5 Very Best Housewarming Party Ideas

5 Very Best Housewarming Party Ideas

You just settled in your new flat or house, and you are so excited to show it to your family, friends, colleagues or neighbours…That you wanna throw a housewarming party. It will also be a relief from the stress of moving, and you deserve it!

Moreover, all your surroundings want to know about your new place: Where is it located? What does your environment look like? What is the colour of your bedroom? Maybe who are you living with? And so many other wonders.

You may first focus on who your guests will be, then on a time and date. But that’s actually not the most important of it at all. Because you are definitely going to organize a housewarming party but there is still one little concern: you are on a budget.

Moving has cost you quite some money, and now you are torn in between spending more for a fiesta or don’t spend a dime to regain some savings. But in the end, you know what the most important is: to have a good time with people you love! And you can totally do that on a budget while being creative.

Do not think about the budget, look around you!

You wished you had some money for throwing a beautiful housewarming party with a chef table, fancy cocktails, a DJ and an awesome decoration… Yes, we all want money for decorating our new home.

But despite spending money, are you sure you really want that?

The best parties do not often lay in the decorum, they are in the unexpected and the fun. Your guests will more remember a great all-togetherness housewarming party, than what drinks were there or what music was playing.

They will have to bring you a present to celebrate your new spot, so why shouldn’t it be something you decide in advance?
Remember: you are on a budget, so your brain has to activate some strings!

Don’t panic, we will help you! Here are 5 creative and universal themes to throw a fantastic housewarming party on a budget 🎉 🎈



— Housewarming Party Ideas

1/ The Color bloc Place

Everyone in the world has at least one favorite color. Maybe your new place already shines in it. Maybe you do not have a green sofa yet because green is your favorite color but this color would be better on your bathroom wall.
Well your housewarming party can be the occasion to (re)decorate your new home with one color only – or two as complementary –.

Here are the ideas you can realize on a budget for a Monochrome housewarming party:

– Go to the dollar store and buy cheap items in the one color you love: a red fitted-sheet to put it on your white sofa, some yellow crepe paper rolls to stick it on the windows and/or walls and/or doors, some green table cloths to put on your chairs, and so on, and so on.

– Ask all your guests to come dressed up with this one color you love: you will see how people are creative! Everyone can do so many shades of one color, and people have clothes and accessories in their wardrobes. Even if your favorite color is pink, they will be excited about it!

– What is wonderful with this theme is that your food and drink buffet, should you wish to do one, can be adapted to the color(s) you have chosen. Your favorite color is white? Prepare eggs, milk and white chocolate on the table. Your chosen color is green? Choose apples, pepperonis, courgette for appetizers! With food colorant, you can also do anything you want, from colored soups to strange desserts.

Now you figure the fun, don’t you? Blue, pink, black, gold… Your place will be full of colorful vibes! 

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2/ My little corner in the world

Your new home is certainly located in a village or city with local customs, stories or even legends. Of course, it is also located in a country with… Delicious food! And when you throw a housewarming party, even on a budget, you want to be sure there is something to eat with why not, original drinks and dishes!

Here are the ideas you can realize on a budget for an international foody housewarming party:

– Prepare dishes from your new place. You do not cook? Well, it can also be the occasion to dig around caterers, supermarkets, regional markets and so on. You can also prepare the minimum on a budget: pizzas, chips and popcorn are international! Let your guests bring their most creative local dishes indeed.

– Ask all your guests to come with a dish from their native countries. Are you all from the same one? Well, narrow to region. Same region? Well, narrow down to the village. Again? Well, narrow down to your family. Your grand-mothers or siblings will never have the same way to cook the same pasta dish or cake 😊

Are you figuring out the fun at your place? It is a real icebreaker for people to meet, talking about where they come from, and you may end up with food for one week! 



3/ Sharing is Caring

This new place of yours has certainly be made possible thanks to people who helped you to move. Family members? Friends? Colleagues? You are going to invite them to your housewarming party because you’ll be linked forever by this event! You will create memory, and somehow it will surely bring these persons back to their own memories of moving!

When was the last time they moved? How were they dressed? By whom were they helped? How did they celebrate?

