21 Very Best Bachelorette Party Ideas

21 Very Best Bachelorette Party Ideas

When you think about “bachelorette parties” usually lots of drinking, clubbing, strippers, and a night out in Vegas comes to mind. While these activities can be fun, that’s not what a bachelorette party is all about. At its core, the bachelorette party is about celebrating the bride-to-be and it can look like whatever reflects her interests. After all, she’s the guest of honour. 

So, we’ve compiled 21 ideas to inspire you to plan a bachelorette party that the bride and her squad will never forget. 

Get the bride-tribe together and get ready to have some fun!


1. Go to (adult) camp

Going to camp is not only for kids anymore. You can have a bachelorette party weekend full of camp activities, but for adults – meaning that booze is included. Adult-only camps have fun activities for everyone: drinking games, campfires, great food, hiking, sports, crafts, and many more. You can play around and enjoy yourself like a kid again, but with all the grown-up fun. There are many companies that offer an all-inclusive adult camping experience. Or you can just go camping on your own.


2. Try glamping

That is glamorous camping. If your bride squad is an outdoorsy bunch, then a weekend getaway to a luxury camping spot might be just what you need. With glamping you can embrace nature without leaving behind the comforts of modern life. You can opt for an amenity-filled tent, a treehouse, or a quaint cabin in the woods – the options are limitless. You can find glamping accommodations across the world using sites like Glamping.com and Glamping Hub. Happy glamping!


3. Set sail before the veil

Instead of hitting up a crowded bar, take the bachelorette party out on the water for one last sail before the veil. You can rent a speed boat or a small yacht, bring some refreshments, music, your swimsuits and go have some fun. All aboard!


4. Sing your heart out in a karaoke bar

The bachelorette party is about having fun with your besties. Singing and dancing your heart out at a karaoke bar is a great way to do that. For some privacy and to avoid waiting your turn, you can book a private room, keep the drinks coming, and just shake it off. 

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5. Try out Airbnb experiences

Whether you are traveling somewhere or staying close to home, you can count on Airbnb experiences for trying something new. From online tarot card readings to cooking with locals or going on an adventure through the Moroccan Sahara, you will definitely be up for a one-of-a-kind bachelorette experience.


6. Go wine tasting or on a vineyard tour

If you’re up for some “sophisticated” tipsy fun, go wine tasting or on a vineyard tour with your crew. You can either visit a nearby winery for an afternoon of sommelier-guided wine tasting or travel to a wine region. For a local vineyard experience, you can also check Airbnb. Cheers! Now go make some “pour” decisions.


7. Unwind with a spa day

Wedding planning can get stressful. So, what better way to unwind before the big day than going on a relaxing spa retreat. You can opt for a destination spa or have the spa come to your home. Either way, spa retreats will ensure the bride-to-be and her crew will enjoy some well-deserved pampering.


8. Find your zen in a yoga retreat

Have the whole squad zen out in a yoga retreat. If yoga is an activity that the bride enjoys, then it would be perfect to have the whole squad join her on the mat. Grab your leggings and some matching bridesmaid t-shirts and take off to unwind your body and mind. It’s a perfect opportunity to turn off the outside world, bond with each other, and channel love and peace to combat all the wedding nerves.

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9. Blow off some steam

It would be great to (safely) blow off some pent-up steam from all the wedding planning, huh? And this time we are not talking about a spa retreat or a yoga class. Instead, go for axe-throwing or hit up a rage room. We hear they’re all the rage nowadays (pun intended).


10. Go on a scavenger hunt

Bachelorette party games are fun, but why not take it up a notch and plan a full-on scavenger hunt? This would be a great idea especially if the bride-to-be is a bit competitive and adventurous. The hunt can involve some dares, a bit of travelling, talking to strangers, and lots of memories that will last a lifetime. Happy hunting!


11. Have some fun in the sun

Rent a house with your squad and make a vacation out of it. You can go for a beach or lake house and spend your days having fun in the sun. Also, think of bringing some party games with you, plan a barbeque, or visit the surrounding area. Don’t forget the sunscreen! A small girlfriend getaway might be just what the bride needs to wind down and get ready for the wedding celebrations.


12. Get crafty

Up for a little DIY project with your gals? Then go for a craft workshop – either go local or find one online. You can make your own candles, jewelry, flower arrangements, or perfumes. The options are limitless. And if you want to get your hands dirty, go for a pottery workshop. At the end of the day, you will have some fun memories and a unique made-with-love gift to take home. What a great way to commemorate the occasion.


13. Go on a thrill-seeking adventure

Before the bride-to-be dives into married life, try sky-diving as a group. If the bachelorette is a thrill-seeker, then why not do something that’s a bit on the wild side. It’s a bachelorette party, after all, it’s supposed to be a bit wild. There are many other thrill-seeking activities you can opt for – you can go bungee jumping, parasailing, or zip-lining. Each of these activities will get you on an adrenaline high that you will always remember.

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14. Book a hotel room and make a party out of it

Book a room at a nice hotel and take advantage of all that they offer. Preferably, choose a hotel with a pool, in-house sauna, great bar, and room service. You will never want to leave.


15. Hit up the comedy club

Instead of the cliched strip club, why not go to a comedy club? Who doesn’t enjoy a girls’ night full of laughter? Make it known you are celebrating a bachelorette party and your group will surely get plenty of attention from the comedian.


16. Check out a festival

There is no shortage of music festivals happening all year round. You don’t need to have tickets for Coachella (if you do that’s great) as there are many other local festivals featuring all types of music. So, if that’s your scene, get everyone together and let loose to some live music.


17. Go on a road trip

Take a page out of The Hangover movies and turn your bachelorette party into an adventure. You, your closest friends and the open road. Time to tick some places off your bucket lists. You can also use an app like Roadtrippers to find some cool spots along the way. But also, don’t be afraid to wander off the beaten path. Who knows where the trip will take you..


18. Learn to mix cocktails 

We know you’ll be drinking a lot of cocktails during the bachelorette party, so why not learn how to make them too? There are many cocktail classes specific for bachelorette parties, and some of them come with hunky bartenders 😉 You can learn how to make your favourite cocktails or together come up with a new mixture for the wedding. And of course, go ahead and show off your creations on Instagram.


19. Get artsy with a drink & draw session

Similar to a craft workshop, a drink and draw or paint and sip will make for a unique and fun bachelorette experience. Let your imagination run wild with a paintbrush in one hand and a drink in the other. Or opt for joining a class that will guide your squad through your own Bob Ross moment. If you’re feeling cheeky, go for sketching a nude model. After all, it’s a bachelorette party.


20. Get glammed up and shoot (photos)

The bride and her ladies deserve all the pampering. So hire a glam squad and channel your favorite red carpet looks. Then bring the ring light out and take some Insta-worthy pictures. You can also hire a photographer and turn it into a photoshoot. It might not be too often that everyone is together, so you will want to capture this moment.


21. Have an old school slumber party 

This might not seem like the most exciting idea, but sometimes a good ol’ sleepover is just what a girl needs before her big day. A night in with your gal pals, romantic movies, pizza, and wine is always a good idea. At the end of the day, a bachelorette party is about showering the bride with attention and spending quality time with the people you love. 


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