20 Topics To Talk About With A Girl

20 Topics To Talk About With A Girl

Many struggles to find the right words to say when with a girl they like, they lose all concentration and turn into this awkward person who can’t even say one thing properly without creeping her out.

But no worries, we are here to help out, these are 20 topics that you can discuss with any girl you like about.


Her day

Topics To Talk About With A Girl

Don’t just ask a basic ‘how are you?’, ask her about her day, what happened, what did she do, how is she feeling today. Knowing that you care about the small details would make her feel appreciated, and she would warm up to you.



Discussing likes is a simple no brainer way to get to know anyone better, as what a person enjoys doing with their time, indicates a big part of their character. This could be a general ‘what do you like?’ questions, or it could be more particular and related to a specific matter of your choice. [1]

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On the other hand, similar to the likes, the dislikes also indicate a lot about a person’s character, so don’t shy away from them. But also don’t spend too much time on them, as focusing on the negatives could really disturb the mood of the date.



Dive deeper into the topic of likes, and find out about her hobbies, any activities she does in her free time? Any interests? Not only can you learn a lot about her, but you could also cultivate plenty of ideas for future plans costumed to her interests.



Whether they are professional or personal, asking her about her aspirations indicates your interest in her isn’t only for the present time but also for the long run.



Don’t only show intrigue towards her future goals; let her realize that you are just as much intrigued by her past accomplishments. Compliment her on those achievements and let her realize that you admire her for the hard work.



How are her parents like? How many siblings does she have? Is she the oldest or youngest? These are all questions you should be asking, and family is an important matter to most girls and just as important guys who value family.

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Topics To Talk About With A Girl

Friends are the chosen family, asking about them indicates the significance they have for you. The friends she has picked also says a lot about her personality and what she values in the partners around her.



Childhoods are a big part of our lives, and they majorly influence the person we are like today. Discuss how her childhood was like, her fondest memories of those times, her dream as a child. She could really open up to you and invest more into the conversation. [2]


Special memories

Any adventures, experiences, or moments that she would never forget, ask her about them. Talking about these memories will bring sweet and joyous emotions to her and thrill her up to the rest of your time together.



What does she do? Why does she do it? Is it her dream job? Future plans for her career? These are simple questions but are great to ask at the start of a date, especially when you don’t know the person very well.



Where did she go to school? What is her degree? Why did she pick this major? How does she feel towards her academic experience? Similar to the career questions, these are simple but great to ask at the start.



Ask her on her views on relationship, love, and previous romances, but only discuss it on a surface level as these can be very personal questions. This would give you the chance to check whether or not she wants and needs in a relationship are compatible with yours.



How does she see her perfect life to be like? What is her career, family, relationships, living like in her ideal life? Another topic to give you the chance to check on your compatibility with her.

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Her background

Her upbringing, ethnicity, culture, and traditions are all great ways to get to know and understand her better. Ask her detailed questions about her culture and traditions, show your interest in her.



Topics To Talk About With A Girl

Places she has been to? Places she wants to go to? Asking such questions can naturally open up discussions to many other different subjects such as culture, history, music, food, and many others.


Literature/film /music

Ask about her favorite movies, her favorite books, the genre of music she listens to. Share your opinion on them, give her suggestions, and vice versa, ask her for suggestions and opinions on your favorites.


Political/religious/philosophical believes

These are great subjects to discuss to get to know a specific person’s views on life better, but be careful and make sure you don’t turn the date into a full-blown argument. If there is a disagreement, simply change the subject of the conversation to avoid any unwanted dispute.


Compliment her on a thing unique to her

Don’t just compliment her by saying she looks beautiful or that she has pretty eyes, girls love and appreciate it when a guy compliments them on something unique to them. Observe the tiny detail about her and tell her about the ones you admire. It shows that you do genuinely like her.

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Comment on surrounding

If somehow you went through all the previous topics and have run out of things to discuss, just comment on your surrounding environment. You could comment on the décor or food or quality of the place you are at, and naturally, the conversation would flow from there. Or you could play a game, and guess what the people around you are thinking of or talking about, it is entertaining and lightens up the mood. [3]


All in all, don’t stress it out, just be yourself and open up with simple questions that will allow the conversation to flow naturally. Talking with girls isn’t rocket science as long as you know the right things to say and show interest towards her, you are all good to go.


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