50 Very Best First Date Ideas

50 Very Best First Date Ideas

The first date can have a lot of pressure.

You may not know the person well or even be meeting them for the first time. First dates are trial runs for how a relationship with someone might turn out. With all this pressure in mind, it can be hard to have a good time yourself. What do you even do on a first date? Of course, the classic dinner date may be an option but this can often lead to awkward silences and embarrassing moments.

First, let us consider the main objectives of a first date. You probably met this person through the internet or a friendly group setting and you want to spend one on one time getting to know them personally. Thus, a first date will provide ample opportunities to talk to the person and see how they react in certain situations.

The perfect first date will have these opportunities along with a way to leave easily in case the date goes awry. The other classic first date of seeing a movie is not ideal. You can easily leave without disturbing others around you and it makes it difficult to talk or get to know the other person as you are not supposed to be loud in a movie theatre.

This is a list here to help you. With these fifty-first date ideas, you’ll have more than enough options to find the perfect first date to see if that new special someone is right for you.

Romantic Dates

Have a Picnic

What’s more romantic than good food and getting to know each other? Having a picnic brings a different kind of intimacy than going to a restaurant would. You could even have one later in the evening by candlelight watching the sunset and looking at the stars!

Cook Together

Just you, your potential partner, and the kitchen. Pick a recipe ahead of time that you both love. The act or struggle of making it together will help create an intimate bond between the two of you. Plus there are ample opportunities for fun and flirty moments.


For some, it can be so attractive to see the one you are interested in taking good care of a child. If you have a relative or friend who also needs a date night, offer to watch the kids instead! Seeing how someone is with children can tell you a lot about someone’s personality altogether.

Take a Dance Class

Everyone knows dancing is one of the most romantic activities. It gives both of you an excuse to get physically close to each other and be more intimate. Even if you’ve, both never danced before, learning something together can be a great bonding experience.

Read Each Other’s Favourite Books

This can work in multiple ways but first, tell each other what book you want the other to read. Then as both of you are reading, write notes on the pages or sticky notes. Then meet up and exchange the books with each other and discuss how you felt about the book!

Paint Portraits of Each Other

If you want a relatively cheap date, this is a good option. When painting each other, you’ll have the opportunity to stare at each other for long periods, which will help build a connection between the two of you.

Take an Evening Walk

Whether it’s in a downtown area or the shores of the ocean, an evening walk can be a great way to spark romance between two people. Be sure to look up at the sky to see if you can star gaze as well.

Go to the Fair

Going to a carnival or fair is a date that just never gets old. From games to win prizes for your person of interest or the view from a Ferris wheel, there are many opportunities for romantic moments.

Artsy Date Ideas

Follow a Bob Ross Tutorial

Several of the famous painter’s tv show episodes are uploaded to youtube. Even if you aren’t an artist, just attempting them is a sure way to have a run first date.

Go to an Immersive Projection Show

This might all depend on if one is in your city but many of these unique projection shows have been making moves across the world. Each one is themed after a specific artist. They use projectors to make an aesthetic experience using animation and art.

Take a Pottery Class

Taking an art class of any kind can be a great way to get to know someone, but there’s something about pottery that brings people together.

Go to an Art Gallery or Museum

This date can be very fun for someone interested in art and history. You can also have deep conversations or laugh at some of the works.

Attend a Poetry Reading

These are often held at small cafes or local bookshops. Just make sure you know how to snap before attending.

Go See a Live Play

Often, every town has a community theatre where live plays and musicals are put on regularly. As the setting is more intimate, it makes a great first-date idea.

Craft Together

Go on Pinterest or somewhere else on the internet and find a fun craft to do together. You can easily get most supplies at the dollar store to make it cheaper.

Write a Song Together

If both of you are musicians, this is a perfect way to get to know each other better. Creating something will strengthen the bond between the two of you, and you even get a beautiful way to remember your time!

Outdoor Dates

Go on a Hike

There’s nothing more beautiful than nature except maybe the person who you take with you on this date!

Go on a Boat Ride

There are many places you can rent paddle boats to journey across bodies of water or you could take a river cruise if you want the more romantic option.

Take Them to a Theme Park

Going on thrilling rides is scientifically proven to create a bond with your partner. Plus, waiting in lines gives you a chance to get to know each other.

