100 Very Best General Knowledge Trivia Questions

100 Very Best General Knowledge Trivia Questions

Is your brain filled with random facts? Whether you’re hanging out with friends or testing your own knowledge, these trivia questions are sure to test what you know.

We’ve put together a list that you can pull out at your next party. From history to pop culture, these general trivia questions will check your skills and teach you something new.

100 Best General Knowledge Trivia Questions

Which sports team was nominated for Grammy after releasing their hit song, ‘Super Bowl Shuffle’, in 1985?

The Chicago Bears

Which animal has a sixth sense called electromechanical sensory to help them see through murky waters?

The Platypus.

When stored correctly, what is the only food that doesn’t perish?

Known for their speed and memory, which bird has the largest brain relative to its size?

The Hummingbird

In addition to being “a girl’s best friend”, what is the hardest rock on earth?

The Diamond

Bordering three oceans, which country has the world’s longest coastline?


Anne Hathaway was the name of which famous English playwright?

William Shakespeare

Known for her songs “Respect” and “A Natural Woman?”, who was the first woman inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Arethra Franklin

With almost 50 locations worldwide, Wahlburgers is a casual dining chain owned by which celebrity brothers?
Paul, Donnie, and Mark Wahlberg

How many colors appear in a bag of skittles?


Retired New York Yankees uniform number 5 belonged to which player?

Joe DiMaggio

What is the only continent in the world to have no McDonald’s restaurants?


In 1952, genius Albert Einstein was offered the presidency of which country?


Raspberries are members of the same family as which sweet-smelling flower?

The rose

Known for his rebellious nature, “The Simpsons” character, Bart, was named as an anagram for which word?


Originating in France, which two-step dance style was inspired by the liveliness of Spanish bullfights?

The pasodoble

Home to Bert, Ernie, and Oscar the Grouch, what is the address to this famous brownstone apartment building?
123 Sesame Street

Known for his social critique of “Big Brother” governments, Eric Arthur Blair is better known by what pseudonym?

George Orwell

Known for his signature red bottoms, designer Christian Louboutin was inspired by which fashion-forward princess?

Princess Diana

Rumored to house information on extraterrestrials, over 2 million people signed up to storm which U.S. military facility?

Area 51

Which U.S. President is featured on the $2 bill?

Thomas Jefferson

Made from fermenting vegetables, kimchi originated in which country?


What type of turtle can’t retract into its shell for protection?

The sea turtle

The entertainment basketball team, The Harlem Globetrotters, was created in what U.S. city?

Chicago, Illinois

Due to the shape of their bones, what is the only mammal that can’t jump?
The elephant

Established to help maintain world peace, the United Nations consists of all of the world’s recognized countries except for which two?

Palestine and the Vatican

Although celebrations date back to the Middle Ages, which Tudor king declared Valentine’s Day as an official holiday?

Henry VIII

What was the first soft drink to be brought into outer space?


In Greek mythology, what is the name of the “nectar of the gods” believed to give immortality?


Which country features an American 19th-century sailing ship on its coat of arms?


Which continent is located in all four hemispheres?


What was the first toy to be advertised in a television commercial?

Mr. Potato Head

E.L. James hit series, “Fifty Shades of Grey”, was originally written as fan fiction of what vampire novel?


Grown across the world, how many species of apples are there?

Over 7,500

Named after Canada’s national plant, what is the name of Toronto’s championship ice hockey team?

The Toronto Maple Leafs

What percentage of the human body is water?


Considered to be a symbol of freedom, the Statue of Liberty monument was originally intended to serve what purpose?

To act as a lighthouse

Known for terrorizing the seas during the early 1700s, Edward Teach is the legal name of which English pirate?


Which Mexican actor has appeared in over 400 movies including “Machete” and “Runaway Train”?
Danny Trejo

Often associated with bad luck, what is a group of ravens called?


What is the only letter that doesn’t appear in the names of any U.S. state?


After being inspired by a self-help book, Tina Fey created what “fetch” movie about a high-school clique?

“Mean Girls”

Mary Wollstonecraft was known for her work advocating for women’s rights and for giving birth to which famous author?

Mary Shelley

What country popularized the “Tim Tam Slam” challenge?


Myths of elves originated in what culture’s folklore?


