The 100 Best Egg Puns

The 100 Best Egg Puns

Ever been in a situation where you feel like “this would be the perfect time for a pun”, but not being able to find it? Well, here’s a starter kit for you when it comes to egg-puns!

But be careful: Some of them might make you crack up…

100 of the Best Egg Puns

I just got egg-stradited.

This omelette is so bad it feels like a yolk.

Wearing a dress, the farmer felt really egg-stravagant.

He felt like Jason Bourne, always looking for the nearest egg-sit.

This omelette is egg-straordinary.

The chicken got infected, but luckily it was egg-stracellularly.

The gate was open, so the chicken decided to go on an egg-spedition.

She wasn’t able to fully egg-spress herself.

A thousand chickens met up for the egg-shibitionism event.            


As the roosters lined up, the chicken felt like she was on egg-spo.

The priest didn’t like his latest church member, so he got egg-scommunicated.

The astronauts decided to make an eggs-tragalactial omelette.

The chicken-growth was egg-sponential.

The chef arrived at his final egg-sam.

I’m tired of egg-sisting.

The chicken was eventually egg-spelled for its atrocities.

The farmer got really egg-cited with his new chickens.

With the wildfire going on, the egg-sodus from the farm was unavoidable.

The chickens grew tired of their small farm, and felt like egg-spanding their territory.

It was time to go. He had egg-ceeded his stay.

They really liked it at the farm, and didn’t want to get egg-sported.

Everybody likes fried chicken, egg-cept the farmer.

“I love a good omelette. I’m an egg-spert!”

He wished for a cookbook, but didn’t get what he egg-spected.

As she was running through the empty streets, she felt really egg-sposed.

The farmer had successfully egg-stended his record.

The doctor needed to egg-stract a sample from the fetus.

The midwife knew egg-cactly where to check.

Uploading all the recipes would take a lot of egg-sabytes.

The perfect preparation for giving birth, would be some egg-sercise. 

“Making omelettes really egg-cites me!”

Egg Puns: Part 2

The chicken’s muscles were damaged, so it could no longer egg-shale.

The chicken bumped into the hen: “Oh, egg-scuse me.”

“This breakfast is very egg-cotic!”

She couldn’t be bothered with the whole review of her restaurant, so she demanded an egg-cerpt.

They weren’t able to have more babies, so they got egg-stinct.

The ostrich had run so far it got egg-shausted.

When she mixed them together, they egg-sploded.

When he finally realised she was with him just to steal his chickens, he felt egg-sploited.

As he realised what the chicken had actually done, it needed to be egg-secuted.

“This omelette doesn’t taste nice, and we need to egg-samine why.”

“The size of that chicken is egg-streme!”

“Why do you only have french toast? Egg-splain!”

Of different amphibians, there are many egg-samples.

Living close to the nuclear test site, the chickens got egg-sposed. 

Throw away the yolk, and use the white as an egg-spunger.

He knew he was a human, but felt like a chicken, so he performed an egg-sorcism.

Despite the prejudices, the chicken and the horse went through with their egg-sogamic wedding.

After receiving chemotherapy, he started egg-suviating.

She left the farm and went into egg-sile. 

He needed to stand up, but his egg-stensors wouldn’t comply.

The egg to the white: “Are we egg-sclucive?”

“Before lunch is over, I would love to egg-change numbers!”

“The lunch menu is so egg-sasperating!”

She flipped the omelette in the air, making it look like an egg-stravaganza.

The chickens have been egg-sterminated.

“I’m moving to the egg-surbs.”

The farmer egg-stolled his latest upgrade.

“I’m very hungry, so can I have one egg-stra?”

They had to leave after the egg-serted pressure.

Egg Puns: Part 3

Amongst all the bakers, she egg-celled!

After living in New Zealand for 20 years, the Spanish egg-spat went home.

Hitting the edge of the frying pan, was its egg-sodoi.

“I will now egg-sect the yolk.”

After winning the baking competition, she egg-sulted.

Cooking wasn’t enough, so he decided to join a different egg-stracurricular activity.

The chickens were egg-static.

He left the bakery in egg-stacy.

The farmer was known to be quite egg-centric.

The squared one was the egg-ception to the rule.

“I haven’t had a proper french toast in months, and I don’t egg-cept that!”

He tried to find his omelette with egg-sray.

“Your favorite animal could be the chicken, for egg-sample.”

“We need someone egg-sternal to look at this.”

“I need breakfast!” he egg-sclaimed.

“I don’t want a mix, I want that one!” he said egg-splicitly.

An apple a day is a good egg-spression.

“Let’s do an egg-speriment.”

The shell always felt egg-strinsic.

The farm was on fire, so he used the egg-stuingisher.

That color made him feel egg-ceptional!

You’re egg-saggerating!

To my farm, the chickens are egg-sistential.

The pain was egg-cruciating.

The baker needed some time off, so he went for an egg-scursion.

She needed to egg-splore the menu.

Unfortunately they are egg-stirpated.

What a lovely egg-sterior!

He had made a ton of omelettes, so he was quite egg-sperienced.

After cracking five people’s heads, he would be known as the egg-cecutioner.

They knew he had cracked it, despite his egg-sculpatory tone.

What gives them such a stable and strong core, is their egg-soskeleton.

How to make an omelette is pretty self-egg-splanatory.

The yolk and the white unwillingly joined up, feeling egg-spropriated.

I would love to be that egg-straverted.

After the shell was cracked, the yolk felt like an egg-screment.

They had to do some more egg-scavating.

The shell makes the yolk feel egg-cellent!

The chef cracked it egg-cemplary.

This might lead to an egg-suberance of chickens.

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