online of an owner walking their dog and screenshot just the dog. They can then send it to the responder to try and describe what the owner might look like.

Truth or Truth

While it is incredibly difficult to have a rousing game of Truth and Dare over the phone, it is rather easy to play an exciting game of Truth and Truth through a keyboard. Try taking turns asking each other some fun or deep questions – you may find it easier to answer truthfully and unabashedly when not face-to-face.

Dating App Roulette

Have you ever scrolled through your dating apps with your best friend by your side? Well, you can through text too! Have someone send screenshots of some of the candidates online and together decide if they are worth a like or not.

Guess That Person

Guess Who: Phone Edition consists of one person mentally picking a person both know of, and then the other has to ask yes or no questions to try and figure out who it is. To make things easier, you can even pick a group picture of people to use as a starting point for who the person may be. 

20 Questions

Similar to Guess Who, a person picks a person, place, or thing, and the other has 20 questions to get it right. To make it more challenging, try reducing the number of questions to 15 or 10, if you are really feeling like a pro. 

He’s/She’s a Ten But…

A fairly new game played on social media these days, He’s/She’s a Ten But… is a fun game where you take the perfect candidate to date (a the out of ten) and you add a characteristic to see how that would change their rating. For example, one person may text, “She’s a Ten but she never flosses,” and then the responder would give her a new rating considering this new fact about her. (Remember it’s all fun and games here – we would never rate a person in real life, of course not!)

If I Had a Million Dollars

Fairly self-explanatory, you can use your imagination between friends to decide what you would do if you randomly won a million dollars in the lottery. You can even make the game more interesting by adding stipulations, such as “if I had a million dollars, but I could only donate it” or “if I had a million dollars, but I can only use it to travel.” Make sure to have fun with it!

Fill-in-the-Blank Stories

With a quick Google search, you can easily find a fill-in-the-blank story you and a friend can fill out. Have one person ask the blanks, and the other can text back the answers. By the end of your text chain, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind story that hopefully will put a smile on your face and a laugh in your belly.


Texting Games

Challenging to win yet easy to play, if you open a new note on your phone and screenshot the blank page, all it takes is the drawing feature on your photos to turn it into a Tic-Tac-Toe board! Take turns passing the picture back and forth ‘til you have a winner. 

In Common

Have you ever considered how much you and your friend have in common? For this game, try to count how many things you have in common, making it as specific or vague as possible. Bonus points if you can name a good number of things you have in common among a large group chat!

Dream Cast

Pick a favorite book or video game of yours, and together via text message, pick your dream cast for the characters. You can go in-depth, picking an actor or actress for every character, or just stick to the main leads. No matter what, make sure to send your final decisions to the author or company so they can keep this in mind for when the film comes out. 


If you had to, what would you invent? Text your friend what problem they have in their life and if they were going to invent something to solve this, how would they do it. You just may think of a million dollar invention while you’re waiting for your doctor’s appointment to start.

Put a Finger Down…

“Put a Finger Down if you snuck out of your parent’s house when you were a teenager.” This game works best in a group chat, but essentially you each have ten “virtual” fingers up, and each person takes a turn to say something they hope relates to everyone but themselves. Get as specific or as general as you’d like, but the goal of the game is get everyone out and be the last one standing. 

What is It?

Take a screenshot of something – whether it be an oak tree or Wembley Stadium, that is up to you – and then crop a small section of that thing. Now text it to your friend and see if they can guess what it is. If you have them stumped, you can send them a bigger section, and so on until they get it. 


Another imaginative game for you! Remember that screenshot of a blank page? Well, not only is that a virtual Tic-Tac-Toe board, it is also the perfect Pictionary board. And the rest is history.

Guess that Song

Texting Games

Play a song on the radio or on your computer and then send a voice recording of that song. Send it your friend’s way and see how long it takes them to guess the song, and for bonus points, the artist and/or album too!

Association Game

“Turtles remind me of ponds.” “Ponds remind me of lily pads.” The Association Game is a silly game where someone picks a thing to start with, say a turtle, and then the next person says the first thing that pops into their mind when they hear the word turtle. This can go on for quite some time, so feel free to start a conversation about any of the associated words that come up. 

Google Translate

If you and your friend are into learning, or just enjoy a good challenge, one fun game to play is Google Translate. How to pay is simple: one person translates a sentence or two into a random language using Google Translate. The other person can guess the new language and/or what the original phrase was. To make the game a little more fun, you can as dare your friend to send a voice recording of them trying to read aloud the new translation. 

Free Therapy

“Therapy is pretty expensive, but you know what isn’t? Blueberry pancakes.” You and your friends may get a good chuckle by sharing the things, people, places, etc. in your life that help you feel better, like your own version of free therapy. (We still recommend real therapy by the way!).

Would You Rather

Stuck between a rock and a hard place? Text each other your questions, seeing what one another would pick. For example, you could ask, “Would you rather eat steak only for a whole year, or never eat steak again.” Be prepared to hear some answers you probably weren’t looking for. 

Guess that Movie or TV Show: Emoji Edition

Ever think you could describe a movie using emojis? Well, now is your time to try! Pick a movie or TV show you like and send some well-curated emojis that describe it. Bonus points if someone can guess the movie or TV show in a matter of seconds!

Travel the World

To play this game, all you have to do is open your phone maps application. Find a distinguishing detail about a country, continent, or a city – like a city, a body of water nearby, or maybe a neighboring country. See if your fellow texter can guess where in the world this is, and if they need more hints, you can always give them more.

Just A Minute

Name a topic: types of trees, breakfast items, famous book titles, etc. One texter sets a timer and texts “GO” and then the other has a minute to list as many things in that category as possible. If you are struggling to find answers, the timer should feel welcome to chime in too!

Book Smart

Book Smart is a game where someone texts a statement, and then the other has to answer if this is a fact or fiction. For a greater challenge, try slightly tweaking a fact, like making a year change by one or two so as to trick the other person behind the phone. It’s all in the believability.

The Alphabet Game

Do you know the alphabet? Then you are a great candidate to play this game! Simply start “A,” and see how long you and your friend can keep the conversation going in order of each letter of the alphabet. Beware: some letters are easier than others, and nothing starts with the letter “x” at all! 

Most Likely To…

Go back to high school with this game! Text your friend a bunch of superlatives you can think of, like “Most Likely to Become President” or “Most Likely to be an Influencer.” Then you can have fun assigning titles to the various friends you share with each other. Feel free to even text them and let them know what superlative they will be given in this semester’s year book.

Finish Each Other’s…

Sentences. Try seeing how easily you can finish each other’s thoughts via text messages. This game can truly test and see how close you two are. And don’t be disappointed if you can’t read each other’s minds – odds are you’d do a whole lot better if there weren’t two phones and a lot of miles in between you. 

Find It

“Find me… a hairbrush.” Playing Find It involves challenging your fellow texter to find something around them – common or obscure – and send you a picture of it. This game can put a little peep in your step as you scramble to find this object and snap a pic (maybe this can be your workout for the day too!).

Liz Homick