The 55 Very Best Donut Puns

The 55 Very Best Donut Puns

Donut underestimate how hilariously fun a donut pun can be!

They are the icing on the cake of the delicious experience. All right, I’ll save the rest of the puns for our list but there’s no denying that one of the world’s most iconic and hilarious foods. From the cop stereotype to the mysterious hole in the middle, it is hard to deny our love of donuts. And what would be a better way to celebrate them than with a list of puns made for everyone? Feel free to reuse any of these for your pun-loving needs!

Donut Puns

What’s a squirrel’s favourite dessert? A donut!

I was telling the donut my troubles. They said donut give up.

My mom gave me a hard time eating too many doughnuts. I simply replied donut judge me!

What’s a cop’s favourite song? Donut stop believing!

What’s a donut’s favourite movie quote? Dough or Donut, there is no try!

Our donuts burned in the oven. Our work was all for donaught.

I told my therapist I was worried about my donut allergies. She said, “Donut worry. Be happy.”

What did the donut couple sing at karaoke? Donut go breaking my heart. 

The donut hated puns. They donut like to joke around.

The donut and I aren’t friends anymore. They donut talk to me.

Sprinkle Puns

I thought it was raining donuts. I was wrong. It’s only sprinkling.

What is spiderman called when he eats a donut? Sprinkleman.

What is a sprinkles favourite song? Sprinkle Ladies.

I’m a donut pop star. My newest sprinkle comes out soon.

The doughnut got full custody of their child. Now, they are a sprinkle parent.

What’s a donut’s favourite movie? The Adventures of Rocky and Bullsprinkle.

What’s a donut’s favourite book? A Sprinkle in Time.

The donut was starting to look old. Its face was covered in sprinkles.

Glaze Puns

I made my husband some donuts. He thought I was a-glaze-ing.

My teacher asked if I was studying for our test on donuts. I told her I was just glazing off.

My friend was telling me the most boring story about doughnuts. I swear my eyes glazed over.

My donut has gotten stale. It’s for sure seen better glaze.

The donuts were singing carols all night. Their favourite was the twelve glaze of Christmas.

My pottery piece looked just like a donut. I think it was the glaze.

The doughnut went on vacation. They were excited to soak up some glaze.

I saw I donut I thought was dead walking around yesterday. They must have glazed from the dead!

Jelly Puns

I thought the donut was over her envy but really she was still filled with jellyousy.

What does a donut do on a Saturday night? They stay home and watch jellyvision.

It was the donut’s birthday last night. We all sang for he’s a jelly good fellow.

The jelly donut was very full after dinner. They were jam-packed.

The jelly donut posted a selfie. She was just filling cute.

The jelly donut was late for our meeting. He said he was in a traffic jam.

Why did the donut go to the dentist? To get a filling!

How does Bob Marley like his donuts? With Jammin’.

Dough Puns

I bake for a living. You could say I make a lot of dough.

What do donuts wear? Tuxedoughs!

My daughter loves doughnuts. It’s a-dough-rable.

I told my wife about my obsession with donuts. She thought I was a weirdough.

The donut was having a hard time making a decision. I told them to dough out on a limb.

The donut wanted to learn to sing. They started with dough re mi.

What’s a donut’s favourite Disney song? Let it dough!

The donut thought I was lying. I was for real dough!

The donut is poisoned! We have to get the anti-dough-t!

Donut Hole Puns

My mom said I would never win the donut-eating competition. I simply told her donut hole me back!

Donuts are really good at golf. They always get a hole-in-one.

I got into an argument with a donut. We got tired of the hole thing.

The donut’s hands were full. They asked me to hole this for them.

What does a donut play at the carnival? Wack-a-hole.

The donut decided to go to a therapist. They said there was a hole where their heart should be.

Why do donuts make good priests? They are already hole-y.

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