15 Very Best Drinking Games For Two

15 Very Best Drinking Games For Two

Nowadays it’s more common to have a party of two than a gathering of many people. The Coronavirus has changed a lot of things in our lives and some things might never be as we once knew them but this is not a reason to be sad as change also comes along with opportunity!

We all drank a little more during quarantine, and surely it became boring after a while. The good thing is that drinking games exist and are always there to make things more fun! But… they’re usually designed for large groups, or at least for groups over three people. In the meantime, you just want to chill with your bestie, or spend a fun night with your partner with a fun drinking game… Well, look no further! This choice list is a compilation of the most fun, entertaining drinking games that exist, and you only need two people to play!

The best part is that you don’t even need any equipment or props! Just a friend, your drink of choice, and a place to crash for the night, so you don’t drive under the influence!

Are you ready for tipsiness? So are we!


The Best Drinking Games For Two People


1. Two Truths and a Lie

This is a great game for pairs that don’t know each other very well yet! Whether it is a new relationship or a new buddy that you met at the gym, this is the most fun when you know some things but not everything about the other person so the game can get really fun and competitive.

The best part? You don’t need any cards or props to play it!

The premise of the game is quite easy. The first player begins by listing two things about themself that are true and one that is a lie. This can be done in any order you like but all of the three must be delivered as if true.

The second player will then have to pick which of the three facts is a lie. If the second player guesses right, the first player drinks. Otherwise, the second player drinks.

The second player will then list their own facts, and so on.

The game becomes very fun if players pick interesting things about themselves that might sound fake but they’re not. The lie should be something easily believable….Unless you want to lose!


2. Never Have I Ever

Everyone knows “Never Have I Ever” and it’s probably one of the most famous and beloved drinking games that exist! The game is often played in a large group, however, it’s also really fun even if it’s just two people! 

This game is also better if you don’t know many things about the person you’re playing with and the goal is to discover as many new and saucy things you can about the other!

In case you’re not familiar with the game this is how to play it:

The first player begins by saying something they’ve never done. For example, “Never Have I ever gone hiking.” You can start with mild things such as this and then keep building up with something wilder, saucier or plain out kinky. It all depends on how comfortable you are with admitting things you’ve done!  What starts with something innocent like hiking can end up to something like “Never have I ever had group sex.” 

If the other person has done the thing, they have to drink. If not then they don’t drink . Either way it’s their turn to say a thing they’ve never done, and so on!

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3. I’m Going on a Trip

“I’m Going on a Trip” is a game based on memory which gets increasingly funnier the tipsier you become. 

The premise is simple: Each player must list an item in alphabetical order, that they would take with them on a trip. Then the second player needs to list a thing but also needs to remember the first item. Each turn a new item goes on the list.

For instance, the first player might say “I’m going on a trip and I’m packing antiseptic.” Then, the second player has to continue like, “I’m going on a trip and I’m packing antiseptic and beach balls.” And so on, until someone forgets something on the list or can’t  think of something, in which case they have to drink!

The game can get absolutely ridiculous as the drunkenness levels rise and the items become even wilder! You will probably end up “arguing” on whether xerox paper or a zipper are things someone would pack for a trip!

Power Hour

If your goal is to get as smashed as possible then this game is for you! The purpose of this game is to do 1 shot of your drink of choice every minute for an hour straight! The winner is the person who manages to do 60 shots in an hour!


4. Speed Facts

This game is ideal if the players know each other very well as its premise is to prove just how well you know each other. It’s very easy to play! 

Each player must take turns to state things that are true about the other player. Each time they get something wrong they must do a shot. (You can also adjust the number of facts one needs to get wrong before taking a shot)

Players must go back and forth noting true facts about their partner. Each time a player gets three statements wrong, they must take a drink.

If your goal is to get wasted you might not get there with this game but you might get all sentimental and happy about how much the other player knows about you!

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5. Mind Meld

This is the perfect two-player game as having more players would get extremely convoluted!

The two players have to look at each other, count to three, then say a word. The premise of the game is to then speak the word that the two words together made each player think about.

For example, someone says “ball” and the other player says “dog”, a resulting common word could be “Fetch”!

The game can get very ridiculous and chaotic, especially with words that don’t seem to have anything to do with each other!

Each time the announced word doesn’t match, the players have to take a drink.

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6. Flip Cup

This is a classic drinking game usually played in college parties in large groups but it can be just as fun with only two people!

You will need:

  • Cups
  • Low-Alcohol content drinks. (such as beer or Breezers)

Here’s how you play it in case you don’t know!

Each player gets five cups filled up to the first line then sit opposite each other at the table and line up the cups in a row on the side.

