The Very Best 100 Stupid Questions to Ask

The Very Best 100 Stupid Questions to Ask

Have you ever been stuck waiting for an appointment for hours on end? Maybe you’ve been sitting next to a stranger you want to strike up a conversation with but don’t know where to start? Sometimes the best ice breakers leave people thinking. Or laughing. And sometimes you need to liven up the party and keep your friends entertained.

Here’s a list of 100 Stupid Questions you can ask the next time you want to strike up a memorable conversation.

— Stupid Questions to Ask

1. Do you think the big toe feels self-conscious about being the “BIG” toe? 

2. Why do we use leaf-blowers instead of leaf-suckers?

3. Why didn’t the 3 Little Piggies build a house underground?

4. Captain America has a shield, but where’s his sword?

5. When you eat a gummy bear, do you eat the head or the feet first?

6. If he had been bitten by a radioactive man, would Spiderman’s name have been Manman?

7. Do zombies eat brains because they’re hungry for knowledge?

8. Why is the chicken even crossing the road? Where are its owners?

9. Do window cleaners get tired of seeing their own reflections all day?

10. How come solar panels don’t overheat?

11. If you can cook an egg on really hot concrete, why don’t we make an omelet?

12. If you could teleport to any bathroom in the world, which one would you choose?

13. If they’re called chicken wings, where did all the feathers go?

14. Do car tires get tired?

15. When tree leaves change color, do they say “new look, who dis?”

16. Do elves have to use double the q-tips to clean their ears?

17. Why do they call them pig-tails if pigs only have 1 tail?

18. What sound does a flute make if you sneeze into it?

19. If a balloon pops in a vacuum, can you hear it?

20. If 100 people poked your belly at the same time, would you burst?

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21. What exactly does puppy breath smell like?

22. If your sibling turned into a dog, would you walk him/her?

23. If newborns smell good, shouldn’t our smell improve as we age?

24. If dragons can breathe fire, what happens when they accidentally sneeze?

25. What do rocks taste like?

26. If blood tastes metallic, does that mean vampires like to snack on metal?

27. Why is it called “loose change” if heavier than paper money?

28. If there’s a rabbit on the moon, where is its carrot?

29. When someone is sad, we say they’re blue, so if someone is really sad are they dark blue?

30. Does having stage fright mean you’re afraid of raised wooden platforms?

31. If the important thing is to get up after falling, why don’t we just learn better balance?

32. Why are they called headphones if you don’t use them to talk?

33. If a candle melts and evaporates, does that mean we inhaled an entire candle through our nose?

34. If bananas have a peel, does that mean we’re skinning it to eat its insides?

35. When people say someone lost their marbles, why don’t they help look for them?

36. Do doctors say “ahh” and check their throats when they’re brushing their teeth in the morning?

37. How do you change the water on a waterbed so it doesn’t grow algae?

38. If blue is the color of the sky, then what’s the color of the land?

39. If your refrigerator is still running, is it because it’s trying to lose weight?

40. Did you remember to turn the stove off? Are you positive?

41. If hair is dead, why doesn’t it all fall off when the wind blows?

42. If one twin closes their eyes, does the other twin get scared of the dark?

43. When you crack your knuckles, is that just the sound of your bones screaming?

44. What happens to tea bags if you let them sit in water all day?

45. If you eat a spoonful of ground coffee, do you get more or less caffeine?

46. If you roll a dice down a mountain, will that give you better odds?

47. Why do they call it popcorn ceiling? Shouldn’t it be called kernel ceiling?

48. If grasslands exist, are there also weedlands?

49. Where do witches go to remove their warts?

50. Are donut holes just an excuse to eat more donuts?

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51. If sunglasses are for protection, why do they make people look suspicious. 

52. What would happen if it got hotter instead of colder at night?

53. If the moon is made of cheese, where are the giant crackers?

54. If you scream and no sound comes out, is it really a scream?

55. What if the alphabet started with the letter Z?

56. When you talk in your sleep, is that your true self trying to come out?

57. Do dentists just really like making you uncomfortable by asking you questions while you can’t speak?

58. If we enjoy stepping on puddles, why don’t we step on lakes?

59. Are tears just built up salt escaping our body?

60. If you could talk to animals, would you tell them all your secrets?

61. If you had to change your name to any superhero, which one would you choose?

62. If you could shapeshift, how often would you impersonate Chris Hemsworth?

63. If you could name a star, would you choose an animal name or a human name?

64. Why is it called a pineapple if looks more like a papaya?

65. Why do we call people a “jack of all trades” but they don’t actually trade?

66. If they can make a wheel of cheese, can they also make a tire of cheese?

67. If a mom tells a bad joke, do we call it a mom joke or a dad mom joke?

68. Who referees the referees?

69. If you could 3D print food, would you still need to add spices to it?

70. Are boxers just adult children who were never told hitting is wrong?

71. Should expecting parents prepare for the baby by setting alarms every 2 hours?

72. If violin bows are made from horsehair, what would an instrument made from unicorn hair be called?

73. If a white flag means surrender, does a black flag mean attack?

74. If he had lived, would Blackbeard have changed his name to Whitebeard when he got old? 

75. Do high-speed trains run out of breath?

76. If we can bounce on the moon, why don’t we put a giant bouncy house up there?

77. Why do people say I got your back if danger usually comes right at your front?

78. If wine is just grape juice, does that mean beer is wheat juice?

79. Why is it called a monkey wrench if it’s shaped nothing like a monkey?

80. Why is it called peanut butter if there is no butter involved?

81. If plants grow bigger with love, why don’t farmers use that secret to grow enormous vegetables?

82. When the sun sets is it because it’s shy and hiding away?

83. If there’s a New Zealand, where did the Old Zealand go?

84. If all the planets are named after Roman gods, who chose the name Earth?

85. When your heart breaks, what can you eat to glue it back together?

86. Why are Pokemon called “pocket monsters” when most of them are too big to actually fit in your pocket?

87. When people go soul-searching does it mean they’re ghost-hunting?

88. How can the fruit salad ambrosia be the food of the gods if marshmallows weren’t invented yet?

89. Were The Beatles named after a specific beetle species or just beetles in general?

90. When you’re saying goodbye to someone, why do they call it waving if there’s no water involved?

91. If a butterfly’s wings can cause a hurricane, why don’t we name hurricanes after the butterfly that caused it?

92. When people say “so long” what are they talking about? The length of their next visit?

93. If you bite your nails, does it mean you’re just really hungry?

94. If the pen is mightier than the sword, why didn’t knights carry giant pens around?

95. Is fog just clouds that got too close to the ground?

96. What do elephants do if they have an itch in their trunk?

97. Why don’t flashdrives actually flash?

98. Why are the X-Men not called X-People since there are also women in the team?

99. Do spiders really need 8 legs or are they just greedy?

100. Why do they say “one size fits all” when it clearly doesn’t fit a baby?

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