80 Funny Questions to Ask

Are you feeling like laughing out loud? Do you want to spend a hilarious time with your friends and get amazed by fun facts you didn’t know? Check out these 80 funny -and weird!- questions to ask that will provide you with the perfect excuse to gather with your loved ones, google some facts here and there, discuss and play, be silly and bond on a higher level. Ah, and learn!

Because learning is not necessarily a boring thing to do, there are endless ways to learn new facts and realities while having fun. Besides, it is much more effective to learn when feeling at ease. Having fun is one of the most important factors for learning to happen in our brains. The following ideas are great for joy and learning to emerge together. 

Take a piss before starting; you don’t want to wet your pants out of laughter!

(Permission granted to be as ridiculous as you want to be!)


80 Funny Questions to Ask –


What is that clothing or accessory that everyone hates but you secretly love? 

What is that funny name that your parents almost named you with? Thank God they didn’t!

What was your nickname from school? – we all were called funny names!-

What is the funniest name of a pet you have ever heard?

What is the weirdest pet someone could ever have and why?

Time to recall: what is the funniest childhood memory you have?

Did you eat snot or bird poo when you were a toddler? You did, confess!

When you are alone at home, under the covers, do you smell your farts and enjoy them? -for the record, I have heard of people that claim their farts smell good!-

What is the funnier shape of a poo you have ever seen? -yes, we all look at our poo in the toilet-.

What is the most clever solution you have found for when the toilet won’t flush (and you probably were at your crush’s house!)?

What is the most stupid thing that you have heard from a politician? – take your time with this one; I know there are so many dumb comments from these people!-

What would you do if you could clone yourself?  Why would you do that?

What is that weird thing you do to relax when you are by yourself? Confess the truth!

If you could talk to you when you were a child, what would you say and why?

If you could talk to you when you are elder, what would you say and why?

Would you travel to the past and watch what your parents did as teenagers? Why or why not?

What is the worse name for a feminine product you have ever heard of?

What is that movie that when you watch it, you can’t stop laughing? Why is that?

What would you do if you suddenly waked up as Diogenes, the Greek philosopher that lived as a dog on the streets, urinated and masturbated at every corner? -for the record, Diogenes lived like that and meant it!-

What character of a book or movie would you choose to incarnate? Why that character?

Would you prefer to participate in a cooking or a maths competition? Explain your reasons!

Would you rather sing or dance in public? Why?

What is your secret talent? Perform it! 

Be honest, if you are wearing socks right now, do they have wholes?

What was the worse food you have ever prepared? Describe the experience and who was the lucky one who tried it!

What do you do when you hurt your little toe? 

What is the craziest thing you have secretly considered doing?

What sort of things do you say out loud when you are by yourself? -yes, we all talk to ourselves aloud!-

Have you ever been spotted singing in the shower? What song were you singing?

What do you do when you see someone you know in the streets, you wave at them but they don’t see you?

What is that normal thing people do that you don’t tolerate?

What is the technological device that never, ever works when you use it? – Printers, have mercy on me please!-

Do you drink coffee with sugar or without sugar? Why? -let the obsessive coffee lovers appear-.

Do you prefer reading paperback books or e-books? Why is that?

What is the homely cure for hiccups that works for you?

What’s the worse movie title you have ever heard of, and why?

How do you kill time on a long flight?

What is the weirdest food you have ever eaten and enjoyed?

Have you ever burped louder than you thought you would? Where was that?

What’s that job you have always wished you had but is too embarrassing to confess? 

Is cheese smellier than rotten meat? Why or why not?

What unusual competition would you rather join? You have to choose one!

If you were invited to participate in the World Guinness Records, what’s that record you would break? We all have special talents folks!

What is your phobia? – come on! Everyone has one-.

What insect would you rather be and why?

Which ancient Greek God or Goddess would you prefer to be and why?

What Olympic sport would you rather be the best at? Why is that? 

Imagine you hop on the fastest and higher roller coaster. What faces would you pull? – yes, show us!-

What’s the first impression people usually have of you?

You would be rich if they paid you for…

What is that smell you enjoy, but it is usually considered disgusting?

What’s the worse place you have ever vomited? Oh yes, confess, confess!

What is the funniest Halloween costume you have ever seen?

When you eat spicy food, how does your body respond?

If you talk when you sleep, what is the funniest thing you have ever said?

Sleeping next to a snorer is a nightmare! What would you do to stop the snorer from snoring? 

If animals could talk, which one would be the cutest?

Would you rather be a zombie or a vampire? Explain your reasons!

What is the most pathetic way someone used to hit on you?

If you could have an animal tail, which one would you rather have?

What part of your face you don’t mind losing and why? And which one would you love to have duplicated?

What did you dream of last night?

We all have sent a message to the wrong person. What was yours about and to whom did you send it?

Which animal do you think you were in your past life?

What would you do if you suddenly start growing non stop?

In what scenario of your life would you prefer to be invisible?

What is the best prank you pulled in your childhood?

Would you rather be a magician or have endless money?

One day you wake up with the ability to talk to one animal; which one would it be and why?

What sort of food do you like that is raw and is not seafood?

Where would you hide a treasure that nobody could find?

What is the stinkiest part of the human body?

What animal would you rather find dead at your home?

What is the funnies rule you would invent that your friends have to follow for a day?

What joke makes you laugh out loud that nobody gets? Try to explain it!

What is the most ridiculous thing you have done for love? – come on! Everyone has an embarrassing love story-

What would you rather suffer for a whole day, an annoying hiccups or non-stop sneezing? Why?

What is the common excuse you use to reject seeing someone?

Would you rather read other people’s minds or know the truth about the origin of the world?

What would be the first thing you do if you become a president? – don’t be boring on this one, please!


No doubt that a good laugh fixes almost everything! But sometimes we are out of ideas, and we can use some help. Hopefully, the above 80 funny questions to ask brightened your day up and allowed you a strenuous giggle. Time to go to the toilet again, I bet you are bursting!

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