15 Wonderful Virtual Baby Shower Games

15 Wonderful Virtual Baby Shower Games

Baby showers mark a special time in our lives and the lives of people around us. 🤰🦋

You’re about to welcome a new, little baby into the world and you want to plan a wonderful party to celebrate, right? 

Well, of course, you do! It’s a magical event, and that deserves an even MORE magical party!

So, let’s take it step by step…

Maybe your best friend is expecting a baby, or your daughter is due in a few months, whatever the reason you want to plan the best virtual baby shower party, and you need a little help…

That’s why you’re here! And, lucky for you, we have a whole list of games, and some tips on how to plan the day so everything goes smoothly. 💃


It can be daunting planning a party in times of the Coronavirus pandemic, and that’s completely understandable… 💻

But that doesn’t mean that the event has to suffer. Just because the pandemic has made it hard for us all to meet in groups, we can still throw some a special party for the expecting mother from a far!  

It just requires a little more creativity and inspiration! 💗

So, let’s start with HOW to plan a virtual baby shower…


How To Create Virtual Baby Shower Magic!

Planning a baby shower can be stressful…

And, planning it virtually might seem a bit overwhelming at first, so that’s why I’m going to talk you through it step-by-step…


First, pick a date and time.

In these pandemic times, most people are working from home, and their schedules are often packed with zoom meetings and calls. 📞

So, you need to do some emailing to find out what time and date works best for everyone.

You can even start a secret Facebook group (if you want it to be a surprise, make sure the expecting mother doesn’t know!) and start a poll…

Polls are a quick, and easy way for people to let you know if they are available at a certain time and date. And, it makes your life a whole lot easier! 😎


Second, to create something memorable, pick a unique them! 

The best way to pick a good theme is to find out what the mother-to-be likes, and plan something that she will love. 😍

For example, a rainbow theme, jungle theme, colour theme, or pastel theme…

You can pick anything you want! 🌈


Finally, make some beautiful invitations! 

Everyone loves to get a party invitation, and since it’s a virtual baby shower, you can get REALLY creative!

You can make your own GIF, send a video message, or design a beautiful e-invite on Canva (or any other online platform) …

The main thing is that it’s personal, and has all the main information for the event!

So, make sure to include any links for zoom meetings, dress code, and how to give presents…

Then it’s the good part, celebrating! 👼

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15 Wonderful to Play at Your Virtual Baby Shower!

Parties are so much fun. The food, the drink, the company…it’s a lovely time to spend with people you love, and create special memories to look back on. 👯‍♀️

But we’ve all experience those awkward moments when there’s no chatting, and you’ve already made the rounds to mingle with people…

It can be really awkward. So, that’s why it’s important to plan lots of activities and games for your guests! 

After all, you want this baby shower to be AMAZING! And, having virtual parties is quite new for most us, so it’s good to have some planned activities just in case those awkward moments arise… 🙄


Warm-Up Games


1) Baby Shower Charades 

This works perfectly for online parties, as everyone can take a turn at acting out a different baby-related word, or phrase. 

Plus, it can be hard to keep your attention on the screen when there’s lots of people, so it’s best to have some focused activities where only one person leads the game! 🎲


2) Guess the Baby Photo 

This is a super cute game and a great way to get to know people that you might not know. 

All you have to do is ask your guests for baby photos before the event, and display them one by one on the screen during the virtual party. 📸


3) Baby Bingo 

Baby bingo is a classic. You can even find free printable templates here


4) Guess the Nursery Rhyme

This is a lot of fun! Plus, your guests get to listen to some nostalgic tunes that remind them of their childhood… 🎵

Just make sure to throw in some random ones to throw them off!


5) Baby Animals 

This is a fun animal trivia game, where your guests have to match the adult animals with their baby counterparts. You can find plenty of photos online that you can use! 

And, who doesn’t love looking at baby animals? 🐹🐷🦝🐣


Games to Get Everyone Involved! 

6) Make a Baby

Make a baby is played often at baby showers, it’s when your guests create babies using play dough! 

To make it even more exciting, you can give prizes for the prettiest baby!


7) Personalised Bibs 

Babies get through A LOT of bibs. So, why not make a game out of it? 

All you need is some white bibs, and the rest is up to your guests! 🎨

They can draw, paint, or stick stickers on them…

And, the expecting mother will have something to remember the day by for years to come!


8) Who Knows Mummy Best?

This is a great game to test your guests on their knowledge of the mother-to-be! 🤰

And, the person with the most correct answers wins…


9) Predictions 

Predictions are such an amazing way to get everyone involved! You can guess what time, date, and sex the baby will be…

And, the mother-to-be can read over them after the party! 🌸


10) How Old Was She? 

Another fabulous game to test your guest’s knowledge of the expecting mother, and a great occasion to reveal some embarrassing baby photos of the mummy… 😏

You hold up a photo from different points in the mother’s life, and the guests have to guess what age she was!

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Sweet Games to Put a Smile on Mummy’s Face! 

11) Baby Blanket 

Have your guests make a blanket for the mother before the party, they can add quotes, drawing, embroidery…

Anything they want! 🧶


12) Letter From a Friend

This is a sweet way to write something personal for the mother on this special day. 

Each guest can write a love letter and send it to the mother, so even though the party is virtual, she can have some real to read in bed that night! 💕


13) Lullaby Book

Ask all your guests to send in their favourite lullabies and put them together in a book…

That way, the mother can have a whole list prepared to sing to her beautiful Newborn! 📔


14) Baby Wishes

This is also another sweet idea for virtual baby shower games…

Everyone writes done wishes for the baby, and when the baby grows up, they can read them! 🔮


15) Emoji Game

Now, to end on something FUN! So, how about an emoji game? 😃

This is an absolutely wonderful game to play at a virtual baby shower, and everyone will love it! You can find the template here…. Game Sheet      Answer Sheet


Now that we’ve covered the 15 virtual baby shower games that will sprinkle some magic into the party…

Let’s talk about presents! 

Here are some baby shower gifts you might want to gift the mother… 

They are all handmade, so you can make them extra special! 💌


🎀 Mummy Survival Kit (a little something for the mummy! You can put chocolate, candles, flowers…anything that she might like!)

🎀 Baby Bouquet (You can use blankets, socks, toys, and wrap it all together to make a little bouquet!)

🎀 Handmade Crib Mobile (This is an adorable gift! And, the baby can have their first toy handmade…how special is that?!)

🎀 Baby Shower Gift Basket (You can throw together some Newborn essentials, like diapers, dummies, or books…anything a baby might want!)

🎀 Baby Sling Pouch (This will be a life saver for the expecting mother, and it’s better than buying one from a store!)

These are just a few ideas for gifts you can give the mother, but of course, the best gift of all is having her close friends around her… 🤗

Even if that means having a virtual baby shower!


Let’s go over the checklist for the virtual baby shower planning…

Pick a Date and Time 

Pick a Theme

Send Invitations to Guests

Plan Baby Shower Games 

Organise Gifts for Mother-to-be

Have fun! 🥰

There’s even an online checklist that you can download here…  

Now, that’s everything! 🎉

Planning a virtual baby shower really isn’t too different from a normal baby shower…

It just means a little extra research, and communicating with the guests so everyone knows what’s happening.


The main thing is, the mother and her friends, and family have a lovely time. You’ll know you’ve thrown a great party if everyone leaves with a smile on their face! 

Happy Planning! 🤩


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