55 Very Best Nickelodeon Trivia

55 Very Best Nickelodeon Trivia

Admit it- as a kid there was only one thing getting you out of bed early on a weekend morning… cartoons. Creeping downstairs and fixing up a bowl of the sugariest cereal you could find felt like the highlight of your week. Once the milk had been poured and the living room door closed there was only ever one channel you where putting on… Nickelodeon.

In its 40 years of broadcast history, Nickelodeon has aired over 611 shows over multiple channels; with long running classics like SpongeBob Square Pants to new, fan favourites like Paw Patrol, Nick has had a hand in shaping both the modern television landscape and our childhoods.

So whether you where blasting off alongside Jimmy Neutron or going live with Carly, Freddie and Sam, let’s put your Nick knowledge to the test. We’ve put together 55 of the best Nickelodeon trivia questions this side of Bikini Bottom, designed to tell us if you’re an everyday genius like Sandy or still living under a rock, like Patrick.

Nickelodeon Trivia Questions

What type of animal is Pearl Krabs?

A Whale

What was Freddie’s job in ‘iCarly’?

Technical Producer

What was the name of the school in ‘Victorious’?

Hollywood Arts High School

What was the name of SpongeBob’s pet snail?

Which show had pink and green haired fairies?

‘Fairly Odd Parents’

In which city does Timmy Turner live?


What where the names of Jimmy Neutrons friends?

Sheen (Estevez) and Carl (Weezer)

Who sings the ‘iCarly’ theme song?

Miranda Cosgrove

Where did Josh work in ‘Drake and Josh’?

A movie theatre

What are the three cats in ‘Catscratch’ called?
Gordon, Waffles and Mr. Bilk

What is SpongeBob’s job at the Krusty Krab?

Fry cook

Which show stars actor Jace Norman?

‘Henry Danger’

Who was the original host of ‘Blues Clues’?

Steve Burns

Who chose the colours of the Nickelodeon logo?

Tom Corey

Which instrument does Squidward play?

When was Nickelodeon’s first broadcast?

1 December 1977

Who starred in ‘All That’ before getting his own series?

Nick Cannon

Who voices SpongeBob Square Pants?

Tom Kenny

Who created ‘Danny Phantom’?

Butch Hartman

Which show’s theme song has the lyrics “Obtuse, rubber goose, green moose, guava juice”

Fairly Odd Parents

Which show stars Josh Peck, Drake Bell and Miranda Cosgrove?

Drake and Josh

Which is the longest running show on Nickelodeon?
SpongeBob Square Pants

Who played Cat in the show Victorious?

Arianna Grande

In the show ‘Big Time Rush’, who came up with the bands name?

Kendall Knight

Where does Plankton work?

The Chum Bucket

How old was Zoey in the first episode of ‘Zoey101’?


Which future SNL cast member got a start on the series ‘All That’?

Kenan Thompson

What does the colour orange in the Nickelodeon logo signify?
Youth, energy and joy

What is the longest-running game show produced by Nickelodeon?

Double Dare

Who founded Nickelodeon?

Vivian Horner

Who is the new co-host of Nickelodeon series ‘Group Chat’, alongside Jayden Bartels?

Brent Rivera

In ‘Avatar: the last Airbender’ which tribe do Sokka and Katara belong to?

The Southern Water Tribe

Which show starred Janette McCurdy and Arianna Grande?

Sam & Cat

What is the name of the school the children attend in House of Anubis?

The Amun Boarding School

In ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’, who voices Zuko?

Dante Basco

Which show follows the lives of Tommy, Chuckie, Angelica, Phil and Lil?


In ‘The Legend of Korra’, where does Korra go to learn airbending?

Republic City

In Ren and Stimpy, what type of dog is Ren?
A Chihuahua

Which animated show was the first to use children as voice actors on Nickelodeon?

‘Hey Arnold!’

What is the name of the game Babe and Kenzie create in ‘Game Shakers’?

Sky Whale

In what year was the first Kids’ Choice Awards ceremonies held


In ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’, who voices Fire Lord Ozai?

Mark Hamill

In ‘Hey Arnold!’ what is Arnold’s last name?


Who is Dora’s monkey companion in ‘Dora the Explorer’?


What is the name of Jimmy Neutrons dog?

Who plays Fred in ‘Fred: The Show’?

Lucas Cruikshank

Who created the 2013 series ‘The Thundermans’

Jed Spingarn

In ‘The Thundermans’ what has Dr. Colosso been transmogrified into?

A rabbit

In ‘Fairly Odd Parents’ what is the name of Timmy’s baby sitter?


In ‘Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide’ what is the school mascot?

A wolf

Zander plays which instrument in ‘How To Rock’?

In ‘Ned’s Declassified Survival Guide’, what was Simon Nelson-Cook’s nickname?


What magazine is Drake and Josh’s dad always reading?

 Fancy Cat

In iCarly, what was Spencer studying to become before dropping out to become an artist?

A lawyer

What are the brand of phones used in ‘iCarly’, ‘Sam and Cat’, ‘Victorious’ and ‘Henry Danger’?


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