55 Very Best Llama Jokes and Alpaca Jokes

55 Very Best Llama Jokes and Alpaca Jokes

Welcome to our ultimate list of llamas and alpaca’s jokes! Whether you’re a die-hard llama lover or an alpaca enthusiast, we guarantee that these jokes will make you spit out your hay, er, we mean your coffee!

From their fluffy fur to their comical facial expressions, llamas and alpacas are (after the tyranny of dogs and cats) probably the funniest and most viral animals on the internet, subject of many jokes, puns, and memes over the years. That is why we’ve scoured the internet and beaten our brains out to create a list of the 55 funniest, punniest, and most wooly jokes that will have you feeling like you’re in a field of flowers surrounded by happy alpacas and llamas.

So, grab your coffee, your tea or your “llamanade” and embark on a journey filled with hilarious wordplay and silly jokes. We promise that by the end of this article, you’ll be saying “llama tell you another one!” and “alpaca my bags, I’m moving to Peru!”.

WTL?! (What The Llama?!)

1. What actor do alpacas love? Al Pacacino

2. What does a Buddhist llama says? Llamaste

3. What is Voldemort’s most effective spell against an alpaca? Alpacacadabra

4. What is the end of the alpacas world? The Alpacalypse

5. What motorcycle brand do llamas ride? Llamaha

6. What is llamas’ favorite movie? LLamageddon

7. What do llamas first learn when they start studying Spanish? “¿Cómo te llamas?”

8. What does a llama drink on a very hot summer day? An ice-cold llamanade

9. What did the llama get when he graduated from school? A dipllama

10. What do you call a secret group of llamas? The I-llama-nati

11. What do you call a very fast llama? A Llamaghini

12. What do llamas type when they are laughing? LLamao

WHO? (Wait, wasn’t that the owl’s sound?)

13. Who is a llama’s favorite rapper? Kendrick Llamar

14. Who is the llama spiritual leader? The Dalai Llama

15. Who is a llama’s favorite singer? Llama Del Rei

16. Who is a llama’s favorite president? Barack Ollama

17. Who is a lama’s favorite composer? Wolfgang Llamadeus Mozart

18. Who is the most gangster alpaca? Al Pacapone

HTL?! (How The Llama?!)

19. How can you tell an alpaca is Japanese? Because his name is Alpakashi LLamamoto

20. How do llamas always arrive on time? They set their allamas

21. How do you call an alpaca with no legs? Don’t bother, he won’t come anyways!

22. How can you tell a llama is Italian? Because he keeps saying “Llama mia!”

23. How do you call an alpaca with a carrot in each ear? Screaming very loud

24. How can you tell the difference between a llama and an alpaca? Ask them “are you a ll5ma, or an alpaca?”

25. How did the llama win the debate competition? Spitting facts

26. How do llamas say “Merry Christmas” in Spanish? Fleece Navidad


27. Why Nancy Llama and Karen Llama don’t get along? I don’t know, typical llama drama

28. Why did the llama cross the road? Because it was the chicken’s day off.

29. Why don’t llamas like fast food? Because it runs too fast

30. Why did the llama say “moo”? Because he is learning a new language

31. Why do alpacas never sing with backing music? Because they prefer to sing alpacapella

32. Why did the llama win the rap battle? Because he was good at spitting

33. Why is the llama on fire? Because he is f-llama-ble

34. Why couldn’t the llama see? Because someone pulled the wool over his eyes

35. Why was the llama so worried? Because he was facing a big dillama

36. Why didn’t the llama laugh at the joke? Because it was so llame

THE FINAL MIX (Jokes, puns, llamas, and alpacas all together)


Knock Knock.

Who’s there?


Per who?

Yes, that is where llamas come from.

38. Today I discovered a band called LLABBA… I loved one of their songs that says “llama mia, here I go again!”

39. What should you say to a group of llamas before you tell them a llama joke? “Stop me if you’ve herd this one”

40. So the Dalai Llama walks into a pizza place… and says, “make me one with everything”

41. I heard a llama singing a Justin Bieber song… he went “my llama don’t like you, and she likes everyone!”

42. When life gives you llamas, make llamanade.

43. I guess you can call llamas in fancy dresses “g-llama-rous”.

44. I’m tired of these llama jokes. Alpaca my bags and leave.

45. Llama know if you want to grab a beer tomorrow.

46. Chill man, no prob llama.

47. Llamas are experts in their field.

48. The most erotic llama book is “The Llama Sutra”.

49. Where do Muslim alpacas come from? Alpacastan.

50. An alpaca walks into her house… she sees his husband in bed with another alpaca and gets very enraged… tears start rolling down the cheeks. After a moment of intense silence, the husband gets up and says… “I guess alpaca my bags”.

51. No one is afraid of llama kisses… but why is everyone afraid of the alpaca lips?

52. I got a wool llama love for you!

53. Follow these simple steps to be happy: live, love, llama.

54. – Hi, I am Llama. Fleeced to meet you!

55. Whoops, I almost forgot to bring my llamas. Alpaca pair.

Oww, sorry guys but the list ends here. I know, we would also keep going with the llama and alpaca jokes forever. But see it this way, next time you need a good laugh just remember these hilarious jokes about our furry friends and it will lighten up your day!

See you later, “llamagator”!