In which country was the first dinosaur bone discovered?


Halloween originated from the Samhain holiday, which celebrated the end of what?


Originally believed the be sweat from the sun or tears of gods, which precious metal is made from tree resin?


What is the loudest animal on Earth?

The sperm whale

Before the Heimlich Maneuver was invented in the 1970s, physicians recommend what technique to save people who were choking?

Opening the trachea with a surgical knife

In China, which color is associated with bad luck and death?


The Himalayan mountains are believed to be the home of which mythological creature?

The Yeti

The Batman has been played by how many actors?


Traveling up to 186 mph, the Japanese Shinkansen is what type of vehicle?

A bullet train

Named after a lovable cartoon character, what are the units used for measuring the speed of a computer mouse?


What is the least used letter in the English alphabet?

Historically, which profession used their blades to perform procedures like bloodletting and amputation?


Which country has the most coffee shops per capita?


With a population of fewer than 1,000 people, what is the smallest country in the world?

Vatican City

How many planets have rings?


Commonly used today in times of celebration, fireworks were originally used to ward off evil in which country?


To help them stay warm, what color is a polar bear’s skin?


Commonly handed out at Chinese restaurants, fortune cookies originated in which city?

San Fransisco, California

In order to protect endangered elephant populations, eBay prohibits the sale of what material?


According to legends, Olympus is believed to be the home of which greek figure?


Best known for creating the lovable Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney was afraid of which small animal?


To commemorate their separation from Spain, what day is Mexican Independence Day celebrated?

September 16th

Which popping plastic was originally created to be used as textured wallpaper?

Bubble wrap

Banker J.P. Morgan served as inspiration for the mascot of which family-friendly game?


Symbolizing the major continents in which their product was sold, how many stripes appear on Adidas shoes?


What is the name of a female donkey?


Which two countries share the longest international border?
Canada and the United States

In “The Wizard of Oz,” the Wicked Witch of the West seeks revenge after Dorthy causes the death of which character?

Her sister, the Wicked Witch of the East

In the Peanuts cartoons, what is the name of Snoopy’s bird friend?


Which bone are babies born without?


Nicknamed, “the ghost who walks,” what was the name of the first superhero ever created?

The Phantom

The “Bulls Big 3” consisted of Dennis Rodman, Scottie Pippen, and which gravity-defying basketball player?

Michael Jordan

Known for producing Toblerone and Lindt, which country eats the most chocolate per capita?


How many total gifts are given in the song, “The Twelve Days of Christmas”?


Known for characters like “Sweet Dee” and “The Waitress”, what is the name of the longest-running sitcom currently?

“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”

Known for their expert navigation, Scandinavian Vikings made great contributions to what type of modern technology?


What is the least common M&M color?


Which U.S. state comes last alphabetically?


How many wings does a bee have?


Many dinosaurs had what feature to keep them warm?


According to legend, which ocean is the lost city of Atlantis believed to be located in?

The Atlantic Ocean

In which country did the hot air balloon originate?


Which mountain features the highest point on Earth above sea level?

Mt. Everest

The U.S. Navy uses which animals to help them against threats?

Sea lions and dolphins

Which U.S. President began his career as a Hollywood actor?

Ronald Reagan

Russia has more surface area than which tiny planet?


Which insect can see in all directions all the time? 

What type of animal is the most popular pet in the world?


90% of the Earth’s population lives in which hemisphere?

The Northern Hemisphere

Which famous street artist destroyed his artwork during its auction?


Which s’mores ingredient used to be eaten among Egyptian pharaohs?


Which pop sensation is known for his sparkly glove and moonwalk dance?

Michaell Jordan

Which animal was the first to be turned into a monopoly game piece?

The Scottish Terrier

What are earthquakes that occur on the moon called?


How many wizarding houses are in Harry Potter?


Which English city was used as a Christian pilgrimage site?


What is the final year listed in the Mayan calendar?


What color is a hippo’s sweat?


Who was the first Disney princess?

Snow White

The Olympic logo has how many rings?


What is the most popular car color?


Silk was invented in which civilization?

Ancient China

What was the name of the first cloned animal? 

Dolly the sheep

What part of the body do snakes use to smell? 

What is the most populated city in the world?

Tokyo, Japan

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