20 Very Best Quarantine Birthday Ideas

20 Very Best Quarantine Birthday Ideas

It’s approaching again! Our second birthday in quarantine! We can’t believe a whole year has already passed, but this is how it always goes, right? But if last year we were totally unprepared and we didn’t know how to have fun during a full lockdown, this year we are more than ready to celebrate! If a whole year of Covid-19 has taught us something is that we don’t need to go to the club to have tons of fun! Here are twenty quarantine birthday ideas on how to organise an amazing birthday party while in the middle of a lockdown!


1. Online game night

If you love games then this is the perfect option for you! So many board and card games have now moved online, such as Cards Against Humanity, a game in which you need to make up funny phrases, or more traditional ones, such as Monopoly. Call all your best friends, set up a time and be competitive!


2. Order some cocktails 

Do you miss dressing up, going to the club and dancing all night while sipping a fresh cocktail? Don’t worry! You can now do it online as well! So many bars and cafes are now selling their products online and will be more than happy to send you everything you need to make your own cocktail at home! Order one cocktail kit for each of your friends and meet together online to mix alcohol and create your perfect drink! Once everyone is slightly tipsy, turn the music on and the lights off! The party is starting!


3. Watch a movie together

We all miss the cinema! A year of lockdown has taught us that the many hours spent on Netflix by ourselves cannot be compared to the excitement of watching a movie together with our best friend.! Fortunately, platforms such as Zoom, Netflix and Disney Plus allow you to share your screen with all your friends to watch movies together. Buy some popcorn and let the movie begin!


4. Virtual costume party

I don’t know exactly what it is, but wearing a costume always makes a party ten times better! Ask your friends to wear the weirdest things they have in their wardrobe or to create a costume from scratch! If you want, you can even turn this into a contest! Let everyone vote for their favourite outfit and proclaim a winner at the end of the night!


5. Attend an online class or workshop

If you want to opt for something calmer than a party, why don’t you take an online class or workshop? Nowadays, you can find classes covering every possible topic: from cooking to photography and painting! Is there a skill you always wanted to learn but never had enough time to dive into it? On this birthday, take a few hours to learn a new skill and who knows? Maybe it will end up becoming one of your biggest passions!

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6. Create a parade for the birthday guy/girl

These sorts of parades are becoming more and more popular! If your best friend’s birthday is coming up, this is a great idea to surprise him-her! Ask all your friends to show up at his-her house with a little present at a certain time of the day and deliver it at the doorstep. Depending on the restrictions present in your country, they may even stop for a moment and have a little chat with the party guy/girl! Organize a time schedule so that everyone will be able to visit him-her without overlaps!


7. Group workout

Do you miss working out? Then this idea will be perfect for you! Check online some group workout options. You can either opt for some soft and relaxing experience, like a yoga session, some good fitness class, or something a bit funnier like a dance class! Watch your friends dancing in their rooms and getting sweaty!


8. Camping in your garden

Are you among the few lucky people you had the privilege of quarantine in a house with a garden? Then use it! You may not be camping in the perfect place surrounded by mountains and birds, but you will still experience the camping lifestyle! Spend one whole day, night included, in your garden, pretending your house doesn’t exist! Set up a tent, cook some food and bring your guitar with you! You can play some outdoor games, turn on a warm fire and, the most important rule of all, switch off your phone for a day!


9. Virtual karaoke

Do you like to sing? Are your friends terribly out of tune? Then you need to have a virtual karaoke night! Ask all your friends to take part, everyone has to sing at least one song! Let them decide which song they will sing and ask them to send you a text in advance so that you can create the right playlist for the night! Listen to all your friends sing and embarrass themselves! You can also add some songs that everyone knows so you can all sing together!

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10. Make a video for the birthday guy/girl

Ask all your friends to create a small video, no longer than one minute, to wish a happy birthday to your friend! Make sure to set up a time limit, some people are able to talk for hours without realising it! Start weeks in advance as people will take some time to record their video and you will also have to edit everything. Ask your friends to be original and a bit silly. Make sure to also include some family members and it’s done! Best gift ever!


11. Order food

Do you miss going out at the restaurant to eat fancy food and sip expensive wine? No worry, you can still do it in the comfort of your own house! Order food online from your favourite restaurant, buy a good bottle of wine and set up the table with some nice candles! Don’t forget to order a cake as well!


12. Online museum visiting

Do you love culture and art? Do you miss going to the museum? Then why don’t you order an online visit? Many museums are now giving people the opportunity to visit their works of art from the comfort of their couch!


13. A housemates party 

If you’re not living alone, simply organize a party with your housemates. And for a party, I mean a proper party! Sure, your best friends won’t be able to attend but this doesn’t mean that you won’t have fun. Create the perfect playlist, dress up nicely and buy some alcohol. You can even play a few board games if that’s something you like.


14. Order food for the birthday guy/girl

Is your best friend’s birthday approaching and you’re panicking because you don’t know what to do? Organize him-her the perfect food-day! Ask all your friends to join you in the project. One of you may order some breakfast and deliver it to his-her apartment early in the morning. Someone may think about the main dish for lunch, while someone else can look for the perfect dessert! You can either organize an entire day of delivered food or simply one meal. For sure, she-he will appreciate the idea! Who wouldn’t love free food?


15. Make a video 

Organize a video chat with all your best friends and share a funny video of your best memories together. Take all the pictures you have together, giving priority to the oldest and most embarrassing one, and create the funniest video ever! Be creative and have fun!

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16. Quiz night

Nothing is better than a quiz night! Ask everyone to come up with a little quiz about your friendship. Create questions such as: “what was the last movie we all watched together?” or “when is Giovanni’s birthday?”. Keep track of everyone’s points and good luck!


17. Game activities in the backyard

If you have a garden then you have to try this out! There are so many little games you can do when you have a backyard! You can organize some activities such as sack races or an egg and spoon race! Spend the afternoon challenging each other and having fun!


18. Take yourself IN for a date

Who needs other people to celebrate? Especially if you work from home, chances are that this quarantine wasn’t really a break for you. Why don’t you take a whole day for yourself? Take a warm bath, read your favourite book or watch your favourite movie! Dress up well and order some nice junk food! Call your family and your best friends for a chat while sipping from a nice glass of rosé. Today is all about self-love!


19. Attend a concert

Do you love music? Do you miss concerts? Then, why don’t you watch one online? So many musicians are now creating online concerts for you to enjoy! Just put the volume up and invite your housemates to join you!


20. Send letters to the birthday guy/girl

I know, we now live in the ‘Whatsapp’ world, but nothing is as personal as a hand-written letter. Ask all your friends to send a letter to your friend celebrating his-her birthday. It can be a short message, a postcard or a drawing! The possibilities are endless! You may even send a present by post! Just imagine how happy she-he will be by receiving all this love by mail!


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