The 64 Very Best Ice Cream Puns

The 64 Very Best Ice Cream Puns

You can’t go wrong with ice cream. It cools you down on a hot summer’s day and makes a tasty treat. It’s nut-ural to need some inspiration when finding puns for your birthday card, to put on a mug, or just to send to a friend. If you want the chill-ange of having a good laugh, choc-out these 64 ice cream puns.


Sweet Ice cream Puns

You’re my one and cone-ly.

You’re waffle-y cute.

Hey ice cream, wanna spoon?

You make me melt.

You are the sweetest friend.

Ice cream because you are driving me crazy!

I love you un-cone-ditionally.

You’re the cream of the crop.

 I don’t de-serve you.

I lose cone-trol when I’m around you.

Hey, sweet thang!

Ice to meet you.

I love you a waffle lot.

Netflix and chill?

I’m nuts about you.

You and I were mint to be.

 I’ll never dessert you.


Popsicle Culture Puns

Reese eats her ice cream Witherspoon.

‘You’ve been hit by- a smooth cream-inal.’ -Michael Jackson, Smooth Criminal.

‘Some people are worth melting for.’ – Disney, Frozen.

‘Just another manic sundae’ – The Bangles.

‘I can see your halo!’ – Beyonce, “Halo”

‘I’ll stop the world and melt with you.’ – Modern English, I Melt With You.

‘How cold? Ice cold!’ – Outkast, Hey Ya!

‘Watch me whip.’ – Silentó, Watch Me.

Halo from the other side – Adele, Hello.

Jon Snowcone is my favorite Game of Cones character.


Fa-vanilla Sayings Puns

— Ice Cream Puns

Did you hear the scoop?

Anything is popsicle.


My parents don’t cone-done that behavior.

I’m my cone worst enemy.

You cone do it!

My teacher won’t play flavorites when it comes to ice cream.

I’m livin’ the cream.

You’re part of my cream team


Play-On-Serves Puns

I sherbet love ice-cream.

Ice cream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Today’s forecast is sunny with a chance of sprinkles.

I wrote my dessert-ation on ice cream puns.

Mint ice cream is great at poker because it has so many chips.

A deer’s favorite ice cream flavor is cookie doe.

A Dracula flavor ice cream is vein-illa.

My electrician loves the flavor ice-cream shock-o-late.

The ice screamed because the banana split.

A balanced diet is an ice cream in each hand.

Get here as soon as popsicle.

Feeling down? Eat some ice cream to rum raisin your spirits.

Let’s go! The dessert parade is starting, and I don’t want to miss the ice cream float.

I’ve already had one ice cream today, so this is my secondairy.

The ice cream truck veered off course when it drove along a rocky road.

I know a lot about ice cream. I spent years in sundae school.

I can’t believe how much I paid for this ice cream. The guy selling it is a real cone artist.

I think vanilla flavor is better than chocolate. Am I right or am I meringue?

 I’m such a softie for ice cream.

Ice creams are terrible at tennis. They have a soft serve.

Popsicles have a right stick up their back.

I saw two ice cream vans crash. Luckily, no-one suffered whippy lash.


Cherry Good Brand Puns

Snap, crackle, pop-sicle.

 Stop Häagen-da’ ice cream!

No need to have Breyer’s remorse after buying ice cream.

Ben and Jerry are partners in cream.

 A pig’s favorite ice cream brand is Hoggin Daz.

I married a prince which makes me a Dairy Queen.

Emma Carey

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