28 Best Baby Shower Games

28 Best Baby Shower Games

It’s probably safe to assume that if you are a woman, you have attended at least one baby shower in your lifetime. Perhaps, now you are trying to plan one of your own, or for a friend. The truth is, baby shower games are often silly, and repetitive- chances are you have played at least some of the same games at every shower you have been to.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a whole swath of unique game options out there, to suit every personality and party.

Here, we have detailed some of the best, uncommon Baby Shower games that range from silly, to active to quiet and creative.


Creative Baby Shower Games


Birth Year Time Capsule

In this sweet activity, guests will be asked before the shower to bring something to create a time capsule for the new baby, commemorating the year they were born. This could include items such a newly minted coin, a newspaper clipping, etc. Encourage guests to be as creative as they can to avoid duplicates, then seal it up and agree on age the box will be passed onto the child. All you need from a hosts perspective is a cute box or container- just don’t forget to tell your guests about the activity well in advance.


Bib Bar

Lots of baby showers these days include a design-your-own onesie station. If you are looking for a unique spin on this, set up a DIY bib bar. Blank bibs can be purchased in bulk fairly inexpensively, and fabric paints, fabric markers or iron-on appliqués can be set out for guests to make a special present for the new baby. Activities like this are great for a less-structured party environment and guests will appreciate being able to converse with each other while they participate.


Custom Receiving Blankets

Another custom crafting option for guests is blanket stamping. Buy a bulk pack of white receiving blankets (muslin works well too but will be more expensive), or even bulk fabric if you are savvy enough to sew the edges yourself, a set of cute stamps and some fabric paint, and set your guests free to get creative. Guests will enjoy creating something special for your little one and appreciate the laid-back nature of this activity.


Minute-to-Win-it Games


Baby Shark

If you haven’t already heard the song baby shark, you certainly will.

This fun little game is a spin-off the popular tune. All you need is a large number of gummy sharks and some little cups for storage. If you can’t find the generic gummy shark, Swedish fish will also do the trick.

Party guests will work in pairs to see how many gummy sharks they can toss back and forth before the song ends. Here’s the catch- the gummies must be tossed into the air from a distance of 6 feet apart, and caught in the partners’ mouth.

Since the song is 2 minutes long, you may want to make the game extra challenging. For an added twist, we recommend adding additional distance between the pair at each transition from “baby shark”, to “mommy shark”, to “daddy shark” and so on.


Belly-Busting Nail Salon

The old adage about pregnant women not being able to see their toes is a funny but true reality. In the same way that they cannot see their toes, it also practically impossible for them to reach their toes, especially for an extended period of time.

This hilarious game is meant to simulate the experience of a pregnant woman trying to paint her toenails. Besides nail polish, you will also need some balloons.

Guests will have to stuff an inflated balloon up their shirt to create their “pregnant belly”. After everyone is set to go, a timer of three minutes will be started and guests will be instructed to paint their toenails as best as they can without popping their balloon. Anyone who pops their balloon is disqualified. At the end, awards will be given out for the fasted nail-painter, and for the nail-painter who did the best at painting inside the lines.


Paint a Baby, Like a Baby

We all know about the “ draw a baby on a paper plate, on your head” challenge. Instead, why not let moms give a finger-painting go? At the end of five minutes, mom-to-be can choose the best-finger-painted baby portrait. Just be sure to keep some wipes around for easy cleanup.


Feeding Time

It’s no secret that feeding a baby is a messy task. They spit, dodge and often want to feed themselves. Either way, there is going to be some cleanup required.

In this game, guests will partner up to feed each other a container of applesauce. Seated on chairs facing opposite each other, one partner will be the “baby” and the other will be the “parent”. The catch is that both parties will be blindfolded. The goal obviously is to feed the entire container to their partner in less than two minutes. The team with the cleanest “baby” at the end wins.

Pro tip: You may want to provide plastic rain ponchos for your guests to wear to protect their clothes.


Chopsticks and Pacifiers

In this minute-to-win-it game, participants will try to collect as many pacifiers as they can, using a chopstick they are holding in their mouth- no hands allowed. In order to minimize the number of pacifiers required, we recommend playing this head-to-head, with only two players are a time or relay-race style.


