40 Very Best Otter Puns

40 Very Best Otter Puns

Few animals are as cute and funny as otters. These charming, furry little sea creatures are about as “aww”-some as it gets, regularly topping lists of the world’s most lovable animals.

But while they get extra points for cute-factor, they’re also very sweet! A little animal trivia for you… did you know that otters hold hands when they float downstream?


As if that wasn’t enough, they’re also great for joke-making. That’s right… pun-makers rejoice, because we’ve got some grade-A wordplay for you to amuse your friends with. Here’s a list of our funniest, downright hilarious otter puns.

40 Otterly Hilarious Otter Puns

What do you call an otter with magic powers who wears glasses? Harry p-Otter.

Why did the otter cross the river? To get to the otter side.

What do you call an otter’s life story? Their otter-biography.

Why did the otter move from England to Spain? Because it’s a lot ‘otter there.

What did the unhappy otter say to his otter-half? “I think we should sea otter people.”

How did she respond? “You can’t commit! You’re just like all the otters!”

What did the romantic otter say to this otter-half? “I love you like no otter.”

What else did he say? “You’re otter this world.”

What’s the quickest way for an otter to get rich? By playing the L-ottery.

Otters have a seafood diet… clams, crabs, mussels, you name it. Basically, they see food, they eat it!

What did the otter say to the joker? Pull the otter one!

What did the know-it-all otter say to his friend? “There are 13 different species of otter. Not a lotta otters know that!”

What do you call an otter that can fly a plane? Otter-pilot.

Why don’t otters have to learn to swim? It comes to them otter-matically.

What did the otter mum say to her pup? “Always be kind to otters.”

What does she say when it’s not kind to others? “You otter know better!”

What else did she say? “You otter be ashamed of yourself!”

What do you call an otter with a bad cold? A snotty otter!

What did the otter say to the movie star? “Can I get your otter-graph?”

Where did the otter astronaut go? Into otter space.

Where do German otters drive their cars? On the otter-bahn.

What’s an otter’s favourite brand of butter? Otterly Butterly.

What did the otter say to his dad after a school fight? “You should see the otter guy.”

How does an otter rise above conflict? They turn the otter cheek.

What do you call an otter with thicker fur than the rest? H-Otter.

What do you call an otter who’s obsessed with trains? A trainsp-otter.

Why did one otter steal the other’s mussels? Because he was shell-fish.

What do you call it when a group of otters fight for food? Complete and otter chaos!

What did the otter newsreader say at the end of the segment? “And in otter news…”

What’s another word for an otter’s life partner? Their ‘significant otter.’

What do you say to the otter with a bad tooth? “You otter see the dentist.”

Why do otters sleep on their backs? Because it’s otterly blissful.

Why else do otters sleep on their backs? To keep their nuts dry.

Did you know otters use tools to crack open shellfish? What otter genius!

How do otters keep warm in winter? With an otter water bottle.

What do you call an otter with acne? A spotty otter.

What did Elmer Fudd say to the cheeky otter? “Why, I otter…”

What’s the best animal to be in winter? A little otter.

What did the impatient otter say to the rest? “Get otter my way!”

Not a fan of otter puns? I bet you laughed at a l-otter them!

Ryan Osborne