The 50 Very Best Thanksgiving Puns

The 50 Very Best Thanksgiving Puns

These Thanksgiving puns are sure to have everyone Gobbling around the dinner table this November.

As we get together to be with family, eat way too much food, and watch football, let us not forget one of our greatest blessings; the ability to laugh at ourselves. Whip these 50 puns out throughout Thanksgiving dinner and you will certainly be the belle of the (butter) ball!

50 Funny & the Best Thanksgiving Puns 2024

1) A brine is a terrible thing to baste

2) This is so good I cran-berrily believe it!

3) I yam what I yam

4) You aint seen stuffing yet!

5) You’d butter believe it!

6) Crumb on and jam!

7) It’s beauty and the feast

8) 50 shades of gravy

9) you’re on a real casse-role

10) You can’t just quit Thanksgiving cold turkey!

11) There’s a fowl on the play!

12) Yes we pe-can!

13) Let’s bet basted!

14) Dear gourd, I’m stuffed.

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16) You’re the apple of my pie

17) I’ve been pumpkin iron at my gym

18) You’re the apple of my pie

19) Baby I’m a maize

20) Let the gourd times roll

21) They lived appley ever after

22) Don’t be corny

23) Sorry, I’m occu-pied

24) If you don’t like Merlot I don’t want to hear any Wine-ing!

25) Wine not have another glass?

26) Time to activate feast mode

27) I cran and I will!

28) Well now I’m thank-FULL

29) Frankly my dear, I dont thanks-give a yam

31) Roast assured, this Turkey is going to be good.

32) Thanksgiving was a bit of a clusterpluck

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33) Oh Turkey, I’m fowling for you

34) When it comes to potatoes, I’m a bit of a mash-ter

35) Taters gonna Tate

36) When it comes to pie, I’m quite crustworthy

37) Feast your pies on this!

38) This dinner really struck a gourd with me

39) Tonight I’m working the gravy-yard shift

40) You’re my baste friend

41) I think I’m about to fowl asleep!

42) Oops I just walked in on the salad dressing!

43) Halloween has passed yet I still see so many Gobble-ins!

44) I how this Turkey doesn’t return as a poultry-geist

45) Cleaning up after dinner sure is a crumby job!

46) (In an Austin Powers accent) Gravy baby, yeah!

47) I hear Turkeys drink their wine in Gobble-its!

49) Go ahead, bake my day.

50) You feeling plucky, punk?

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