10 Scattergories List To Play with Friends

10 Scattergories List To Play with Friends

Have you heard of Scattergories?

During the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak, many of us rediscovered just how fun board games can be. Due to the restrictions, this often happened remotely through video conferences or video calls! One game that is popular due to its relative simplicity whilst still being fun, challenging and flexible is Scattergories. Scattergories is a best-selling board game but all you really need to play is something to write with and at least 2 or 3 other players for best results! This makes it an ideal board game to play remotely since you don’t need a physical board to advance in the game or keep score!

How to play

The key and foundation of this game is memory and creativity. Essentially, what players have to do within an agreed upon time-limit is to find either a word or an example that fits into each of the 12 Scattergories categories beginning with a letter chosen at random. The letters Q, U, V, X, Y and Z are usually excluded, but you can always leave them in if you really want a challenge! When players recite their choices for each category at the end of the time limit, only choices that weren’t repeated will receive points. This is where each player’s own creativity will come into play in order to be able to win!

For example, if a category on the list is “Actors”, and the chosen letter is “L”, “Leonardo di Caprio” is very likely to be a choice for one of your friends so you might be better off saying “Liam Neeson”.

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That’s all well and good, where are the categories?

If you own the Scattergories board game, you’ll know it comes with a set amount of categories so you can play straight away. This might have made your recent Scattergories games quite repetitive if you’ve played it a lot recently, or maybe you don’t own the game at all. An easy solution to either problem is to make up your own categories! If you know who you’ll be playing with beforehand, you can perhaps think of some categories that will be particularly amusing or interesting to you and your friends. If you don’t know who you’ll be playing with or haven’t got time to think of any, feel free to use some of these examples below!

Scattergories List #1

Scattergories List 1
  1. Airports
  2. Science Fiction Movies
  3. Vegan food
  4. Musicals
  5. Nobel Prize Winners
  6. Mountains
  7. Things with tails
  8. Reasons to quit your job
  9. Items you take to the gym
  10. Places you can go on a first date
  11. Things you can study at university/college
  12. Reptiles/Amphibians

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Scattergories List #2

Scattergories List 2
  1. Mythological creatures
  2. Airlines
  3. Beverages
  4. Things you need for School/University/College
  5. Capital Cities
  6. Singers
  7. Things that smell bad
  8. Clothing brands
  9. Slang terms for money
  10. Outdoor activities
  11. Swearwords
  12. Dog breeds

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Scattergories List #3

Scattergories List 3
  1. Fruits
  2. Authors
  3. Home appliances
  4. Things you could buy as a souvenir
  5. Mammals
  6. Landmarks
  7. Cities in your country
  8. Heads of state/government
  9. Things you can get by post
  10. 10.Things you need when you go for a hike
  11. Biblical names
  12. Things you can find in a bathroom

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Scattergories List #4

Scattergories List 4
  1. Things you can eat in a Cinema
  2. Cartoon Characters
  3. Things you can’t take on a plane
  4. Words that are impossible to rhyme
  5. Ingredients that belong on a Pizza
  6. Jobs/Occupations
  7. Famous Historical Figures
  8. Famous football players
  9. Things you can get for free
  10. Places you can’t drive to
  11. Games
  12. Confectionery

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Scattergories List #5

Scattergories List 5
  1. Things that money can’t buy
  2. Things you can do with your dog
  3. Historical events
  4. Newspapers
  5. Reasons to stay in bed
  6. Places you would go on holiday to
  7. Acronyms
  8. Things you do before you go to bed
  9. Ingredients that belong in a Smoothie
  10. Car brands
  11. Places where you can’t get drunk
  12. Things that are red

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List #6

Scattergories List 6
  1. Blockbuster Movies
  2. Things to take to the beach
  3. Famous artists
  4. Things you can eat for breakfast
  5. Places you shouldn’t wear a suit
  6. Animals you can’t keep as pets
  7. Towns/cities in your country 
  8. Book titles
  9. Rivers
  10. Things you can’t take on a business trip
  11. Party snacks
  12. Gifts you can buy for less than 10$

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List #7

Scattergories List 7
  1. Board games
  2. Things that are cold
  3. Things you can find on a farm
  4. Medicine 
  5. Something you are afraid of
  6. Things you can’t lift
  7. Words with double letters
  8. Ice cream flavours
  9. Places you wouldn’t go on a summer vacation
  10. Expensive foods
  11. Pixar characters
  12. Things you can find in a handbag

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List #8

Scattergories List 8
  1. Parts of the human body
  2. Halloween costumes 
  3. Weapons
  4. Types of cheese
  5. Things you have to pay for every month
  6. Mammals
  7. Cocktails
  8. Things you would see in New York
  9. Things you need for a long-haul flight
  10. Things you could buy for less than 1$
  11. Places you could hide something from your partner
  12. Things you would see in a gym

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List #9

Scattergories List 9
  1. Words that have a double entendre
  2. Things you can fit in your mouth
  3. Places you would never live at
  4. Things you can see underwater
  5. Types of transportation
  6. Animals you can domesticate
  7. Things you would put in a party bag
  8. Types of candy
  9. Things you could find in a car
  10. Countries
  11. Rivers
  12. Celebrities

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Scattergories List #10

Scattergories List 10
  1. Things that you could buy for a month’s salary
  2. Things you could find on a boat
  3. Chores
  4. Sports star
  5. Things you study at school
  6. Disney characters
  7. Things that have gone obsolete
  8. Olympic events
  9. Album titles
  10. 10.Things that can kill a person
  11. Villains
  12. Things you can put in a microwave

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