10 Very Best Fun Drinking Games

10 Very Best Fun Drinking Games

Enjoying your college years usually means that you will be enjoying quite a few parties and drinking with your friends. Luckily, there are some insanely fun drinking games that will spice up those parties and bring up that level of fun for the night; creating lasting memories. Although, if the party is good enough, you may not even remember them by the following morning. Here are 10 insanely fun drinking games to play at your next party.


Straight Face

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With this game, each player gets a piece of paper and writes a short sentence on it. This sentence should be something extremely inappropriate that your friends will be struggling to read with a straight face. Each player takes their turn choosing a piece of paper and reading what’s on it while trying not to laugh. If the player fails, they must take a drink.


Sip, Sip, Shot

It’s time to bring back some childhood memories with the adult version of duck, duck, goose. The basics of this game are pretty much the same as the childhood version, except it’s much more fun. Each player sits in a circle while the chosen player goes around tapping the other players on the head saying ’sip’. Each player that gets the bop saying ’sip’ must take a sip of their drink. When the chosen player chooses their ’shot’ victim, they must chase the chosen player around the circle and tag them. If they succeed, they take over as the chosen one. If they fail, they have to take a shot.


Bite the Bag

Each player sits in a circle with a paper bag placed in the middle of the circle. The players take turns leaning over and picking up the bag with their mouth. You are not allowed to use your hands to grab or balance the bag. If you fail to pick up the bag using your mouth, you have to take a drink. Once everyone takes their turn, it’s time for round two! An inch gets snipped off the top of the bag and each player must try to pick it up again using only their mouth. With each new round, another inch gets cut off the bag until all that’s left is the bottom.


Who’s Most Likely To

Most Likely Questions

In this game, each player sits in a circle and one player will as a ’most likely’ question. Such as ’who is most likely to run naked through the stadium?’ or ’who would be most likely to kiss a stranger?’. Each player will then point to the player that they believe is the most likely to do that act. If you are the one with the most amount of fingers pointed at you, you have to take a drink for each number of fingers pointed at you. For example, if five people are pointing at you, you must take five sips of your drink.



Time to break out the shot glasses! With this game, the players sit in a circle around a table filled with regular shots and jello shots. Each player will begin the game with their head on the table. Count to three and all players must look up. If you look up and find that you’re staring directly at someone who is looking directly at you, quickly shout ’Medusa!’ and take a shot. If you look up at someone and they aren’t looking at you, you get to skip the shots. This game continues until all the shots are gone.

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Bloody Hell Dice Game

For this game, you’ll need a die and a group of fun friends. Begin by rolling the die. The first player has to match the number on the die by either rolling the exact number the first time or rolling two or three numbers that add up the original number. Each player only gets three rolls and will have to drink if they can’t get to the original number within those three rolls. After the first player’s turn is over, the player to the left goes next by trying to match the last number that was rolled. Keep playing until the fun runs out!


Cup Swap

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In this game, each player gets two cups, one filled with an alcoholic beverage and the other empty. Each player has exactly one minute to pour as much of the drink as they can into the empty cup using only a spoon. Once the timer is up, the player must drink the remainder of the alcohol from the original cup.


Mr. Freeze

This game is a bit different than the rest because you can play it for the entire length of the party. One player gets the designated tile of being ”Mr. Freeze”. During the party, this player randomly chooses times to freeze and everyone that notices must stop and do the same. The last person to follow has to take a shot and a new Mr. Freeze is then chosen. This is a fun game that can be enjoyed throughout the party without stopping. In fact, you can even play other games while this one is still going on!

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Alphabet Game

With this fun drinking game, each player sits in a circle taking turns reciting words that begin with each letter of the alphabet. However, the game must have a theme. For example, if the theme is ’cars’, the first person could say Audi, and the next would maybe say Benz, then Chevy, and so on. Each player will take turns reciting a word for the next letter of the alphabet. When a player can’t think of a word or messes up, that player must then take a drink.

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Never Have I Ever

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You may have heard of this game and perhaps even played it a few time with or without alcohol. However, it’s always a bit more fun with a little drinking involved. You begin this game by sitting with a group of friends in a circle. The first player takes their turn by making a ’never have I ever’ statement. For anyone that has, in fact, done that act that player then must take a drink. For example, if a player says ’never have I ever went on a rollercoaster while drunk’, each player in the group that has been on a rollercoaster while drunk must take a drink. This game can get pretty crazy and possibly embarrassing depending on what the statements are. So, be prepared for a long night of fun and crazy times! You may even try the Dirty Never Have I Ever Edition.

College parties always make for a fun experience, especially when there is alcohol and fun games involved. Of course, these games can get a little out of hand and some people may end up a little more drunk than others. But, that’s all worth the fun, right? Always remember to drink responsibly and have a great and safe time at your next party!


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