The Very Best 150 Never Have I Ever Questions for Kids

The Very Best 150 Never Have I Ever Questions for Kids

Never Have I Ever is a fun game for people of all ages. The concept is simple, so it is easy to learn and fun to play. All players will hold up ten fingers and one player will be the one to start with the first “Never have I ever….” Statement.

Anybody who as actually done what has been mentioned in the statement has to put a finger down. If a player ends up with all fingers down, he is eliminated from the game. The last player to have fingers up is declared the winner.

Ready to play? Here are some great questions for kids!

Never Have I Ever………

Had a filling in a tooth.

Broken a bone.

Laughed so hard I peed my pants.

Taken a selfie with a dog.

Ridden bareback on a horse.

Taken a ride in the box of a pickup truck.

Travelled out of the country.

Walked through a cemetery at night.

Returned home past curfew.

Snuck out of the house after curfew.

Been to a monster truck show.

Been to a concert.

Made a TikTok.

Played truth or dare.

Broken the screen on a phone or tablet.

Cut my own hair.

Said a swear word in front of my parents.

Said a swear word in front of a teacher.

Fallen off a chair.

Taken a bite of a spicy pepper.

Told a friend’s secret.

Sent my meal back at a restaurant.

Dressed as a clown for Halloween.

Stayed awake all night.

Had an elephant ride at a circus.

Been late for school.

Written a poem.

Failed a test.

Been on a sports team.

Belonged to a secret club.

Listened in on somebody else’s phone call.

Lived somewhere else.

Made up my own dance to a song.

Lied about my homework.

Stuck my tongue to something metal and had it stuck there.

Been to an outdoor concert.

Lost a bet with a friend.

Made a prank phone call.

Worn clothes my parents said I was not allowed to wear.

Watched a Restricted movie.

Stolen any money from my mom or dad.

Followed anyone on Instagram.

Had a Twitter account.

Used a Ouija board.

Walked in my sleep.

Had a nightmare.

Been swimming with dolphins.

Had a professional manicure.

Run a marathon.

Collected recycling to make money.

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Had a paper route.

Been stung by a bee.

Stuck something up my nose.

Been to Disneyland or Disneyworld.

Had a TV in my bedroom.

Been so mad at a video game that I’ve thrown controllers.

Eaten chips for breakfast.

Gotten lost in a store when I young.

Climbed a mountain.

Been downhill skiing or snowboarding.

Eaten so much junk food I’ve been sick.

Lied to my parents about where I was going.

Attended a professional sporting event.

Made cookies or a cake by myself.

Written a book report without reading the book.

Been so mad I’ve hit the wall or a door.

Had a Facebook account.

Opened my own bank account.

Been on a rollercoaster.

Had a part-time job.

Been in a car accident.

Spent the night in a hospital.

Had my tonsils out.

Worn brand name clothes.

Lost expensive sunglasses.

Read a Stephen King book.

Read the Twilight series.

Read Harry Potter books.

Lost a game and threw the pieces around because I was mad.

Climbed onto the roof of a building.

Made slime.

Watched Barney cartoons.

Watched Caillou.

Had a pet snake.

Had a pet gerbil or hamster.

Been swimming in the ocean.

Taken swimming lessons.

Eaten escargot.

Eaten squid.

Gone to a school dance.

Learned another language.

Danced in the rain.

Ran through puddles.

Had stitches.

Chewed my toenails.

Chewed my fingernails.

Changed a lightbulb.

Helped paint walls in a house.

Fallen off my bike.

Been on a train

Shot a gun.

Drank straight lemon juice.

Drank pickle juice.

Made my bed.

Done a 1000 piece puzzle.

Seen a bear.

Gone to the mall by myself.

Made cut off jean shorts.

Used power tools.

Sewn my own clothes.

Planted a garden.

Kept dirty dishes in my bedroom.

Watched live horse racing.

Played ding-dong ditch.

Spent more than $100 of my own money on something.

Been on a boat.

Gone camping.

Ridden an ATV.

Drove in a convertible.

Been covered up in sand.

Held a snake.

Had a banana split.

Learned to play cribbage.

Gone ice fishing.

Seen a house on fire.

Jumped off a swing.

Drank coffee.

Used a fidget spinner.

Tried to get out of gym class.

Had a favorite stuffed animal.

Made a silly video.

Finished a game of Risk.

Caught a ladybug.

Gone digging for worms.

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Rode my bike without a helmet.

Skipped school.

Climbed a tree.

Won a raffle prize.

Learned to play chess.

Been to an art gallery.

Had milk or pop come out my nose.

Knocked out a tooth.

Worked out at a gym.

Had a garage sale.

Worn my mom or dad’s clothes.

Been to the Fire Station.

Been inside a police car.

Skipped rocks on the water.

Taken my brother or sister’s clothes.

Exploded anything in the microwave.

Never Have I Ever is always fun and you get to learn fun things about your friends. Maybe you did not know your friend liked to go snowboarding or camping. Perhaps you will find new activities to do together or just learn some interesting little tidbits about them.

This is just a start to the questions you can use. Get creative and think of some of your own. You may think of some that would be particularly funny or interesting for your group of friends.

Just don’t be the first to get eliminated!