100 Very Best Questions To Ask a Girl

100 Very Best Questions To Ask a Girl

What to ask a girl? Keeping a conversation flowing with a girl can be really challenging. One of the best ways to get her interest is to ask a good question. But who said that it is going to be easy?

It might be tough to come up with questions to ask girls. Sometimes it can be even harder to hold a conversation with a girl you know for a long time. One silly question can ruin all the bricks that you have carefully layered as a basement for your future relationships. Or, on the contrary, it might be your golden key to a successful relationship or a long-lasting friendship.

To help you avoid embarrassing mishaps, we have created a list of 60+ questions to ask a girl that will never let you down. These are the questions any girl would enjoy answering. Although some of them are silly, some even might seem tricky, it is a good start, especially, if you want to realize what kind of person sits in front of you. This is something you would be happy to have in your arsenal.

Of course, there is no need to ask all of them in one go. Just pick the ones you like and start your love conquest!

Questions To Ask A Girl

Questions To Ask A Girl

21 Questions to Ask a Girl

What books can you recommend?

What was the last joke that made you laugh? (maybe she enjoys a little dark humor?)

How would you characterize your best friend?

Do you have a character you often compare yourself to?

Do you spend weekends with your family?

Who is your favorite foreign singer?

What was the last fear you were able to overcome?

What is the weirdest game you have ever played?

What is the most mind-blowing piece of art you have ever seen?

What is your favorite computer game?

What things would you like to change in the world?

What dish you would never be able to refuse?

What type of stereotypes you are most sick of?

Is there something you are afraid of asking in public?

If you could start this day anew, what would you do?

Between DC and Marvel, what would you choose?

What is/was your favorite class at school?

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What do you think happiness consists of?

When you feel there is someone annoying at a party, how do you react?

Have you ever had an urge to leave your city and live somewhere in the countryside surrounded by rivers and magnificent mountains?

Do you have an animal you adore?

Hearing a well-respected person criticizing your loved one, what would you do?

What is your happiest childhood memory?

What is the thing you are most grateful for?

Would you never try rather than die trying?

Have you ever had any experiences to meet your favorite artist?

Can you cut relationships with people pulling you down?

What is your dream job?

What makes you feel proud of yourself?

What inspires you the most?

Do you think money can buy happiness?

What is your favorite flower?

What are three words that make you smile?

Can you name a place where you have never been to but wish to go?

What human qualities do you cherish?

What language do you want to learn?

Who is the person you admire?

What is your favorite midnight cocktail?

What is the best advice you have ever received?

Who is your favorite artist?

How do you deal with criticism?

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Questions To Ask A Girl

Questions To Ask A Girl

What is the silliest question you have been ever asked?

Do you have any tattoo?

Have you ever encountered any animal in a forest?

What is the worst trend you have ever tried?

What was the first thing you did this morning?

Do you have a skill nobody knows about?

What is your favorite TV-show of all time?

What was the last song you listened to?

What is the last concert you have visited?

If could master any instrument, what would it be?

If today was your last day, how would you spend it?

When was the last time you felt embarrassed?

What makes you feel proud of your family?

What is your Zodiac sign?

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Do you believe in the supernatural? Why or why not?

What do you usually do alone?

What would you choose: classical or popular music? Why?

What is the happiest thing that has happened to you?

How do you prefer to communicate: in person, by phone, messaging?

What was the last thing you regretted that you had not done earlier?

What is your favorite dish that you know how to cook?

It was so nice to meet you here; can we go out together someday?

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Deep Questions to Ask a Girl

Whose relationship do you admire the most?

What makes you feel most alive?

What is one thing you’re excited for in the future?

Do you consider yourself a hopeless romantic?

Is there anything you need to let go of?

What is something life recently taught you?

What is the best and worst thing about getting older?

Do you think love makes people change?

What do you want to be remembered most for?

What is the most important thing in a relationship?

What is your favourite thing about yourself?

What is the nicest thing someone has done for you?

