20 Very Best Road Trip Games

20 Very Best Road Trip Games


Fun games on the go will cheer you up, and it’s great to have the whole family in it. Check out some of these games for your next road trip to get you going all the way.


I see what you can’t see!

The rules are simple. The presenter marks (for himself) an object in the field of vision of travellers, and the task of the players is to guess it by asking a minimum of questions. 

Moreover, it is allowed to answer only “yes” or “no”. 

Caution: The game is addictive. 🙂


Is it a bird or is it a plane?

It starts like this: “I think you know him.” And then, for example: “This animal can fly.” And with the help of leading questions, you need to guess what kind of animal it is. Alternatively, you can think of someone from your family or acquaintances.

For example, this person is wearing glasses. The question is – when does he read? Yes. The next question is – is he old? Not. Does he have children? Yes. That is, in this case, the answers can only be “yes” or “no”.


Guess the song

Players alternately hum or whistle a song. Others guess its name or artist. Whoever knows the song first wins. Children’s songs, famous pop singles – anything that a musical memory has to offer will do. In the end, the guessed song can be sung together – this will cheer everyone up.


Karaoke time

Together you are looking for a song that everyone knows. For example, “I Want It That Way “by the Backstreet Boys”. The parent decides in what mood you should perform it. For example, sad or fun, march or hip-hop. Who won? Yes, who will come out funnier, although here is the case when the process is more important than victory.


I put it in my backpack …

The first player starts with the words: “I put it in my backpack …” and comes up with something, for example – a pair of scissors. The next player repeats the first player’s item and adds his own – a pair of scissors and a bottle of water. The one who forgets at least one of the previous items will lose. True, it is advisable for the leader to keep a list so as not to be mistaken.


Forbidden words

“Do not say white and black, do not say yes and no.” There is a leader and there is a player. The task of the presenter is to force the player to say forbidden words, and it is important for the player not to speak out as long as possible.

 Questions need to be asked tricky, for example, it can be difficult to evasively answer the question: “What colour is sugar?” or “Tell me, do you really like ice cream?” Alas, sooner or later the player blurts out, the main thing is to deftly lull his vigilance! If a word is accidentally spoken, the players switch roles. For reference, the first question can be answered, “Same as printer paper.”

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Your favourite colour

Here, each player names his favourite colour and then looks for it in things around. The first to find ten items of this colour is the winner.


Finish it!

To play you will need two pencils of different colours and a piece of paper. One of the players draws a line with his pencil, and the other turn this line into something of his own. The sheet can be rotated during the game. You can finish drawing any temper to a ridiculous creature by adding arms, legs and eyes. Or you can try to see what this line looks like and add the missing details. Is it a bird’s beak or an elephant’s trunk? And that thing over there – the car body?


My jar is so big that it can fit an airplane.

The letter and size of the jar are assigned. And all in turn name words for this letter, denoting items that can be put in such a jar. For example, the letter K and medium jar: Key, kiwi, ketchup etc. Whoever did not say is out.


A three-word tale

Each of the players thinks of any one word. Then they have simultaneously spoken aloud. It turns out to be a little coherent, at first glance, a set of words. And the leader must come up with a fairy tale with them.


“Bulls and Cows”

Everyone thinks of a three-digit number and then tries to guess the number that the enemy has guessed. “Bull” – the correct number is in the correct place. “Cow” – the correct number is out of place.

If my partner thought of the number 273, and I ask him 123, then he answers me “one bull and one cow”. He does not indicate which of the numbers is bull and which is a cow, and I have to guess about it myself. In this case, the number “3” is a bull, it is in the right place, and “2” is a cow, it is not where it is in the hidden number. If I ask 250, then they will answer me “one bull”, and if “237”, then they will tell me “a bull and two cows.” If the second player asks “965?”, I say “blank.” This means that none of these numbers are in the hidden number.

So you can play with four-digit numbers, and with words of four or five letters.

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Fourth extra

Players ask each other three words from one group of objects and the fourth from another. The rest must guess what is superfluous. In this game, it is important not only to guess what is superfluous but also to explain your decision. And if the explanation is good, then it is quite possible to recognize that the solution is not the one intended by the author.

For example cucumber, banana, carrot, cherry (extra cherry, it is small and not long, but round). Pear, potato, apple, peach. There will be an extra potato here: this is a vegetable, not a fruit.


Association words

The whole family can play this game. One of the players calls the first word, and the rest continue a series of associations. For example, plane – tickets – suitcase – rest – beach – sea. This game can continue until you or friends get tired of it. 🙂


While someone was sleeping

If someone from the family fell asleep on the road – this is a great opportunity for another game. Together, the family comes up with a story that supposedly happened to them during the trip, while one of them had sweet dreams. However, it should not be oversaturated with fiction and should sound true. The team then tells a fictional story to the participant who was sleeping. If he believed – victory by dreamers.


I will take with me

Imagine that you are going on a trip and taking some things with you in your suitcase. Come up with a rule according to which you will only take … green items. Then you say: “When I go on the road, I will take … a frog with me.” This item must comply with the intended rule. Are you asked if you can take an orange with you? The orange is not green, therefore, it is impossible. Can I take a cucumber with me? Your answer: “You can” (since the cucumber is green). The one who can guess the rule wins.


“Good, bad”

You need to choose a topic and take turns saying what is good about it. For example, the holidays are over. What is so good about it? No need to choose what to wear in the morning – definitely the uniform etc. When you can’t remember a single plus, move on to the minuses. What’s wrong with the vacation over? We must get up early. We’ll have to learn lessons every day. You will need to wear a uniform from Monday to Saturday etc.


What happens? 

In this word game, the participants need to take turns choosing definitions for the selected word, for example: What is a dog like? Cute, purebred, fluffy. Who can no longer come up with definitions is lost.

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Game on P

The presenter thinks of a word or has a word whispered in his ear. His task is to explain the hidden word using words starting with the letter “P”.

He can also respond to answers to guide guessers:

+ almost correct

+/- approximately

– bad

The one who guessed the word becomes the leader.


Reverse words

The presenter pronounces the word, and the rest try to pronounce this word at speed as if it were read from right to left. The one who is the first to pronounce correctly is the one who won.


Say the same thing

On the score of 1-2-3, each player pronounces any word he conceives. This is the background information. The further goal is to come to a common denominator – that is, to name the same word at the same time, without saying a word. That is, the next move will be like this: at 1-2-3, name another word, which, according to some principle, is connected with the previously spoken words. And so on until the players match.

For example:

Move 1:

Player 1: Dandelion

Player 2: Backpack

Move 2:

Player 1: Walk

Player 2: Hike

Move 3:

Player 1: Forest

Player 2: Forest



The well-known geographic game. Players name cities that start with the last letter of the previous city. No repetitions

For example: Los-Angeles – San-Francisco 


My new car today is…

The host proposes a number and together count oncoming cars. The car that falls on the hidden number is considered the new car of the leader. It’s especially funny if it turns out to be some kind of garbage truck.


Three stories (truth or fiction) be like Sherlock Holmes

Each participant in turn tells two real stories that happened to him and one fictional. The task of the rest is to guess which one is not true. It is advisable to tell a fictional story so that it is difficult to immediately guess which of the three is composed.