Diaper Toss

Played like a typical free-throw basketball contest, the idea behind diaper toss is simply to get as many diapers into the trash can across the room as you can. We recommend playing the relay-race style, with two trash cans. Each player must get three diapers into the can before moving onto the next player. The team who finishes the fastest wins! Of course, the mom-to-be will be able to keep all of these diapers after the shower.


Suck it Up

In this fun shower game, players will compete to move as many mini marshmallows as they can from the table to a bowl using only a baby nasal aspirator, in sixty seconds. This is a quick but a high-intensity game and as a bonus, the mom gets to keep the nasal aspirator for the baby.


Block Tower Challenge

We’ve all seen children get mad when their block towers come crumbling down. Now, in this high-stacked race, singles, partners or teams will need to build the tallest tower they can in one minute. If the tower falls over, they must restart but the timer must keep going. Whoever has the taller tower at the end of one-minute wins. Especially if played in teams, this is a great game to play with low resources, as you only need two sets of blocks (minimum) and a timer. As a bonus, mom can hang onto the blocks for the baby when the party is over.


Balloon Belly

This quick, minute-to-win-it style game is guaranteed to be a guest favourite. All you need is a bag of balloons (pre-inflated) that are all roughly the same size and a timer. We recommend making the balloons smaller rather than larger for the best results. Basically, a timer will be set for 45 seconds, in which guests will try to stuff as many balloons as they can underneath their shirt to create their “pregnant belly”. Whoever has the biggest belly (meaning the most balloons) when the timer goes off wins. However, if they pop any balloons, they must empty their shirt and start over.


Rock-a-Bye Baby

In this game, guests will work in pairs to slingshot plastic babies, which you can usually find at dollar stores or party supply stores, into a bucket, or “cradle” across the room. They will use receiving blankets and a rock and fling method to toss the babies. We recommend giving each pair 20 babies, and whichever team get the most in the bucket wins.


Bathtub Bounce

Similar to the popular college-game of beer pong, the bathtub bounce is a fun game that all your guests will want to play. With a singular baby bathtub filled with water set up at the end of a long table, guests will try to bounce ping pong balls off the table once and into the tub. If they get it in, they are allowed to keep playing. If they miss, their turn is over. The player who sinks the most balls wins.

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Table Activities


Baby Name Scramble

If you need a quieter, paper activity for the table, consider a game of Baby Name Scramble. On small poster-papers, you will jumble the letters of the top ten boy names in your country and the top ten girl names. It’s up to you if you want to sort them or leave them all on the same list for an added challenge.

The guest who can unscramble her entire list, correctly, first is the winner. Of course, make sure no phones are allowed, or you may end up with some cheaters!



This paper table game is a fun and quiet activity, where guests must guess if the number in a given statement is higher or lower than the real number.

Statements such as “Mom and Dad want 4 children”, “Mom and dad waited 14 weeks to announce their pregnancy”, “Mom bought 3 pregnancy books” are a good start. Obviously, the statement cannot include the true number. The guest who guesses the most amount of statement correctly wins.


Baby Faces

One of the most exciting things for expecting parents is imagining what their new baby will look like, and who they will look like more. Will they have my nose? Your eyes?

This silly game is best played at a table and will allow guests to mix and match the parent’s features until they have decided what the new baby is going to look like.

All you need to play this game is a stack of photocopies of a photo of each parent, cut into strips that separate each feature of their face (i.e. hairline, eyes, nose, mouth, chin, etc. ). You can create your own timeline for this game, and guests can use as many from one parent and as little from the other as they desire. Mom will choose the winner at the end based on her own criteria, ranging from silliest face to most likely mix of features.

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Conversational Baby Shower Games


Guess That Book

If you are planning to ask guests to bring their favourite classic children’s book for the new baby instead of a gift, this is a fun game to play that allows for conversation and debate. This game works best in a smaller group since people will be more likely to spend time on their contribution before the shower. Basically, you will ask people to creatively wrap the book they are bringing, in a way that gives clues to the book that is inside, and then everyone will guess what the book is before it is opened. For example, someone bringing “The Jungle Book” may choose to wrap their book in lion/jungle themed paper. The more creative guests are willing to be with their clues, the more fun this game will be.


What’s that Craving?

