100 How Well Do You Know Me Questions

100 How Well Do You Know Me Questions

Ever had that voice at the back of your head whispering, “Do the people who really love me know me?” Or, perhaps you’ve recently gotten a promotion and you want to tell everyone, but you don’t want to come off as a boaster.

Well, now’s your chance to let them know! With our 100+ questions for your friends and/or partner to ask, you can finally put that voice to rest. From our fun topics, varying from travel to food, you and your loved ones can have an awesome time learning new things about one another!

However, it’s important to remember that if a loved one didn’t know something about you, don’t take it to heart. This is what the game’s about, learning new things about each other, and having fun!

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Questions for Couples

How Well Do You Know Me Questions

Ambition Questions

  1. What is my dream job?
  2. What was one of my biggest ambitions last year?
  3. What is my main ambition for this year?
  4. What do I truly want in this world?
  5. What weight goal do I want to reach this year?
  6. Do I right now care more for money or passion?
  7. Am I a goal-driven person?
  8. As of right now, how many kids do I want to have?
  9. Where do I want to live for the rest of my life?
  10. Do I have a dream car in mind?
  11. If I had the choice, would I prefer to live in a million-dollar mansion in the country, or live in a cozy apartment in the city?


Intimate Questions

  1. Who is my main role model? / Who do usually I look up to?
  2. What’s one of my biggest insecurities?
  3. What is my most embarrassing memory?
  4. Have I ever kissed anyone of the same gender romantically?
  5. Have I had any near-death experiences?
  6. Do I think marriages are dumb?
  7. What is my zodiac sign?
  8. Do I have any morning rituals?
  9. Which parts of my body have birthmarks?
  10. Where do I see myself in 5 years?
  11. Can I speak any other languages?

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Job / Career Questions

  1. What would I hate to have for a job?
  2. Do I hate my boss / manager?
  3. What is my favourite part about my job?
  4. What was my first ever job?
  5. What did I really want to be as a kid?
  6. Do I have any side hustles?
  7. What do I hate most about my job?
  8. What do I love most about my job?
  9. If I got promoted to be a leader in my workforce, do you think I’d accept?
  10. Do I plan on owning my own business in the future?


Quirk / Personality Questions

  1. What is my biggest pet peeve?
  2. Do I usually like to plan more than improvise, or the other way around?
  3. What signs do I show when I’m nervous?
  4. Am I more extroverted or introverted?
  5. Do I like listening more than talking, or the other way around?
  6. Am I an artsy type of person?
  7. Do I handle serious situations well?
  8. Am I more of a ‘stuff it I’m doing it’, or a ‘well, let me think about it first’ type of person?
  9. Am I fun at parties?
  10. What is one of my biggest quirks?

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Food Questions

  1. What is my #1 favourite vegetable to eat?
  2. What is my #1 favourite fast food to eat?
  3. What is my #1 favourite beverage to drink?
  4. What is my #1 favourite restaurant?
  5. What is my most hated food?
  6. What is my #1 favourite cuisine of food?
  7. Do I like to cook?
  8. Have I ever set anything on fire while cooking?
  9. What do I usually eat for breakfast?
  10. What is my favourite dessert?
  11. Do I prefer spicy food over sweet, or sweet over spicy?
  12. What is my go-to snack?


Questions for Friends

How Well Do You Know Me Questions

Childhood Questions

  1. Who was my favourite cartoon character?
  2. Who was my best friend in primary school?
  3. Who was my favourite pet growing up?
  4. What was my favourite plaything at a park?
  5. Which teacher did I hate the most?
  6. What was my hobby that I loved growing up?
  7. What was my favourite subject in school?
  8. Was I an athletic kid growing up?
  9. Where did I use to live as a kid?
  10. Was I spoilt as a kid?
  11. Did I have any imaginary friends?


Interests Questions

  1. What is my favourite hobby?
  2. What do I enjoy most about my favourite hobby?
  3. What are my hobbies?
  4. What genre of music is my favourite?
  5. Who is my #1 favourite band to listen to?
  6. Which fashion brand is my absolute favourite?
  7. Do I collect anything as a hobby?
  8. Am I into any tv shows?
  9. What is my most favourite movie?
  10. Am I more of a dog person, or a cat person?
  11. Am I into any video games?

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Family / Friend Questions

  1. How many siblings do I have?
  2. Am I the eldest child in my family?
  3. How many pets did I have as a kid?
  4. Do I have any nieces/nephews?
  5. Who is my least favourite family member?
  6. Who is my best friend?
  7. Who do I usually hang out with?
  8. Do I have any gay friends?
  9. Do I live with my parents?
  10. Do I have any half siblings?
  11. What is my favourite part about my family (e.g. funny, smart, honest, etc.)


Travel Questions

  1. Where do I want to travel the most?
  2. Do I want to live overseas?
  3. What was the last country I visited?
  4. Do I prefer travelling by car, or by plane?
  5. Do I easily get car / boat / plane sick?
  6. Do I hate any countries?
  7. Would I rather visit European countries first or Asian countries?
  8. Do I prefer travelling alone, or with a person/group?
  9. Have I ever caught any overseas sicknesses?
  10. Have I done anything illegal while travelling?
  11. Do I prefer to visit touristy attractions, or go ‘off track’ (explore where others don’t usually go)?
  12. Have I ever been to a concert?

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Sport Questions

  1. What is my favourite sport?
  2. Who is my favourite professional athlete?
  3. Which sport team do I avidly follow?
  4. Do I currently play sports?
  5. What sport did I play in high school?
  6. Do I want to join a professional sporting team?
  7. Am I part of any sporting clubs?
  8. What sport(s) do I hate the most?
  9. Have I ever refereed any matches / games?
  10. Have I ever gotten into a physical fight playing sports?
  11. Do I have any trophies / medals from the sports I’ve won?