TFT Legends Tier List

TFT Legends Tier List

With the recent addition of Legends to the autobattler Team FIght Tactics produced by Riot games, much of what was previously understood about the meta has changed. All the Legends that have been introduced have the option of greatly shaking up your playstyle, with some offering extremely powerful augments. But which of these options are the most powerful, and will lead to you rising your way up the ranks as quickly as possible?

The below tier list seeks to answer these questions and provide players insight into what options are the best for various playstyles. It was created by analyzing the opinions of various top players in the game, as well as my own experience in using the Legends. Before we get started, I would like to first provide a list of criteria that will be used to rank the list.

S+ Tier – Easily the best Legends in the game, characters placed in this tier provide powerful and versatile augments that are significantly more powerful than what is offered elsewhere in the game.

S Tier – Among the strongest picks in the game, these Legends have at least one downside that makes them fall just beneath S+. They may not offer the flexibility of higher placed Legends by locking you into a well defined playstyle or not providing any useful advantages despite keeping you open.

A Tier – This is where most of the average Legends fall. While they may not be the most powerful choices, they are still decent choices. If you particularly enjoy playing with these they will not hinder your chances of success greatly.

B Tier -These below average options are among the weakest choices, but still have some strength that keeps them from falling into the depths of the lowest tiers. They are still best avoided.

C Tier – By far the worst Legends in the game, these should not be picked if your goal is to win. Often better alternatives exist that offer similar benefits.

With all that being said, let’s make our way into the TFT Legends tier list.

S+ Tier

(Image credit Riot Games)

The best of the best

Urf: The Emblem Collector

S tier

(Image credit Riot Games)

Strong alternatives to the higher ranked Legends

Tohm Kench: The Glutton

Twisted Fate: The Gambler

Lee Sin: The Playmaker

Poro: The Imporoble

A Tier

(Image credit Riot Games)

Average options, may still be strong Legends if trying to force a particular playstyle

Pengu: The Tactician

Bard: The Traveler 

Caitlyn: The Peacemaker

Aurelion Sol: The Ancient

Master Yi: The Wuju Master

B Tier

(Image credit Riot Games)

Below average options that still offer at least some benefit

Ezreal: The Item Collector

Draven: The Executioner

Veigar: The Caster

C Tier

(Image credit Riot Games)

Best avoided if you want to win

Ornn: The Forgemaster

Vladimir: The Hemomancer

Hopefully the above tier list will assist you on your journey into the highest ranks of Team Fight Tactics. Good luck out there, and use your newly gained knowledge on your journey to Grandmaster.

Cody Brown