The Very Best 50 Fun Games to Play When Bored

The Very Best 50 Fun Games to Play When Bored

Last year was far from normal with the pandemic rocking the entire globe. During the countless quarantines many of us have been through, you probably found yourself feeling extremely bored at times. Trying to find something to do or keep myself entertained can be a struggle sometimes. That’s why I have compiled a list of 50 games to play when bored, both online and offline so you will never run out of games and activities.

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Online Games

Games To Play When Bored

Candy Crush

An all-time classic mobile game for both the kids and adults. Candy Crush works by connecting the same-colored candies together. The levels get progressively harder and go on forever. You will never get bored.

Lego Tower

If your kid is obsessed with Legos, then this is the perfect game. This game involves building towers, apartments and houses for the mini figurines. Recommended for kids 4+ years.


If you ever owned a brick Nokia phone back in the day, you will definitely remember the game Snake. Slither.io is the modernised version. The game’s goal is to eat food and other snakes to grow in size, trying to become as large as you can without getting eliminated by another snake. Suitable for kids over 8+ years.


The extremely successful battle royal online game, Fortnite is fun for the whole family. Played either on a gaming console or desktop, you need to be the last man standing out of 100 participants to win. Fortnite is suitable for children above the age of 14+ years.

EpicMem – Brain training

Designed by a neurologist. EpicMem is an online game that works on enhancing cognitive skills and working memory in children. Suitable for kids 7+ years.

Draw it

Draw it is a competitive game for kids where they can play in a secure environment with others over the globe. The game aims to draw the item you are given while others try to guess—a perfect blend of Pictionary and Charades.

Funky Truck

This off-road driving game is a great online game that will have you playing for hours. It is simple, yet addictive. The single-player game involves driving your truck over hills, trying to get as far as you can without tipping over.

Temple Run

An all-time favorite for many, Temple Run used to be an extremely popular mobile game. It involves running through a maze, jumping over obstacles and avoiding the gorillas that are chasing you. The whole family will love this fast-paced game.


Threes is a mobile game turned web game due to its popularity. You slide numbered tiles in a four-by-four grid, moving them together to make multiples of three. The game aims to get the highest score. You can play for hours, trying to beat your high score. Suitable for people aged 8+ years.

Free flow colors

This game has an insane number of levels to keep you busy for hours. In this game, you have to pair matching colors together by drawing lines between them while also covering the entire board. No lines are allowed to cross. Suitable for kids aged 7+ years


Sinuous involves using your cursor to avoid the endless number of red dots placed all over the screen. This game is awesome if you are looking for a little time to kill.

Books Tower

Books Tower’s objective is to stack as many books as you can without the pile falling over. Sounds simple but it’s harder than you think. Suitable for kids aged 7+ years.

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The classic online card game. Most adults had probably played this on their desktop when they were supposed to be replying to emails. Super fun and easy, yet highly addictive.

Quick Draw

Another online drawing game that will have you obsessed in no time. Quick Draw pitches your child against Google. The objective is to draw something for Google to recognise in a set amount of time. Suitable for kids aged 7+ years.

Mazes & More

The aim of this game is to find your way through a complex labyrinth that gets increasingly harder as you progress. A great game for kids and building their logical reasoning and critical thinking skills. Suitable for kids age 8+ years.


This game may sound simple; however, it is anything but. During the game, you need to successfully run 100 meters while controlling the runner’s thighs and calves. QWOP will definitely keep the kids entertained and produce a lot of laughs.

Line rider

Line Rider is incredibly basic but extremely popular. All you need to do is draw different lines using your computer cursor that a little figure will then ride along. You can get super creative, drawing different designs and patterns.


If you ask your parents, they will probably remember this game. A classic 1980s arcade game that has been recreated for all of us to enjoy on a desktop. The objective is to hop your frog from one side to the other, avoiding the traffic and hazardous river.


Letterpress is a mixture of Boggle, Scrabble and Risk. It is a 2-player game and perfect for anyone trying to challenge their mind. The goal of the game is to find as many words as possible on a 5×5 board. This game is suitable for both children and adults!


The upgraded version of Slither.io, this eat or be eaten multiplayer snake game is extremely addictive but so fun. In this game, the goal is to eat food and other snakes to increase your own snake’s size, the bigger your snake, the better. Unlike Slither.io, this version has unlockable skills that make the gameplay more exciting.

Sky chasers

Sky Chasers involves flying through the sky in a rocket-fueled cardboard box. Players have to operate a pair of thrusters in order to soar through different magical worlds. This game is a very similar, more modern take on the classic Lunar Lander.

Slime Volleyball

Slime Volleyball has stood the test of time and is still just as fun today. This old game involves controlling a small blob as you hit the ball back and forth over the net. You can play this game with a friend or with a computer. Suitable for kids 10+ years.

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The Jigsaw Puzzles

If you don’t want to go out and buy an entirely new puzzle, then The Jigsaw Puzzles is the perfect alternative. Just like a normal puzzle, you assemble the pieces on your desktop. Pieces ranging from 50 – 150. Recommended for ages 9+ years.

Pokémon Go

We all remember the era of Pokémon go when every second person you walked past in the street was trying to catch Pokémon’s. The aim of the game is to get you outside and into the real world, as you scan your phone around your surroundings you may see different Pokémon’s pop up. The goal is to catch as many as you can, trying to get the entire collection.

Super Mario Run

Last but certainly not least is Super Mario Run. An old classic that has been transformed into a mobile game for all ages to enjoy. While Mario is running through his world, your job is to pull off high jumps, collect coins and pass every level without falling or getting eaten by the different bugs. This will have you feeling very nostalgic.

