75 Questions To Ask Before You Get Married

75 Questions To Ask Before You Get Married

Before you drop the anchor, Questions to know…

Can you imagine yourself walking down the aisle?  Bridal chorus playing in the background. The day is wonderful, all your friends and family in attendance. As you walk, you feel the warmth of the sun coming through the stained-glass, blinding you gently. You are walking with a certainty of a person knowing that you have found your soul mate, but hold on now! Let’s just rewind, how do you know?

I often wonder and ask myself; how can one be certain? How can one be 100% sure that this is the one?  The answer I came up with, won’t probably surprise you – I don’t think we ever can! There are just too many surprises in life and to many unknowns. However, we certainly can prepare ourselves and get pretty close.

Without further ado, let’s begin.


Family & values

Questions To Ask Before You Get Married

Describe your relationship with your mother? 

What would you do if your mother or father needed constant care?

What would cause arguments in your family and why?

How much time do you like to spend with your family?

How much your family’s opinion matters to you?

What would you do if your family didn’t like me?

Name 5 values your family stands for

Name 5 values you would want our family to stand for

What do you value most in life?

What values you would look for in your partner?

If you were offered $10000 for a night, where anything could happen what would you do?

Imagine an empty, twisty road, you receive a very important phone call. For a second you take your eyes away from the road. In this time, you have missed spotting a cyclist, colliding with him/her shortly after. The road is completely empty, what do you do? – You are not a bad person but it’s definitely your fault and very likely you will serve jail time.

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House and Responsibilities

What rules do you like to fallow at home?

Do you like cleaning chores?

Which room do you like to clean east?

Would you like to share a bank account with me?

Do you like to do things in a certain way?

Do you think I should do more at home?

Would you rather hire someone to do the cleaning?

Would you like to have kids?

How many kids would you like to have?

Do you prefer to be a leader in a relationship?

Do you like to create rules in a relationship?

Would you say I like to delegate tasks?

Would you say I am fair sharing housework?

Would you like me to take on more responsibilities?

Are you a do as I say not as I do person?


Friends and fun time

Imagine we are at a party; you get drunk and you become flirtatious with another person. What would you expect me to do?

How much time do you like to spend with your friends?

How long have you known your friends?

Did you ever have to rely on your friends?

Who is your best friend and why?

What aspects of friendship do you value most?

Have you ever fancied any of your friends?

How do you feel about me having opposite sex friends?

How often do you like to party?

Is partying an important aspect of social life for you?

What do you like about a party?

What do you like to do for fun?

What do you dislike about parties?

Did you ever got that drunk that you couldn’t remember what happened?

What is your most embarrassing moment?

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Relationship & Sex life

Questions To Ask Before You Get Married

Would you have sex with me on a day you are not so keen?

Would you ever have sex with someone else to get back at me?

What do you like about our sex?

What would you like to add or change about our sex?

What do you not enjoy about our sex?

Do you like foreplay?

Do you like watching erotic movies during or before we have sex?

How do you feel not being able to have sex with anyone else ever again?

What do you like about me most?

What would you like to change about me most?

What makes me sexy in your eyes?

Describe me using 5 words

What do you enjoy doing with me most?

Do you enjoy my cooking?

What would you want me, doing more, for our relationship?

What do I hate most?

Tell me 5 things about me that no one else probably knows.

We have booked a date for us to celebrate our anniversary. We have been both extremely busy and you forgot about the booking.  In the meantime, you made another commitment at work. A day before our night I mention how excited I am about the date, what do you do?


Communication & spare time

You know your partner struggles for money. From your little secret stash, $20 goes missing. What do you do?

You are doing your weekly shopping. Your partner expects you to pay for the shopping again, what do you do?

You feel like your partner doesn’t put in much effort into organizing your birthday’s. The present also seems a very last minute. You feel a little bit hurt, what do you do?

How well verbally do you communicate your emotions?

How good would you say, you are at communicating matters that upset you?

Is my way of communicating offensive in any way?

What would you change about the way I communicate with you?

What would you improve about the way I communicate with you?

You are furious at me for not having sex with you often, how do you communicate that?

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Do you like to relax, or do you prefer being productive?

How often do you like to watch TV?

What is your favourite movie?

Do you enjoy reading books?

How much time do you spend on Social Media?

Can I look at messages you receive?

Would you share your deepest secret with me?


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