The players then count to three and each player must grab their first cup and chug it as fast as they can. Afterwards, they have to set the cup on the very edge of the table and use one finger to flip the cup making it land upside down.

Each player can only move to the next drink if the cup has been flipped properly.

The first player to finish wins!


7. The Mustache TV

This one is very simple: You draw a mustache on a piece of paper and place it on your tv. Then you play your favorite movie or show! Each time someone’s face gets properly mustached, you take a drink.

You might have to be careful on how you will tape the mustache on your tv to make sure you don’t damage the screen. Older TVs had glass on the front which made this easy to do, however newer ones might require some creativity, such as hanging the moustache from a shelf with a string.

If you want you could add other items as well, such as top hats or cigars for added hilarity!


8. Drunk Coin Toss

 This game is extremely simple and fun!

Each player takes turns to wager amounts of your drink of choice by pouring some in a glass. The person who poured the drink flips a coin and the other player has to call heads or tails.

If the second player gets it wrong, they have to chug the drink that was wagered. If they get it right, the pourer needs to drink instead. 

This can get extremely competitive and fun, but the sure thing is that you’ll both probably end up smashed! With 50-50 chances the odds should be quite even….


9. Beer Pong 

This is another classic drinking game that you might have played in a large group before. However, you don’t need a huge group in order to enjoy this game as it’s super fun with just two people as well! It really brings out the fun competitive side of people and it’s great whether you’re playing with your SO or your bestie! 

In case you don’t know how to play here’s what you need:

Each player should get 6 cups full of beer (or other drink of choice) in front of them on either side of the table in a triangular formation. Three cups in the last row, two in the middle and one in the front. The goal of the game is to throw your ping pong ball across the table and get it in your opponent’s cup.  If you land the ball in a cup, your opponent has to down the drink, and the cup is removed from the game.

The winner is the player who hits all of their opponent’s cups first. The loser has to drink the remaining cups!

Perhaps it’s best to avoid filling the cups to the top since it’s only two people. Nothing is worse than your night being cut short because someone is feeling  awful because of too much drinking!

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10. Higher or Lower

This is an extremely fun and simple game to play. It’s usually played with a deck of cards but if you don’t have one handy you can download an app deck on your phone and use that!

The deck is shuffled and then the first player pulls a card from the deck and sets it down.

The second player then has to guess if the next card in the deck has a higher or lower value. If they get it wrong, they drink. If they get it right, the other player drinks!


11. Flip, Sip or Share

This is a really fun drinking that has the potential to end up kinky, if that’s what you want. (see notes) All you need is your drink of choice and a coin. You don’t have a coin? Just download a coin flip app!

The first player flips a coin the other player has to call heads or tails.

If the second player gets it right, they get to flip the coin next. If they get it wrong, they have to take a drink and the first player flips again. If the guess is wrong again, then the second player has to post something strange on their social media without context. That is entirely up to the players, for example “I just pooped in my bed.” Or something similar, but remember, it should be something harmless and fun that wouldn’t ruin relationships or job opportunities!

Notes: Another way this can be played is the strip version. Instead of posting on social media, the person takes off one item of clothing! It really depends on how you want to play the game!


12. Battleshots!

This is a great spin on the classic board game Battleship! You can play even if you don’t own the board game by making your own board. All you need is two pieces of paper, pens, and a divider.

Draw a 7 by 7 grid and then number the rows and letter the columns. Choose six squares and put an X in each one  to represent your ships. 

Then each player should take turns in guessing where the ships of their opponent are on the board. Every time one of your ships is hit, you have to take a sip!

The loser is whoever’s ships are sunk first!


13. Straight Face

This is a really funny game, especially if you are like me and just begin cackling whenever someone else can’t stop laughing! The game is pretty simple! You print small strips of jokes, hilarious puns, or naughty phrases, cut them, and put them in a bowl. The first player picks one strip and reads what’s on it. All people have to keep a straight face. Whoever laughs has to get a drink.

There’s not winner in this game but you’re sure to laugh a lot and get really hammered really fast!


14. Try Not To Laugh Marathon

This game involves finding one of those “Try not to laugh” videos on YouTube that are usually full of incredible vines that are too good for this world! It’s better if you’ve done some pre-drinking for this game but you can also start entirely sober. Every time a player laughs, they have to do a shit. If it’s a super funny video…. Good luck to your liver!


15. Truth or Dare

Another classic game known to anyone, with a drinking twist! This is played exactly like the original game of Truth or Dare. The first player has to pick between truth or dare. If they pick truth, but doesn’t want to answer, they have to take a drink. If they pick dare but can’t complete the dare, they have to drink! The player take turns answering or doing challenges and the drunker they get, the funnier this game becomes! This is a really good game to get to know more about the other person too!

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