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How to Ask Someone Out

How to Ask Someone Out

Hey, is there someone you have a crush on? Why have you not asked the person out yet?

I can see the gears wheeling in your head as you are trying to cook up a reason, but it is not necessary. Understandably, it is hard to ask someone out due to the fear of rejection. It is disheartening when you build up the confidence, and they shatter it within minutes. However, it would help if you had a resilient spirit, and not let it affect going for the next person you like.

On this article, you will see steps on how to ask someone out effectively, with the assurance of getting a YES.

Steps on getting a YES:


Find out what they like

Observation skill is essential when you are trying to ask someone out. This way, you can differentiate their likes from their dislikes. Imagine trying to ask a girl out, and you present her with carrot cake meanwhile, chocolate cake is her favourite. Or imagine you tell a girl you like her, and she asks her favourite rose, and you say a white rose instead of a red rose. At this point, her facial expression will change, and you know that her response will not be favourable. Before asking anyone out, you should find out what they like so that you will not be caught unawares. Also, channel the likes into a creative step in the asking out process.


Regular casual conversations

It will be weird for you to ask someone out if you do not have regular conversations with them. No magic will occur as you are still a stranger. If you like someone, become friends with the person and ensure to have regular conversations. It could be checking up on the person from time-to-time, or simple discussions on how the day went. Some people see it as a burden to hate conversations, but it is only this way when you consider it as a big deal. It will be useful for you to always remember that it is not a project defence or seminar, so always keep it simple.

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From a younger age, you will always hate the older ones telling you that you have to be confident, and telling stories on how confidence will skyrocket you above your dreams. I am here to affirm this claim, as confidence comes in handy when you are asking someone out and want to get a YES. If you do not know, people have a unique way of determining if you are a shy or confident person during conversations. Many people will also prefer their partner to have confidence, so they will reject you if you do not have confidence and poise.


Be jovial

How do you talk to your crush? If you are a dull or boring person, I can assure you that your crush will always wish for the conversation to end. They will always have inner grumbles whenever you approach them or send a message, and instead of finding joy in talking to you, the person will see it as a chore. I know that this is not what you want, so you should always be jovial. This does not entail that you have to be overwhelming or overly energetic, but you should have a friendly vibe that will appeal to their senses, and have them eager for a conversation.


Be conscious of body language

If you want to save yourself from rejection and have the assurance of getting a yes, you should always watch out for the body language of the person you are asking out. If you can go down memory lane, you will realize that there are some signs you missed from the person who asked you out. If a person does not reciprocate your feelings, you can tell from the body language instead of them voicing it out and breaking your heart. It could be things like rejecting friendly gestures such as a hug or handshake, or always being formal, or abruptly ending conversations. The signs are always there, but denial is the problem.

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Be direct

Do you want to get a YES? You should be direct with your proposal! This does not mean that you should be rude or creepy. Instead, it means that you should always go straight to the point instead of beating around the bush. Do not go asking about their exes or the last time the person had an intimate relationship. It will be right for you to understand that some people are not comfortable with sharing vital information at the talking stage. All these no does have any correlation with your proposal. Be direct and ask the person out!


Be prepared for a rejection

In anything you do in life, you should be ready for both the good and the bad. It is the same scenario when you are asking somebody out. It will be useful for you to prepare your mindset that there is possibility of the person rejecting your offer. Yes, this article is on steps of getting a yes, but it is right for you to always prepare for the unknown. If the person rejects you, it is not the end of the world. Instead, you should be able to switch the conversation without any awkwardness. This is not the time to wail, or throw insults, or become overbearing.


Dress well

You cannot deny the fact that you are addressed the way you are dressed. If you want to get a YES from anyone, you should be dressed to fit the role. Of course, you are not going to the church or having a board presentation, but it should not be an excuse to dress shabbily. If you are not dressed well during a date, you will become an embarrassment to the other person, and this should be avoided at all costs. Also, people are attracted to a person who dresses well. Enjoy that you do not joke with your fashion sense.


Be deliberate about your actions

I have seen people who act like they were forced to ask someone out. You should always be deliberate during the asking out process and not behave as if you are being forced or under compulsion. I am sure you do not want the other person to read the wrong signals, so you have to act right if you fall short of this, the chances of getting a YES are slim.

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Be respectful

Many people are guilty of trying to impose their choices on others. It will be wise for you not to fall under this category. If the other person disagrees with your opinion, you should be respectful of their choices. This way, they will place you on a high pedestal, and it will increase your chances of getting a YES when you ask the person out.

Getting a YES is not hard if you act right. Take your time to study and follow the processes listed above, and we know that you will be getting a YES in no time.

We are rooting for you!