Chances are, mama has had some wild cravings since the time she first found out she was pregnant. This game works best for moms who had a variety of typical cravings, strange cravings or cravings that were a combination of two food items such as a pickle with peanut butter. Either way, guests will be given a pencil and paper and mom will be asked to describe her cravings and what she loves about them so much, one by one, and guests will write down their guesses about what the craving was. The guest who guesses the most cravings correctly wins.


Parenting Skill Activities


Adult Diapers

Most attendees of your party have probably had to change a diaper at some point in their lives, or have at least seen someone else have a diaper. But, it’s unlikely they have ever had to build a diaper from scratch for an adult. In this game, partners or teams will participate in a timed race to make a cloth diaper on one of their team members using only a sheet and clothespins. Points will be given our for speed, and for the quality/aesthetic of the diaper they created. We recommend setting a time limit of three minutes for this activity.


Swaddle Races

Swaddling is not an easy skill to learn, especially if you have never had to do it before. Here’s a fun game that will allow the mom-to-be to practice valuable parenting skills while poking fun at first-timers who have never had to swaddle a baby.

This game is pretty straightforward and can be played one of two ways. On one hand, you can simply have a timed race to see who can swaddle a doll the fastest, and the tightest. On the other, you can actually play this game as a timed race to swaddle adults, using queen/king size bed sheets. This is our favourite option and allows for partnering up-a great way to keep the game quick even with a larger party crowd.


Blindfolded Diaper Changing

This baby shower classic is too good to ignore. Guests will compete in a timed race to see how fast they can put a diaper on a doll, while blindfolded. This game requires enough dolls for each guest and a pack of diapers that will (mostly) fit on the dolls. The great benefit of this game is that the new mom can keep the rest of the diaper pack.

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Unstructured, Ongoing Activities


“Create-Your-Own-Cravings” Bar

A fun way to serve snacks at your baby shower is to have a “create-your-own-cravings” bar. You can choose to serve all of the mama-to-be’s favourite cravings from the beginning of her pregnancy until now, which is particularly fun if she had unique cravings such as soft pretzels with honey or spicy chicken tacos. Alternatively, you can serve general craving items such as pickles, ice cream, chocolate and watermelon and allow guests to mix and match their snacks.


Pacifier Hunt

This is a great, casual game that can be played throughout the duration of the party, without a designated structure or time frame. Essentially, pacifiers (real or fake) will be hidden throughout the shower. We recommend a high number such as 50-100 so there will be plenty for each guest. Just as it sounds, this is a scavenger hunt to find as many pacifiers as possible throughout the shower. The guest with the most pacifiers at the end of the day wins.

Pro tip: We recommend keeping a list of where you hide the pacifiers since there will probably be some that never get found.


Sperm and Egg Cornhole

If you already have a cornhole board, or you are willing to make one, this is a fun and casual bean-bag toss game perfectly tailored to your baby shower. All you need to do is attach felt tails to your bean bags to make them look like sperm and voila! You have a fun twist on the pin-the-sperm-on-the-egg game.


Baby Bottle Bowling

One of our personal favourites, baby bottle bowling is a great lawn-style game that guests will love to play. As with some of the others, it’s great for a less-structured party and can be set up again and again. All you will need are some plastic baby bottles set up in a bowling pin formation (it’s up to you if you want to do five-pin or ten-pin) and a “bowling ball”. Any rubber ball will do. You may want to weight the bottles down slightly so they don’t blow over on their own, just be sure not to weigh them down too much or you won’t be able to knock them over.



Everybody loves a piñata at a party, and they don’t just need to be reserved for kids. You can easily find baby shower-themed piñatas such as baby bottles or storks. It is completely up to you if you want to take a traditional approach and fill the Piñata with candies and take-homes for the guests, or if you want to take it as an opportunity to shower the mom-to-be with small, inexpensive baby essentials such as teethers, pacifiers, pacifier clips, etc. After all, the real fun of the Piñata is taking turns to put on a blindfold and take a swing.


Baby Bottle Toss

A twist on an old carnival favourite, the baby bottle toss is a ring-toss game using- you guessed it- baby bottles as the target. All you will need to play this game are plastic baby bottles weight down with rocks or sand, arranged in whatever formation you like (line, pyramid, etc.) and some rings for tossing. Just make sure the ring you order is large enough to fit around the bottles. This game can be set up with a time limit and rotate through all the guests, or be set up for casual playing whoever guests feel like it.

Happy Planning!


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