30 Very Best Bridal Shower Games

30 Very Best Bridal Shower Games

A wedding is a significant milestone in a couple’s lives, and we can agree they are full of fun and happiness. The pre-wedding phase should be made just as memorable for the bride and groom to enjoy and create some life-long memories. A bridal shower is usually a celebration in the bride’s honour, with close family, friends, relative and colleagues. In most cases, it is a female-only event.

Whilst it is obvious that all the guests know the bride to be, the guests might not know each other. Fortunately, we have created a list of some ice breaker games that will make all the guests feel more comfortable and ensure the bridal shower is a fun and inclusive event for people of all ages!

Take a look at our list of 30 bridal shower games that cater to all types of audiences and will ensure your guests have an enjoyable time. Keep in mind you will only have time for a maximum of 4-5 games.


Guest Hunt

A simple icebreaker game to get guests mingling and getting to know each other! The best time to play this game is at the beginning of the bridal shower. If you’re waiting for a few more people to arrive or the food is still to be set, this game is great to pass some time.

Every invitee will receive a checklist of different characteristics and statements. You must find the guest who matches each one. It’ll be more fun if you be as creative as possible. A few examples of some statements to include are someone who doesn’t have Instagram, someone wearing contact lenses or a guest who is born in the same month as you. The winner will be the person who has written the most guests down accurately.


Unscramble the Emoji

An excellent game to play if you have a younger crowd. The guests will have to guess the wedding-themed phrases which are written via emojis. For example; a picture of a honey jar and the moon will make the word honeymoon.


Pass the Bouquet

A game of pass the parcel but with a bridal twist. All you need is a bridal bouquet. Guests take turns of passing the flower around with music in the background. If the music stops whilst the bouquet is in your hands, you will be eliminated from the round. The last guest standing wins!


Ribbon Introduction

When guests enter the bridal shower, give them a ball of yarn or ribbon along with scissors and ask them to cut off as much they think they need. Do not give any other instructions and leave it suspense as what they will be doing with the string.

Once everyone has settled, you can ask everyone to give an introduction about themselves for as long as it takes to wrap the yarn or ribbon around their finger. It’s simple, the shorter the string, the less they have to talk. It will be a great game to get to know a bit about everyone in an enjoyable way.

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Draw me

Pictionary is everyone’s favourite party game. All you need is a whiteboard, marker, timer, and a small container with wedding-themed words. Guests will be divided into two teams and you need to guess what is being drawn within one minute. Some example of wedding- themed words you can use are page boy, reception, maid of honour, vows etc.

You can make this game more interesting by asking guests to draw with lipstick on an easel instead of markers.


Help the bride to be with her vows

This game is sure to bring laughter and entertainment to your bridal shower. A twist on

‘mad libs’, the guests must help the bride in writing her vows. You will need to print out a copy of traditional vows but leave spaces in between and replace words with “nouns”, “verbs” and “adjectives”. The end result can be extremely amusing!


Dress the bride

In this classic bridal shower game, guests must work in teams of 4-5 to create a wedding dress and accessories for the bride with one twist- using toilet paper and tape! Yes, you heard that right. One team member will be the model while others work against the timer to create a magnificent art piece! P.s it’s not as easy as it seems!


Jumbo Jenga

If you have some extra lawn space, you can’t go wrong with a game of giant Jenga. This is a classic party game which will make all the guests collaboratively come together.

For a special touch, guests can sign each block and write a personalised message for the bride to be.


Who’s sitting on the groom?

This is a really quick and easy activity which doesn’t take too much effort. Simply print out photos of many handsome well-known, male celebrities along with one picture of the groom. Stick these under each guest’s chair with tape and whoever has the groom wins. The game can easily be adapted if needed by putting all the celebrities in an envelope or inside napkins, so guests won’t need to stand up and check.


How well do you know Disney?

Bring a feeling of nostalgia to the bridal shower by reminiscing on some classic childhood movies. Create a playlist of songs from different Disney films. Guests have to guess which movie the song belongs to.


Wedding themed word scramble

Everyone loves a bit of a puzzle. All you have to do is jumble some words associated with the wedding and asks guests to unscramble them. The fastest person to finish the whole list wins. A perfect game that all age groups can enjoy.


Pin the bowtie

I’m sure you must have played or heard of ‘pin the tail on the donkey’. This is precisely the same but with a minor change. You will need to put a big picture of the groom in a suit on the wall. Guests will be blindfolded, spun and then told to pin a bowtie onto the groom.

There are many variants of this game, such as pin the moustache or pin the lips on the groom.

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Guess the age

This is a great guessing game that can be played in order to give a personalised touch to the bridal shower. Print photos of the bride to be at many stages of her life and ask guests to guess how old she is in the images.


