50 Animal Trivia Questions

When was the last time you played a game of trivia? Trivia is a perfect way to spend an evening with friends. You can have a great time playing while brushing up on some interesting facts. Animal trivia is even better. You’ll find out which of your friends knows the most about animals, you might learn a strange fact you never knew, and you’ll leave with more interest in the animal kingdom. These 50 animal trivia questions are perfect for family game night, a gathering of friends, or to pass time on a road trip.


How to Use This Quiz

These questions are perfect for use in a variety of settings. Be creative with them, and you’ll have a ton of fun.


Fun Family Game Night

Gather your family and spend the evening answering these trivia questions. Everyone from the toddler to grandma will have a great time. Keep score on a piece of paper, or just play for fun.


Animal-Themed Birthday Party

Having an animal-themed birthday party? These questions are perfect to use with your guests. Divide into teams or play as individuals. An animal-themed prize for the winner will add interest. You could give the winner a stuffed animal, a gift card to Rainforest Cafe, or a bag of animal crackers.


Ice Breaker Game

Trivia questions are a great ice breaker game for any crowd. Whether in the classroom, at a summer camp, or with co-workers, these animal trivia questions will help everyone get comfortable with each other.


It’s Time for Trivia!

Below are fifty animal questions ranging from fairly easy to killer hard. Play as individuals or split into teams. Let’s see who the real animal experts are.

Question: How do polar bears greet each other?

Answer: By touching noses


Question: What do you call a female peacock?

Answer: A peahen


Question: What American president kept raccoons in the White House?

Answer: Calvin Coolidge


Question: What do Toucans toss back and forth with their beaks as part of their mating ritual?

Answer: A piece of fruit


Question: What is the only species where the male gives birth?

Answer: Seahorses


Question: How many times per second can a honey bee flap its wings?

Answer: 200


Question: What is the only primate besides humans that can have blue eyes?

Answer: Blue-eyed black lemurs


Question: A “Pandemonium” is a group of what kind of animals?

Answer: Parrots

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Question: What is the largest species of bird?

Answer: The common ostrich


Question: What color is polar bear fur?

Answer: Polar bear hair is colorless.


Question: What animal has 300 teeth?

Answer: Leeches


Question: What do you call a group of crows?

Answer: A murder of crows


Question: What is the only type of animal that has the ability to live forever?

Answer: A type of jellyfish


Question: What two types of farm animals have accents?

Answer: Goats and cows


Question: What possession do otters keep their entire lives?

Answer: A pebble, which they use to open mollusks


Question: What is the only kind of animal (other than man) that is known to have rituals around death?

Answer: Elephants


Question: Where do butterflies have their taste buds?

Answer: In their feet


Question: How do sea otters keep from drifting apart while they sleep?

Answer: By holding each others paws


Question: What kind of sea creature can be broken in five pieces and still survive?

Answer: Starfish


Question: How many legs do shrimp have?

Answer: Ten

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Question: How do cats show they trust someone?

Answer: By headbutting


Question: What kind of animal can only eat upside down?

Answer: Flamingos


Question: How do prairie dogs greet each other?

Answer: By kissing


Question: What animal gives birth upside down, then catches the baby in their wings?

Answer: Bats


Question: How do honeybees tell each other where they found the best pollen?

Answer: By dancing


Question: What kind of animal uses a pebble to propose?

Answer: Penguins


Question: What body part on a dog can be used for identification (like a human fingerprint)?

Answer: Their nose


Question: How do seahorses stay with their mate while floating?

Answer: They hold each other’s tails


Question: How do male penguins carry eggs?

Answer: With their feet


Question: What animal is known by the nickname “sea cow?”

Answer: Manatees


Question: What do you call a female dragonfly?

Answer: A damselfly


Question: What type of farm animal has best friends?

Answer: Cows


Question: What is the national bird of the USA?

Answer: The bald eagle

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Question: What color are Giraffes’ tongues?

Answer: Dark Purple


Question: What does the color of mane signify on lions?

Answer: How old the lion is


Question: In what part of a shrimp’s body is his heart?

Answer: In the head


Question: How many noses do slugs have?

Answer: Four


Question: What is the only animal that can’t jump?

Answer: Elephants


Question: What animal has nine brains?

Answer: Octopus


Question: What is the only mammal that can fly?

Answer: Bats


Question: How do tigers show affection and contentment? 

Answer: By closing their eyes


Question: How long does it take a sloth to digest its food?

Answer: Two weeks


Question: What is the largest land mammal in North America?

Answer: Adult Bison


Question: About how many glasses of milk does a cow produce in its lifetime?

Answer: 200,000


Question: How many seconds was the longest recorded chicken flight?

Answer: Thirteen seconds


Question: What is the only kind of bird that can move backwards without help from the wing?

Answer: Hummingbirds


Question: What are the only two places where lions live in the wild?

Answer: Africa and India


Question: What type of big cat has the loudest roar?

Answer: Lions


Question: What color are flamingos when they are born?

Answer: White, then they turn grey.


Question: What animal can sleep for three years?

Answers: Snails


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