Offline games


First of all, this is a classic. If you have never played Jenga, then you are missing out on some family fun. Jenga involves staking up wooden tiles in a tower and taking turns with your friends or family, gently removing each tile without letting the tower fall over. Whoever makes the tower collapse first, loses.


Yet another classic. I bet you probably have an old board stuffed into the back of the closet.

Monopoly is a game where players roll a dice and move around the board buying and trading different properties. You can develop them with houses and hotels, and then when someone lands on your property, they are required to pay you rent. The game aims to be the last one left with money, making everyone else bankrupt.

Make a sensory bin

If you have young kids, then you will know how tough it can be to keep them entertained sometimes, especially indoors. Try making a sensory bin for your child. Kids love to touch and feel different textures, and it also encourages independent play and imagination. All you need to do is put some kind of textured item in a bin and let them go nuts. This could be water, sand, rice, lentils, jelly, macaroni’s, the list goes on and on.

Make a family collage.

What better way to spend some quality time with your family while also getting crafty! Creating a family collage is a great way to fill up some time while also making a memento filled with all of your favourite memories.

DIY Play Dough

Another great life hack if you have young children is to create your own play-dough. It is incredibly easy, and you most likely already have these items in your pantry. Simply mix together all-purpose flour, salt, baby oil and water.

Step 1: Mix flour and salt to a 2:1 ratio
Step 2: Add 1 Tablespoon of baby oil and knead the dough with water.

Make a house of cards.

I bet you’ve done this plenty of times as a kid. Everyone has a pack of cards lying around their house. Have a competition with your friends and family who can build the tallest or best house of cards. This will keep everyone entertained for a while

Play cards

Speaking of cards, why not break out the pack and play some of your favorite card games. You could set up a poker game at your dining table once the kids have gone to bed or you could play “go fish” with the whole family.

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Musical chairs

Kids love this game, and all you need is a few chairs and some music. Start by setting up chairs in a circle. Use as many seats as there are players. Play the music; once the music stops, all players have to sit down as fast as they can. Slowly start taking chairs away, so there isn’t enough for all players whoever cannot find a seat when the music stops are eliminated.

Finger painting

This one will always keep children entertained and is pretty self-explanatory. Grab a few paints and some paper and let the kids go crazy. It encourages independent play and creativity, which is awesome!


Charades is a simple but fun game to play with the whole family. Grab some paper, write down a few movie titles or animals, whatever you please. Put them in a hat and then take turns picking them out and mimicking what the card says. The only rule is you cannot use any words or write any clues down; it is all acted out by you. The first to guess, get the point.

Organise a game night

Games To Play When Bored

Once a week, you and your family could plan a game night. Just grab all your favourite board games, cards, anything. This is a great way to enjoy time with your family and put the electronics away for a while.

Tongue Twisters

This is perfect if you need a break from your kids. Give them a silly tongue twister that they need to say 10x before they can disturb you. This will work every time.

Create a treasure hunt

Another easy way to keep your children entertained for a few hours is to have them make their own treasure hunt. Give them some paper and ask them to draw a map and hide some treasure. The kids can take turns hiding and hunting for the treasure.

Taking up a new exercise

Exercising isn’t always the most fun activity. Well, I guess it depends on who you are, but it can be tedious and hard to stay consistent for most. Why not try a fun new activity like yoga or Zumba. They have plenty of videos on YouTube you can follow from the comfort of your living room.

Build a fort!

I know we have all done this as kids. Building a fort with your bedsheets and best friends is an age-old classic. Give it a go with your bedsheets and a few chairs!

Make a picture using stickers.

If your kids are suffering from boredom and you have run out of energy, as we all do, ask your little one to make a picture out of their sticker collection. This is sure to keep them entertained for at least 30mins -1hour.

Learn to draw!

If you love being creative, then learning to draw can be a great way to stay entertained and update your drawing skills. They have plenty of free step by step tutorials on YouTube just like this one below.

Invest in a coloring book

Whether you are a child or a full-grown adult, coloring books for all ages are available and highly therapeutic. If you are stressed or bored, grabbing some markers and a coloring book will have not just your children entertained but also the adults.

Play freeze dance

This is definitely a crowd favorite with children and will burn through a lot of their energy which is great for us parents.

Magazine collage

Getting crafty always helps keep the kids occupied. Grab a pile of old magazines and with the supervision, of course, give your child some scissors, glue and paper. Let me cut out whatever they want and make a collage.

Learn origami

Have you ever seen those folded birds made out of paper? That’s origami, the perfect activity for you and your family to try out. It may take some persistence, but they turn out beautiful once you have the technique down. All you need is a few pieces of colored paper.

Start a puzzle

Now when I say start a puzzle, I mean one of the 1000x pieces or more puzzles. This will keep you busy for days, and once you complete the puzzle, it always feels so satisfying.

Play twister!

Do you remember that wildly popular game Twister? The one where you have to put your hands and feet on different colored circles until you can’t balance anymore. Everybody has one hidden away in their closet, well its time to bring it out and play with the family; this will have everyone laughing in no time.

Make a sandwich

Alright, I know this one sounds a little odd, but when kids do grown up tasks, it makes them feel more independent and is a great boost in confidence! Let your child go nuts trying to make a sandwich or helping you bake some cookies.

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Learn jump rope

Kids nowadays spend the majority of their time inside on iPads. Why not grab that old jump rope out of the garage and teach them how to jump? Make a small competition out of it to keep them entertained. This will also help drain their energy to give you some much-needed peace and quiet later on.