Here are the ideas you can realize on a budget for a “My last move is your last move” housewarming party:

– The day of your move, you must have taken some photos about it, some selfies, some photos of the truck you rented, some shots of your fully-loaded car… Print some on paper – they can also be in black and white – and decorate one of your walls with them!

– Ask all your guests to come with the same idea: some printed photos of them the last time they moved house, so you can see who was with them and what clothes they wore, and how much their arms were full!

– Prepare a game with these elements: ask the guests to write their names in addition to the month and/or year of the moving behind the printed photos, and during the party, make everyone participates to guess who is who, who were they with, and where it was!

The fun is here, don’t you think so? It is somehow a nice move in the past for everyone and a way to know people better.

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4/ The Essential(s)

You live in your new place for some time now, but it surely can still be calculated in days, weeks or months. You moved three days ago, three weeks ago or three months ago? Anyways, it’s a housewarming party time!

The point is: your new home is still brand new and missing things, isn’t it? In this endeavour, there are essential(s) material things, gadgets or furniture that you are truly missing, aren’t you? Are you not always lacking this aluminium foil or this table cloth? Have you not been looking for some time now a bottle opener or a better hand soap?

Here are the ideas you can realize on a budget for a “The Essential(s) at home” housewarming party:

– Choose yourself 3 to 5 items that you think essential to be in your home, and force yourself to think about something light, cheap, funny. Some examples: cans, aluminium, toilet paper, hangers, nails, etc. And go overbuy these cheap things, which are nothing but essential. You can decorate your whole new place with them, make pyramids, posters, art pieces! Each one of your guests can leave your place with a paper roll or a new dish towel at the end!

– Pick yourself 3 to 5 items that belong to you and that look essential to your new home. Put them apart in a bag.
Ask your guests to do the same: they have to bring in a bag 3 to 5 things that they think to be essential in their homes. During the party, organize a time to explore bag per bag (maybe make a selection), and then people all together try to find out to whom those items belong to!

Can you imagine the fun out of this in your new home? Your guests will laugh, and may go to their homes with free items! #PureFun



5/ My home is your garden

This new place of yours is now your home, and you are thrilled about it. Maybe you are even lucky to have come living in a place with a balcony, a terrace, and even a garden? But you have most certainly ended up in a flat in a city with nothing of green around it. And what if you do then have a garden with this new place? It is still outside your home!

When nature is just a door away, anyways you cannot ignore it. Do you think it is difficult to be with some natural components in your home? Well the answer is that thanks to your housewarming party, you can beneficiate from a green interior on a budget!

Here are the ideas you can implement on a budget for a “Garden at home” housewarming party:

– Go on a walk, and collect as many leaves on the floor as possible. You can dry them and put them on your dinner table, coffee table, TV furniture piece, stick them together to make a string of leaves, stick them on windows and doors also.

You can also go to your local farmer market or supermarket and buy end-of-the-season bouquets, flowers’ compositions, flowers’ decoration. You can surely also find cheap plants.

– Ask all of your guests to do the same, for example, to bring two bags of leaves, and eventually you will create a leavy-kitchen or a shower/bath of leaves! Just a little messy to clean in the end, but nice settings and laugh guaranteed!

– Ask your guests to come each with “something from mother nature”, and some can come with wildflowers, others roots, others nice bouquets, others fresh grass! You do not know how far your guests’ creativity can go!


This may be the only theme for which you cannot really decide on food or drinks. But actually, why not proposing natural/rough products such as cucumber sticks, fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, and all the fruits available?

The fun is all around your place! Who will be the wildest of all? Who will bring you your favourite flowers? Let’s check out soon! #PureFun

Aren’t those great ideas to throw a housewarming party on a budget? You can easily find other themes on your own for sure. Remember what is truly important: first of all, not the fact that you cannot spend a lot of money, but the fact that it’s a party! People will remember the general ambience and other people.

Your guests and the ones you want to share your new home with and are equally important. They will contribute to the mood and good vibes!

Second of all, the time and date matter so that your guests can attend your party. No matter the theme! Be confident: they are coming to see you.

Finally, think about little things around you, in your new place or the things you would like to have, and let’s pick them that you are comfortable with! From your one light bulb to your bathroom carpet, from your kitchen glasses to your bedroom curtains, e-ve-ry-thing has a purpose, and everything can be transformed into fantastic housewarming party items!

You now know what you have to do: Let’s rock this party!