208 Very Best Secret Santa Questions

208 Very Best Secret Santa Questions

It’s that time of year again, Christmas is on the horizon and the season of gifting is starting to rear its head. Your family or colleagues decide to play Secret Santa but alas you’ve to buy a gift for someone you don’t know very well, what do you do?

Don’t worry, we’ve got 208 Secret Santa questions that you could anonymously ask your lucky giftee so that you can buy them the perfect present. Whether you want to ask about food, music, or their hobbies we’ve got a question to cover all topics so you can get to know them just that little bit more. 

Best Secret Santa Questions

Do you eat breakfast in the morning?

What is your everyday breakfast go-to?

What’s the first drink you have in the morning?

Do you drink caffeine?

What do you like more, coffee or tea?

If you had a choice, hot or cold beverage?

What’s your favourite drink?

What is your favourite hot beverage?

What is your favourite cold beverage?

What’s your water of choice, sparkling or still?

Would you choose a Pepsi or Coke? 

Do you like ice in your drinks?

Do you prefer using a straw?

Do you cook?

What type of cuisine do you like the most?

If you had to choose between noodles or rice what would it be?

What is your favourite dish to cook?

On a night out do you order a beer or a cocktail?

You’re at the gelato shop, do you chose an ice cream or sorbet?

What is your favourite ice cream flavour?

Which would you chose, pizza or pasta?

What are your top three pizza toppings?

Do you prefer a baguette or slice pan?

Is your favourite bread wholemeal bread or white bread?

Are you a starter or dessert person?

What is your favourite dessert?

Do you prefer cheesecake or apple tart?

If you had to choose would it be poppadom’s or naan?

Are you someone who prefers sweet or savoury?

What’s your choice, chocolate or crisps?

If you could only eat one food item for the rest of your life what would it be?

Do you use an electric toothbrush or regular toothbrush?

Would you rather eat Chinese food or Italian food for the rest of your life?

Do you play any musical instruments?

If you don’t what is your dream instrument to play?

Can you sing?

Do you prefer Hip Hop or Jazz?

Would you be more likely to listen to classical music or rock? 

Who is your favourite musician?

Pick your favourite, 90’s music or 2000’s?

Do you prefer Bollywood or Hollywood?

If you had to choose one, would you listen to electronic music or acoustic music?

What was or would you like your wedding song to be?

Pick your favourite, audiobook or physical book?

What do you listen to more, music or podcasts?

Do you prefer to watch a movie or read a book? 

Who’s your favourite author?

What is your favourite movie genre?

If you were an actor in a film what would your favourite role to play be?

What is your favourite book genre?

Do you have a favourite director?

Do you have a favourite fictional character?

Are you a Gryffindor or Slytherin? 

Pick your side, Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter?

If you could write a book what would it be about?

Who’s autobiography would you like to read the most?

What sport do you like to play?

Name three things on your bucket list. 

What do you like to do in your free time?

Are you a runner or swimmer?

Are you a biker or hiker?

Do you like to exercise indoors or outdoors?

What would you prefer to watch, Olympics or the World Cup?

What team do you support?

What sport is your favourite to follow?

Are you a mountains or beach person?

Can you swim?

Who is your favourite athlete?

Have you ever watched a game live in a stadium?

What’s your favourite adrenaline sport?

Do you like rollercoasters?

Would you ever parachute out of a plane?

Would ever bungee jump?

Do you have any pets?

Are you a cat or dog person?

What is your favourite season?

Do you have a party trick?

What is your earliest memory?

Do you have many brothers and sisters?

If you could be a supernatural character what type of creature would it be?

If you could have one super power what would it be?

Would you chose an invisibility cloak or reading peoples thoughts?

Do you like homemade gifts?

Are you someone who likes gadgets?

Do you like humorous gifts?

Do you keep the items in a Christmas cracker?

Do you like jigsaws?

What is the one thing you already have enough of but want more?

What was the last thing you made from scratch?

What is the next thing you are planning to buy for yourself?

Do you travel?

Do you have a favourite place to go on holiday?

Do you prefer to stay in an Air B&B or hotel?

