20 Very Best Games to Play With Your Partner

20 Very Best Games to Play With Your Partner

When we say “games,” we don’t mean the kind where you wait three days to call or flirt with your crush’s best friend to make him jealous. We mean the good kind of games! The fun kind of games that you both enjoy. Who waits three days for anything these days anyway? For all we know, the world can flip upside down within a three-day-span! In these crazy times, anything can happen in three days. So we say: seize the day! Don’t wait! Call your crush now and set a playdate for the two of you today!

Games are an amazing way to spend time together, have fun, learn something new about yourself and your significant other. Games can create fantastic quality time and also help you progress in your relationship. Sometimes at the beginning of a relationship, things don’t feel as natural yet, and it can be tricky to get into a good flow together. If you don’t feel super easy-going yet, games are an extraordinary possibility to move past initial awkwardness. Even if you are more progressed in your relationship and you are not embarrassed about anything anymore – we promise you there is always something new to learn about each other during playtime. We know from reliable sources that keeping it fresh and interesting in a relationship is one of the ingredients to successful love.

We created and collected 20 games for you. Thought the only game-options were cards and monopoly? Thankfully, there is a whole world of games that are new, different, fun, and creative. We got you covered. You will find something that fits any dating stage (let’s be honest: the first few dates can be awkward), age, interest, ability, time of day, and location.



We want to introduce this game to you right in the beginning because we will reference it later (think “Sexy Fishbowl”). For Fishbowl, you get a fishbowl-like container and fill it with folded pieces of paper. The pieces of paper contain words that you have to act out pantomime-style. Put a charade-twist on it by making two bowls. One has three pieces of paper (act/explain/draw). These will always be returned to the bowl. The second contains the words that you either – you guessed it- have to act, explain or draw.


Would you rather?

For this, we recommend looking up a list of would you rather questions on ponly.com The next level is writing your own questions. Don’t be scared to get personal/weird/intimate. It will be a great starter to tell a story related to one of the questions.


Who am I?

So easy and so fun! All you need is sticky notes, a pen, and s little creativity. Write a character on one of the notes and stick them to your partners’ forehead. Don’t reveal the character. Find out by asking each other questions. Usually, only yes/no-questions are allowed when trying.

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Sexy Fishbowl

Yes, that’s right! Same idea as regular Fishbowl, but this time right down sensual and sexy things you can think of: kisses on the neck, foot massage, back massage, eating whipped cream off the neck…You get the idea 😉


Online Battle

If you don’t feel so active, pick a game online and play either against each other or together as a team against “the rest of the world,” aka other players.


Blindfolded Taste-Testing

Go shopping separately at the grocery store and bring home things your partner as to test blindfolded. You can be mean, funny, or cute. Mean as in disgusting things, funny as in things that have a strong sensation like sour candy, or cute as in picking up the favorite things. Set a reward for the person who guesses most things right. 



We also call this “the french way of meditation.” An excellent game to play with each other in silence or when talking about anything that comes to your mind.


Scrabble Stories

The core of this option is a standard game of Scrabble. Suppose one of you doesn’t know how to play, great! Explain the game to each other. Explaining alone is a nice bonding experience. The “stories” part will be to try to put down words that act as a starting point for a story you can tell your partner about yourself.

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Strategy Games

Games like “Settlers of Catan,” people usually either hate or love. In an ideal case, the story goes like this: you both love Catan, play it together, fall in love, stay together forever, play Catan until you are wrinkly and grey. The End.



Don`t tell us you outgrew Twister. Nobody is ever too old for Twister. If you can stand on two legs, you can play it! Such an easy-going way to move past hesitations and get a little closer. 


Long-distance games

You are not in the same city, country, or even time-zone? Or maybe simply not able to meet for other reasons (Hello lockdown)? Then Apps like “Houseparty” are an amazing alternative for you! You can play a variety of games together on the App and even invite more friends!


Truth or Dare

Such a classic! This game is famous for all the right reasons: you get to know each other, you are active, and you make some memories together. To avoid creators’ block create a dare-fishbowl and a truth-fishbowl in advance and take a piece of paper from the according bowl during the game.


2 Truths & 1 Lie

Take turns writing down two things that are true and one lie about yourself. Your partner has to guess which one is the lie. It makes for an amazing intro to tell some stories. 


Card games

You didn’t think we would forget about card games, did you? An underrated genre of games for several reasons. First, there is an endless variety of card game-options. There are easy card games like Uno, funny card games like “Bullshit,” and strategic card games like Poker. Don’t forget that learning a new game from each other already brings you closer.

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Sexy card games

Oh yeah! You can buy or make a sexy version of a card game if you feel like it.



Don’t worry; it sounds worse than it is! Blindfold your partner and drive him to one of your favorite places in the area. Take turns.


Question game

The queen of games to get to know each other. Check out or endless lists of questions on ponly.com and take turns asking each other questions. If you need an extra challenge: set a timer on answering the questions. Question-Game-Fishbowl is, of course, also always an option.


Never have I ever

Create a table of never-have-I-ever on a piece of paper. Afterward, exchange tables with each other and check off what you have or haven’t done. The point here is to share your most proud/embarrassing/funny/daring/crazy experiences. If you don’t feel like coming up with tables on your own, you can easily find pre-made ones online.


Dance battle

Pick a dance move and open a dance battle. Learning the move with a YouTube video before is allowed, even encouraged. Set a reward for the winner. Give each other X points out of 10 in different categories like style, effort, flexibility if you don’t want to judge, video call your family or friends and let them be the judge.


Hangman & Stories

Play Hangman with each other. Set a word to guess that will be a starting point to tell your partner a story about your life. 

Here are some options you can choose as rewards for the winner:

 – cook or buy the next meal

– do the dishes

– clean something in the apartment

– 10-minute massage

– get a small plant or treat

– get rid of something you always ask your partner to get rid of off

– make or get dessert

– winner gets to pick the next movie or show

– an activity the winner picks like hiking, thrift-shopping, etc. 


“Always find new ways to play with each other” – you would think that we came up with this quote, right? Guess again! Remember we said that we have reliable sources? This quote is actual love advice from experienced couples. Couples that are in a relationship or married for as many as 20 years or more sure have their fair share of experience. They know that relationships that last long will face many types of challenges. One of them will be routine. You might get used to your partner and not quite remember what your spark was in the first place. They recommend taking time and keep learning from and about each other. They recommend making room for playtime to keep the spark alive. We are 100% sure they are, like us, talking about the kind of games we collected for you above. So, in summary, we toss the 3-day-rule and introduce playtime instead.