80 Chocolate Puns

80 Chocolate Puns

“Come with me and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination”.

I am sure these are lyrics that we would all like an eccentric being to sing to us, then whisk us away to their incredible chocolate factory where delectable treats we could only imagine are created. Chocolate is the food of love, food of sadness, food of fun and food of treats, everyone loves a bit of chocolate. Here are 80 jokes and puns that you can share with your loved ones over a box of your favourite treats.

Why did the chocolate chip cookie visit the doctor? Because he felt crumbly.

What do you call a chocolate that goes to school? A Smartie.

What food is always late to the party? Choco-late

What is a chocolate bar’s favourite dance? A Twirl.

How does a chocolate bar communicate? Through a Wispa.

Why did the donut have to visit a dentist? Because he needed a chocolate filling.

What is a Parisians cat’s favourite food? Chocolate Mousse.

What happens before candy rain? It sprinkles.

What is a chocolate baa? A sheep covered in chocolate.

What is the best chocolate bar to eat on a spaceship? A Mars Bar.

In the world there are 2 different types of people. There are people who love chocolate and liars.

Why does the hot chocolate not like Harry Potter? Because it was a Muggle.

Why did the hot chocolate bring a spoon to the meeting? To stir up some drama.

What is a Choco-early? The opposite of a chocolate.

Why is a Toblerone shaped like a triangle? So, it fits in the box.

How many calories in a chocolate pie? 3.14159265…

Why did the farmer buy a cow that was brown? He wanted chocolate milk.

What do you call someone who loves chocolate? A coco-anivore.

What does a Mars bar and a Milky Way have in common? They both love space.

How does a mug of hot chocolate feel after a workout? Whipped

Why did the hot chocolate contact the police? It got mugged.

What did the chocoholic say to their friends? I am not overweight I am just chocolate enriched.

What do you call a chocolate covered car? A Ferrari Rocher.

What do you call a chocolate cat? A Kit Kat

How do you know a chocolate bar likes your jokes? It Snickers

What is the best fruit in the world? Chocolate covered strawberries.

How do you eat chocolate without gaining weight? Eat it in your dreams.

When I am sad, I do not drown my sorrows, I use chocolate to suffocate them.

Chocolate exists because being an adult is hard.

Why was the hot chocolate funny? Because it had a mug-nificent sense of humour.

I am really fondue of you.

Why doesn’t a chocolate like stressful situations? They melt under pressure.

How do you stop chocolate from going bad? You eat it as quickly as you can.

What was wrong with the Kit Kat? It needed to take a break.

What is a chocolates favourite day of the week? A Sundae.

What did one chocolate bar say to the other? Looking sweet!

Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know which person you meet is full of nuts.

Why did the band have a bar of chocolate? They needed a wrapper.

An Egyptian tomb has been found filled with chocolate and nuts. They believe it is the tomb of Pharaoh Rocher.

What are the preferred pronouns of a bar of chocolate? Her, She

The man got over his chocolate, marshmallow, and nuts addiction, but it was a Rocky Road.

What type of bar is child friendly? A chocolate bar.

What type of chocolate can you buy in an airport? Plane Chocolate.

The children had to be Kind-Er to each other.

I am not someone to be truffled with when it comes to chocolate.

Chocolate? Here you bar.

What’s Mario’s favourite chocolate milk? Yoo Hoo.

Seven days without chocolate…. makes one weak.

Why are Wonka’s a good name for testicles? They are situated between a willy and the chocolate factory.

When is the best time to eat marshmallows and chocolate biscuits? In the S’morning.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew unless it is chocolate.

I shoved so much chocolate in my mouth I became known as Choke-a-lot.

You make me melt.

What is the brightest chocolate in the sky? The Milky Way.

There were so many Reese-on’s why I ate the chocolate.

Why did the hot chocolate and coffee split up? They couldn’t espresso their emotions.

What do you call a cow with a stutter? A Cacao.

I am so choco-late for my appointment.

You look hot, chocolate.

What is a chocolate bar’s favourite lesson at school? Cocoa-lculus.

Why did the hot chocolate start a band? Because it had mug-sical talent.

How did the hot chocolate make the marshmallows disappear? It was a mug-ician.

What chocolate can you eat in the library? A Wispa

I cannot Reese’st you.

That information will come in Candy.

What do you call a singing and dancing chocolate? A choco-latte.

What do you call electric candy? Shook-a-lot.

What did the Snickers say to the Mars bar? I am nuts about you.

What’s a chocolates favourite musician? Eminem.

What chocolate is the scariest? Kinder Boo-enos.

What nut loves chocolate? A cocoa nut.

What country does chocolate come from? Sweetzerland.

What 2 letters spell Candy? C and Y

The magician had a few Twix up his sleeve.

What do you call someone who eats a lot of Smarites? Smarty pants.

Chocolate inventors put their money behind bars.

Be Kinder to me.

I have a Snickers, 2 mars bars and a Twix, however I am not cut out to be a Bounty hunter.

What is a chocolate factory in Malaysia called? Oompa Lumpur.

An ant fell into a tub of chocolate spread. He is now known as a decad-ant.

Ziz Brown