20 Very Funny Prank Call Ideas

20 Very Funny Prank Call Ideas

We have all been so bored to the point we just want to cause a little chaos in a friend or family’s life, maybe even to the extent of a phone pranks. But the hardest part of the call is knowing what to say. Well, search no more! These hilarious prank call ideas will have your boredom cured in no time by wanting to call everyone on your friends list!

1. Fake a Food Delivery

Call a friend and tell them that their food has been placed on their doorstep, if they get confused, state that you are a food delivery driver and reiterate that their food is dropped off. This may want to be done on someone you know the address of so you can make it seem more believable. (or even if you know their favourite food) Once they sound like they are checking outside tell them you left it at their back doorstep or even in front of their garage and frantically hang up!

This one for sure will have your peers running all around their house in hopes of getting a delicious snack!

2. Date night

See if you can find a mutual friend you’re not too close with for this one. Call them and explain how excited you are to meet them at their house tonight for date night! You might even want to throw in details like how you’re wearing new perfume or clothing! Try to come off strong and very excited to not give the person on the other end time to ask who it is.

Bonus points if you make your meet-up spot somewhere nearby.

3. Fake Carpenter Prank

This one especially works on family members but you’ll need to make a fake company name. Call a family member and explain what company you are with and that you found that their kitchen cabinets or other hardware have some kind of toxin in them that is dangerous to humans and pets. Explain urgently that you have sent people over to demolish and take out such hardware for a small cost of 2000$ and an even bigger cost of 5000$ to get that item replaced. If they refuse, insist that people are already on the way!

4. You’ve won!

This one will for sure have people in your life disappointed. Call and tell your victim that you work with a big food company and that if they can name 20 of your products in 20 seconds they will win a lifetime supply of that product. Try to choose brands such as cereal or chocolate or even an ice cream shop! This will have people panicking right away and once they give their answer hung up!

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5. Your package needs to be signed.

Call somebody you know the address of.

Calmly tell this person that there is a package that needs to be signed for 200 pounds of cheese ( or something random in a ridiculous amount ) and once you hear them open the door quickly hangs up and call them again an hour later.

6. The Duo prank

This one can be done by two people or in segments of hours. Call somebody and tell them you found their number on an ad for free underwear ( or your choice of a random object ) and once they tell you they aren’t giving out free underwear apologize and hang up. This prank call can be done all day in different accents but bonus points if you get a friend to call too!

7. Survey Specialist

Explain you are doing anonymous local surveys and ask super random questions!
Some examples of these questions can be:

“ When was the last time your toilet flushed?”

“ Have you ever watched the news in the past 3 weeks?”

“ Are you team Edward or team Jacob” ( from the Twilight Series )

“ If you had to choose between pancakes or waffles, which would it be?”

8. Radio Host Prize Winner!

For this prank, you can make a fake radio name or use a local name. Excitedly tell your prank victim that you are calling from the radio station and if they can finish the lyrics to songs they will win tickets to their favourite artist! This prank has a lot of free-range to it! You can pick any genre of songs correlated to who you are calling and the prize can be any artist!

9. Babysitter disaster!

This prank can work on anyone!

Call your friend and frantically ask when they are coming home and that you can not take enough of their child screaming and pooping everywhere! If you’re able to have a convincing fake cry this would be the time to use it!

Demand that you get paid extra for the hard work and hang up once they catch on! Bonus points if this person has a kid!

10. You quit your job!

This can be done at a company or with a friend. Call and explain how badly you’ve been treated and explain you quit and that you may receive your payment via mail. If you call a company don’t direct it to that company name eg. If you call Pizza Hut, explain you’re quitting at Pizza 73!

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11. I see you

Find someone close to you for this one. Call them and explain you just saw them walking around the mall or the grocery store and tell them you called out to them but they didn’t see you. Insist that it was them you saw! Bonus points if you can recognize what they were wearing or doing. This prank will for sure creep some people out so make sure to pick someone who won’t be too scared.

12. Family Food Fight.

This call you may want to do on a sibling or parent. Call them and tell them a different family member is waiting for them to buy a jug of milk or water ( or anything else random really ) eg. “ hey dad, mom told me to tell you that she needs you to go to the store and one jug of water because it’s urgent and she needs it now” this is especially funny when you live with the person you are pranking to see them come home with something ridiculous!

13. I’m outside

Call a friend and explain to them you are outside their house for a surprise hangout and once they go to check hang up! This prank should be done on someone you’ve previously been to the house of making it more believable!

14. Gossip!

Call anyone and accuse them of sleeping with your made up significant other. This prank should be done on someone you know won’t get super mad! Make up a name for someone you are seeing and accuse someone (you aren’t super close with) of having a rendezvous with your partner!

15. Sorry You Have The Wrong Number

Call someone and tell them they have the wrong number! Tell them they were calling you and not the other way around! After the call, call them back and be
a little more annoyed and upset that they are calling you! This will for sure confuse them and have them wondering all day!

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16. I know you did it…

Call someone and vaguely tell them that you know what they did. Don’t tell them what they did because they might even confess to something random! If they don’t budge try having friends call that same person and say the same things!

17. Fake reference

Call somebody you’re close with and pretend to be a manager at a job that you are applying to. Make up a fake name, occupation and relevance! Eg: “ Hi is this Mr.Shtinky? I’m just calling on behalf of (your name), they applied to

___ and have you listed as a reference. It says here that you were their fungal doctor…”

This is yet another open-ended prank for you to fill in the blanks and add your creativity!

18. Busy biz!

Call a random grocery store and call to reserve a shopping cart! If they tell you that you don’t have to reserve one insist someone told you to reserve one!

19. Two strangers!

For this prank, you will need two phones! Make sure both caller IDs are off. Call two people and put the phones together and let them engage in their conversation. On the odd time, they hang up call them again’

20. Delay Complaint.

Call anyone and explain you have a delay with your order! Your order can be from anywhere and can be anything. Angrily ask for the manager and explain you’d like a refund for your delay!

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