The 100 Very Best Pumpkin Puns And Pumpkin Jokes  

The 100 Very Best Pumpkin Puns And Pumpkin Jokes  

Add some spice to your life with these jokes that will make you Fall off your chair.

The humble pumpkin punches above its weight – managing to play a starring role in not one but two of the USA’s biggest festivals – Thanksgiving and Halloween.

Perhaps you prefer it in a pie, roasted, in a soup, on a salad, or in your bread, or maybe you think that a pumpkin’s true purpose is to be carved out and turned into a Jack O Lantern. Either way, you must admit that this is one squash that punches above its weight.

As you prepare to get into the Halloween spirit, here is a list of the best pumpkin jokes and pumpkin puns to help you on your way.

Not only are they delicious and decorative, but they’re also a great source of hilarity. Who knew?

30 Of The Finest Pumpkin Puns

pumpkin puns

Give them pumpkin to talk about

Pumpkin up the volume!

Pumpkin spice up your life

The best thing to put in a pumpkin pie is your teeth

Pie love you, cutey pie

Beauty is in the pie of the beholder

Pie one, get one free

A latte fuss over nothing

Carve out a niche

Ahead of the carve

I want to suc-seed

Gourd luck

My star sign is Spisces

Give it a roast

Pumpkins are an Autumn romance

Squashed it!

An act of gourd

Don’t chai this at home

Take this pumpkin or leaf it

I love pumpkins so much I can feel it in my vines

Pumpkin is soup-er

Puree and simple

Better latte than never


I spy with my little pie

Right bake at ya

Let’s lay this pumpkin to roast

You’re under a-roast

The bigger the pumpkin is, the harder it will Fall

Pumpkins are Fall of themselves

The Perfect Pumpkin Jokes:

pumpkin jokes

What was the pumpkin doing at the gym?
Pumpkin iron

What do pumpkins call their family?
Their pump-kin

Who rules over the other pumpkins 
The Pump King

Which is the scariest Halloween pumpkin?
Donald J Trumpkin

What do you call the master of pumpkin jokes?
The pun-king

What do you call people who sail the globe and steal pumpkins?
Pumpkin pie-rates

What do you call a pumpkin with sunglasses, a fur coat and a gold chain?
A pimp-kin

Who first discovered that hollowed out pumpkins can be used for light?
Jack O’ Lantern

Where is the best place to put your pumpkin?
On a veggie-table

Why don’t you eat pumpkin leaves?
It leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

What did the pumpkin say when he was picked?
At least my whole life wasn’t in vine.

How do you carve a pumpkin?
You just pro-seed

What do you get if you smash a pumpkin?
Pumpkin squash

What was the pumpkin doing at the gym?
Pumpkin iron

What pumpkins order at Starbucks?
Human-spice latte

How do you deal with a pumpkin addiction?
Put on a pumpkin patch

What did the one ripening pumpkin say to the other ripening pumpkin?
Orange you glad it’s Fall?

What do pumpkins do in Fall?
Fall off the vine.

What do pumpkins say before they get baked?

What do pumpkins wear on their feet?

How do pumpkins great each other?
With a fist pump-kin

Who do pumpkins leave their possessions to?
Their next of pump-kin

Who helps pumpkins cross the road?
The crossing gourd

What’s a pumpkin’s favourite film?
Pulp Fiction

Why didn’t the Jack O’ Lantern do well at school?
He was empty headed

Why was Cinderella bad at football?
Her coach was a pumpkin.

Why are pumpkins great to make pie with?
They’re filling

What is black, white and orange?
A penguin carrying a pumpking

Why did the pumpkin go from orange to red?
He saw the salad dressing

Why did the pumpkin cross the road?
It fell off the wagon

What did the pumpkin say to the guy carving him?
Cut it out!

Hilarious Halloween Pumpkin Jokes

What decorations did Michael Jackson put up on Halloween?
Wacko Jacko Lanterns

What do pumpkins call the time of year when they get hollowed out and turned into decorations?

What do you call a country bumpkin on Halloween?
A country pumpkin

What did the one pumpkin say to the other pumpkin on Halloween?
Hello ween!

Who finds Halloween the scariest?

What do you need to carve out pumpkins on Halloween?
A haunting license

Why was the Jack O Lantern sad?
He was empty inside

What do one-eyed Jack O Lanterns wear?
A pumpkin patch

What did the one pumpkin say to the other pumpkin?
I have to spill my guts, I love Halloween

How do you fix a broken Jack O Lantern
With a pumpkin patch

Top 10 Pumpkin Hits (Songs)

  1. Smashing Pumpkins – Greatest Hits
  2. Rolling Veg – Pumpkin Jack Flash
  3. Pumpkin Spice Up Your Life – The Pumpkin Spice Girls
  4. Remember when it Rained Pumpkins – Squash Groban
  5. The Beach Gourds – Gourd Vibrations
  6. Veggotronic – Pumpkin up the Jam
  7. Michael Jack O’ Lantern – Thriller
  8. Right Seed Fred – I’m Too Sexy for Halloween
  9. WAP (We Ate Pumpkins) – Gourdi B
  10. Black Eyed Peas – Pumpkin (Louder)

Top 10 Pumpkin Films

  1. Pumpkin up the Volume
  2. Forest Gumpkin
  3. Halloween
  4. Star Gourds
  5. Good Will Pumpkin
  6. Pumpkin’s Gotta Give
  7. S(p)eed
  8. How the Grinch Stole Halloween
  9. Miami Spice
  10. The Lion Pump-king

Top 10 Pumpkin TV Shows

  1. Pump-kin of Queens
  2. Carve Your Enthusiasm
  3. The Tiger Pumpkin
  4. Orange is the New Black
  5. American Gourds
  6. Better Call Fall
  7. The Fall
  8. House of Gourds
  9. Rick and Gourdy

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