Ring Hunt

Buy 40-50 plastic rings and hide them around the venue. This is a great game to get everyone active and moving. Guests will try to find as many rings as they can whoever has the most wins.


Match the celebrity couple

Invitees are given a list of famous celebrities on one side and blank spaces in another column. The aim of the game is to write the name of the celebrity’s significant other. The person who answers the most wins.


Bangle Taboo

Each guest is given one bangle on arrival. There will be a pre-decided wedding word that is prohibited to use throughout the bridal shower such as groom or wedding. If any guest hears another guest say the word, they can take the guest’s bangle! The one who collects the most will be the champion.


365 days of marriage

You will need a blank calendar for this game starting with the wedding date and ending with the couple’s first wedding anniversary. The calendar will be passed around to all attendees, and they have to write a funny milestone or mark an event. This can be real events such as birthdays, holidays, even amusing occurrences like “The 50th time he fell asleep watching TV or “The 10th time she took 2 hours to get ready”.


Hashtag Jar

A wedding hashtag has become a huge trend in the twenty-first century. Help the couple find the perfect hashtag by asking guests to leave their suggestions in a mason jar.


Wedding charades

To prepare for this game you will need to print some wedding-themed words on cards and place them in a container. Divide the guests into two teams. A player from the team picks a

card and has to act out what is written without using any words. For example, first dance, cutting the cake or you can even do romantic movies. Other teammates try to guess the word and whichever team has to most points wins.

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Once upon a time

At the top of a blank paper write “once upon a time <BRIDE’S NAME> met <GROOM’S NAME>”. Pass the paper around to all the guests and ask for them to add one sentence to the story! However, you can only look at a few words from the previous line. Once all the guests have added their sentence write “happily ever after” and ask the bride to read it to all the guests! This game is sure to bring some humour to the event


A to Z finish the list

A simple game that can pose quite a challenge for guests. Write one word that is associated with each letter of the alphabet. The first one to finish accurately wins.


Love is Blooming

A DIY flower bar set up is a great way for guests to keep occupied and a thoughtful idea for the quiet guests who enjoy being involved in something independently. You can even go one step further by buying pots and making a potting shed table for guests to plant their own flowers or herbs! Potted plants or flower bunches can make beautiful gifts for guests to take home.


Wedding Whispers

The maid of honour will prepare a short toast for the bride to be. Instead of delivering is as a speech, the toast will travel ear to ear around the guests. The final person will say the toast aloud, and it will be very entertaining to hear how much the words have changed from the original.


Bridal Makeover

Guests will work in pairs for this game. Print out some A3 sized copies of the bride to be without makeup. Eyeshadow, lipstick, blush and an eye pencil will be provided to each pair. The twist is that one guest will be blindfolded whilst the other gives instructions on applying to makeup. Some of the end results will have you in stitches. An alternative is you can also provide coloured crayons or markers as makeup.


Who said it?

Each guest writes down a memory they share with the bride to be. The bride will read each memory loudly and guess who wrote it. The bride can then keep all the memories as a remembrance.


Couple’s Trivia!

A trivia of the couple and their love story is a great icebreaker for guests to speak up. To make it more interesting, instead of asking guests to fill it out on paper, you can do a voting style game where each guest casts their vote verbally or raises their hand whilst someone notes the count down on a whiteboard. There might be quite a few exciting stories that family and friends will reveal. Questions can be on any topic such as childhood pets, favourite movie, first crushes or the couple’s first kiss.


Guess the Price:

This game requires a little bit of research beforehand but is an engaging game for just about anyone! Choose 10 everyday household items such as laundry detergent, a box of tissues, ironing board, baking dish etc. and ask guests to guess each item’s price. After the game concludes, these items can then be gifted to the bride and groom.


Let’s groom the groom

If you and your guests don’t mind getting messy, this is game is a good choice! Each guest is given a balloon, shaving cream and razor. You will then have 30 seconds to cover the balloon with foam. The aim of the game is to shave the foam off the balloon within one minute without popping it!


Wedding Bingo

A traditional game of bingo is fun and appealing to all ages. Instead of numbers, you can pick words associated with the bride, groom, and wedding to spice it up.


Don’t forget to bring it

This makes a fun and fast-paced game to conclude the bridal shower. Each guest has to write five things the bride must remember to take on her honeymoon. You will be surprised to see what people write and how often the groom is forgotten. Anyone who writes down “groom” is an automatic winner!

We hope these suggestions for the best bridal games to keep your guests entertained are valuable and useful. Bridal showers don’t necessarily need to be overly grand and elaborate. Just ensure the bride and guests have a valuable and memorable time with lots of memories to treasure.


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