Is there anything you regret not doing?

Has a stranger ever had an impact on you?

What is one thing you wish people never asked you?

What is one thing you wish people knew about you?

Who is the one person you can come to about anything?

When was the last time you said ‘I love you’ to someone?

What is one thing you wish you started doing sooner?

What annoys you the most?

If you had one day left to live, what would you do first?

Do you think people are made for each other?

Do you trust anyone with your life?

What is one thing you would do if it was impossible to fail at it?

What is something you have never told anyone?

Is there a time where you were embarrassed in public?

Do you believe in parallel universes and if yes, what kinds of versions do you think there would be?

What do you think your best friend likes about you the most?

What is something you gave up that you wish you didn’t?

Who are you closest to in your family and why?

Do you believe everything happens for a reason?

When was the best phase of your life?

Which fictional character do you identify with the most?

If you could make one law in the world, what would it be?

What do you wish people did less of?

Did your past relationship teach you anything about yourself?

What memory makes you smile instantly?

What are you most proud of?

What is a relationship deal breaker for you?

If you could do any job for a day, what would it be?

What takes up too much of your time?

Do you believe in soulmates?

What is something you are thankful for?

If you could travel to any point in time, what would it be?

What is one cause you feel passionate about?

What do you think about the most?

What is one thing you refuse to spend money on?

If you were to be reincarnated, what would you want to turn into?

What qualities makes someone a good person to date?

What is the weirdest thing you find attractive?

Good Questions to Ask a Girl

If your life was a movie, what would it be called?

What’s your guilty pleasure?

What is a nickname of yours?

Who is one celebrity you would love to meet?

What is the most surprising thing you’ve been told?

What is your favourite and least favourite colour?

Are you a spiritual person?

What is the stupidest thing you have bought?

How different was your life a year ago?

If you could speak any language, what would you pick?

What food best describes your personality?

What is your first memory?

Would you ever go skydiving?

What is a movie or tv show you can always rewatch?

Do you ever people watch?

What is your favourite number?

What is the luckiest thing that happened to you?

Do you believe in ghosts?

If you had to change your name, what would you change it to?

What is the first thing you notice in a person?

Tea or coffee?

Who is the most competitive person you know?

What makes you feel old when you think about it?

What is the best party you have been to?

Weirdest food that you have eaten?

Do you prefer museums or art galleries?

What is the best concert you have been to?

What is your favourite thing to do during summer?

What is your go-to comfort food?

If you could know when and how you would die, would you want to?

How old were you when you had your first kiss?

Who was your childhood crush?

Sunrises or sunsets?

Do you believe in luck?

Do you collect anything?

Do you have a signature dance move?

Do you have any pets?

What is your favourite season and why?

What is your favourite sport?

How do you like to relax?

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Do you have a bucketlist?

What is your favourite song?

Where would you rather be, at the beach or in the mountains?

Can you cook?

Do you play any instruments?

Where do you go when you want to be alone?

What was the worst movie you have ever seen?

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

If you could master any skill, what would it be?

Bonus 21 Questions:

1. What are your secret skills?

2. What was your favorite childhood toy?

3. What was the best gift you’ve ever given to someone?

4. What is the most embarrassing that happened to you in primary school?

5. What would you grab if your house was on fire?

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6. What is your destination for the trip of your dreams?

7. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grow up? And do you still want it?

8. If you got stuck in the elevator and was forced to listen to only one song, which would it be?

9. What was your worst job?

10. What is the best advice anyone has ever given you?

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11. Which social game was your favorite while growing up?

12. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

13. How do you treat people who annoy you for no reason?

14. Would you go out with me …?

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15. What have you learned from your past relationship?

16. What is the most important thing that guys should understand about girls, and it seems to you that they do not understand?

17. Who is your best friend?

18. Would you like to change something about me?

19. With what phrases were guys trying to conquer you with?

20. What does your name mean?

21. If you could jump into a pool full of something, what would it be?

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