Go to a Public Garden

Seeing the beautiful flowers and being with the person you find even more beautiful is the perfect balance of sights and chats.

Go Star Gazing

Pick a wide-open isolated spot away from the pollution of the city and park your car to look up at the stars. Bringing lots of blankets and pillows is a must!

Take Them to the Zoo

Children aren’t the only ones who enjoy seeing cool animals. Seeing these kinds of spectacles can make beautiful memories for both of you.

Run Together

This is the perfect way to bond if both of you are athletes. It’s low-pressure and a way to see who a person is.

Go Ice Skating

If it gets cold where you live, this can be a great opportunity to make some memories. Even if you don’t know how to skate, it’s a sure way to have some fun.

Dates at Home

Watch a Movie or a TV Show

I know I warned against going out to the movies in my introduction, but it’s different to do this at home as you can talk as much as you like and have a cozy environment.

Build a Lego Set

Lego isn’t just for kids. They make sets catered to an adult audience. Working together on a project brings two people closer together.

Decorate Cupcakes

This can also work with cookies or any other kind of dessert. You could even make it a competition and post it on social media to decide who wins.

Have a Home Spa Night

Relax while becoming more relaxed around each other with face masks, nail polish, and even shoulder massages.

Follow a Workout Video

Challenge each other to complete a cardio routine like Zumba or HIIT. Couples who sweat together stay together!

Play Video Games

Playing games in coop mode can be a great way to test your compatibility. One I recommend is It Takes Two!

Do a Puzzle Together

This idea allows both of you to put your minds together to create a beautiful picture. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Play a Card Game Together

You can play Uno or regular card games like Rummy to show your competitive sides. I also recommend picking up a game called We’re Not Really Strangers that lets you both ask each other deep questions.

Adventurous Dates

Go Rock Climbing

Work together to reach new heights on this exciting first-date idea! Just be prepared to be sore after as it is quite the workout.

Play Truth or Dare

You may think this game is just for teens, but it can be a great way to get to know your potential partner. Do it in public to add to the risk!

Take Them Go Karting

This is a great way to get a thrill while still interacting with each other by trying to race each other to the finish.

Go Zip Lining

This exhilarating experience will zip you across fantastic views and grow your bond with each other.

Play Laser Tag

This date is a great way to collaborate and bring out your competitive side and get in some good laughs.

Get Lost

Who needs the GPS? Get in your car and flip a coin. Heads you turn right. Tails you turn left. Repeat until you reach somewhere interesting.

Do a Scavenger Hunt

These can often be organized by different groups but you could also make one yourself! Geocaching is another way to experience the thrill of the search!

Explore an Abandoned Site

Find somewhere that’s safe of course but sneaking into an abandoned or haunted place can make the adrenaline pound and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Long Distance Dates

Write Each Other Letters

Write each other letters and send them with fun things like tea bags, paper crafts, poems and more. Once you get both, open them together on facetime!

Order Food for Each Other

Get one of those apps like DoorDash or GrubHub and send your date a mystery meal. Then both discover what kind of food you got and eat it together on Facetime.

Play Online Games Together

There are plenty of options when it comes to online multiplayer games. Some I recommend are among us and codenames.

Take Online Quizzes Together

Seeing the result of someone’s personality test can tell you a lot about a person. Take one on what each other’s love language is or visit Buzzfeed to find a variety of hilarious options.

Listen to a Ted Talk

Go on YouTube and find a Ted Talk that interests both of you. After watching the video, call each other and say what you thought of it.

Watch an Online Concert

In the recent pandemic, many artists hosted online concerts for their fans. Tuning into one together virtually can give the same experience without having to shout to be heard.

Play Would You Rather

What a fun way to get to know each other! Plenty of websites have lists of questions if you get stuck.

Take a Virtual Tour of an Aquarium or Museum

Thanks to the pandemic, a lot of museums, zoos and aquariums have made ways you can visit their exhibits virtually. Zoos and Aquariums often have live streams of the animals that both of you can watch together.

Listen to Music Together

Spotify has this new feature called Group Listen which allows people to listen to music together at the same time on two different devices! This is the perfect opportunity to make a playlist together and then jam out!

Look at Old Pictures

Walk down memory lane together and make a shared album of photos new and old! Baby pictures are strongly encouraged.

Rebekah Young