When on vacation do you order room service or dine out?

Approximately how many countries have you travelled to?

Do you prefer to travel alone or with others?

Do you film and photograph your holidays or prefer to keep the memories in your mind?

Do you go on a holiday with an itinerary or go with the flow?

If you could live anywhere tomorrow where would it be?

Do you prefer travel by plane or by sea?

When was the last time you went on family vacation?

If you could go on a trip with your loved ones where would it be?

Do you like camping?

Are you afraid of the dark?

Do you prefer a smile or eyes?

Are you an introvert or extrovert?

Do you fall in love at first sight or are you a slow burn?

Have you learned anything new recently?

Do you know any other languages?

Do you have any bad habits?

What is your favourite material item?

Describe your perfect day.

What is your favourite body part of yourself?

When you are sad what is your go-to pick me up?

If you had one wish from a genie what would it be?

What can you not live without?

What is your star sign?

Are you an early riser or night owl?

Do you prefer cold weather or hot weather?

What is on your Santa list this year?

What was your favourite subject at school?

Do you prefer a shower or a bath?

What’s your favourite soap or shower gel flavour?

Do you like to use hair products?

What’s your favourite hair product to use? 

Do you wear makeup?

What’s your favourite shade of lipstick?

Do you wear nail polish?

What’s your favourite nail polish colour?

Do you wear perfume?

Do you prefer sweet or woody smelling perfume?

Do you prefer your hair straight or curly?

Do you prefer wearing heels or flats?

How would you describe your personal style?

What’s your favourite store to shop in?

Do you like food shopping in the supermarket or think it’s a chore? 

What is your guilty pleasure item to put in your trolley?

Do you like cleaning?

What is your favourite house chore?

What is your least favourite house chore?

What are your favourite flowers?

Do you like gardening?

What is your favourite thing to plant or grow?

Do you like houseplants?

What is your favourite vegetable?

What is your favourite fruit?

What’s your most controversial opinion?

When out for dinner do you like to tip or no? 

Are you a saver or spender?

Are you scared of flying in aeroplanes?

What is your favourite thing to do on public transport to pass the time?

Did you have an imaginary best friend during childhood?

What’s your favourite thing to do on a rainy day?

What do you think is the most attractive part of your personality?

What about your personality do you think irritates others the most?

Have you ever had a turning point in your life?

Is there anything you would like to change about yourself?

What is your favourite thing to do with your friends?

What does your ideal first date look like?

What characteristic do you find most endearing in others?

What is your favourite thing about your daily routine?

If you had the chance to have a different job from the one you have now what would it be?

If you could learn more about something what would it be?

What do you do when you are bored?

If you could host a TV show what type of show would it be?

Ae you someone who follows the news and current affairs?

What is your favourite motivational quote?

Do you have any life mottos?

Are you someone who gets fear of missing out?

Are you someone who needs their sleep?

What is your favourite hobby?

Which childhood show would you watch all over again?

Are you creative?

Do you prefer to go out or stay in?

Does your ideal evening include a movie theatre or going to the bar?

Would you prefer opera or ballet?

When out would you be more likely found on the dance floor or sitting at the bar?

Do you prefer small talk or deep conversations?

Are you often the first person to talk or do you let the other start first?

What celebrity would you like to meet the most?

What celebrity would you like to meet the least?

Do you have a celebrity crush?

Do you like your birthday?

Would you prefer a quiet celebration or a big party?

Do you like birthday cake?

What was the best birthday present you’ve ever received?

What is the worst birthday present you’ve ever received?

What is the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery?

What is your favourite charity to donate to?

What is your favourite Christmas movie?

Are you an iPhone or Android person?

Do you use Apple or Microsoft?

Do you prefer video on or video off on during work calls?

For watching shows on the go do you use your laptop or iPad?

What is your favourite streaming platform?

Do you prefer Disney or Pixar? 

What is your favourite app on your phone?

Do you shuffle your playlists or let them play in a row?

Do you skip a new song when you don’t like it or let it play out?

Do you quit a reading a book you don’t like or power through?

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