Boat Names

Boat Names

Hundreds of years into our collective past, our ancestors stared at the violent mass of water that is the ocean and thought: ‘I’m gonna cross that.’ This is a decision that would have resulted in many things; for one, dead ancestors, but also the invention of maritime technology and the great joy of naming ships.

Now, with everyone and their dog able to access some kind of boat, vessel, or seacraft, there’s only one thing to say: “We’re gonna need a bigger list of names.” Take a look at the names below that range from funny, to clever, cool, and classic, and you just might find the right one for your next boat. Or airplane. I don’t judge.

Funny Boat Names

Titanic 2 Electric Boogaloo

The Not for Sail

The Whateverfloatsyour

Kraken a Cold One

A Star on Board

The Davy Jones Rental Company 

The Big Hard Deck

The Oily Deck

S.S. Full of Seamen 

The Seamen Vessel 

The My Boat is Bigger 

For the Buoys 

The Leaky Deck

S.S. Got Crabs

S.S. You’ve Got Sail

Barge Simpson 

The Scuba Thriver 

The Uncontrollable Rafter

Bow Down 

The Off Course We Are

Shrimp My Ride 

The Ocean Basket Case

The Make a Fish Foundation 

Mariner? I Hardly Know ‘Er 


Kelp Wanted 

Vessel Mania

Losing Nemo

Trawl is Life


Yacht You Got?  

Makin’ Me Anchory 

Learner Diver 

Saturday Night Dive 

Seal or No Seal


Snail Sail 

Rudderly Insane 

The Rollie Dodger 

Carp Diem 

Eels So Good 

Generic Female Name 

The Divorce Settlement 

S.S. She Got the Kids 

A Frayed Knot 

Just Ferried 

Keel Over 

Hooked On a Keeling 

The Fathom Deep Club 

The Moaning Wench

Witty Boat Names

Once Upon a Maritime 

The Wave Goodbye 

S.S. Stutter 

The Doby Mick

The Obtuse Angler 

Fish You Were Here

Johnny Deck

The Relationship 

Tom Cruise 

Frank Ocean 


The Anchor Man

Sinking About You

The Juneflower

Honor Among Reefs

Donny Sharko 

The Scuttlefish 

A Port Mission 

The Marinara Stench 

The Can-Do Canoe

The Whale of a Time

The Tooth Ferry

Ferry Nice

Now You Sea Me 

Shrimp Bizkit 

Catch Me Later

John Seana 

Hull Hogan 

Gull Hogan 

The Coast is Clear

Howard Stern 

Rig and Morty 

The Current Affairs

Claude Deep Blue Sea 

Sweet Coraline 


The Galleywag

Hull’s Bells 

The Nice to Cleat ‘Ya  

Nautical by Nature


The Bobbing Dylan 

The Nervous Wreck

Sweet Breams 


Jack the Skipper 

World War Sea 

Drown and Out 

The Rocky Bottom 

Rocky Balbower

Best Boat Names

Daughter of the Water

The Odyssey 

The Vagabond 

The Wavecleaver 

The Dead Man’s Chest

The Treasure 


The Maritimer 

The Nautilus 

The Arronax 

The Ned Land

The Harpoon 

The Charybdis 


The Hydra 


The Olympian 

The Two Oceans

The Gull 

The Drunken Sailor 

The Voyager 

The Hemingway 

The Waterborne 

The Shark Fin 

The Barracuda 

Storm Dodger 

The Sea Dog 

Black Marlin 


The Aquamatic 

The Columbus 

The Terror


The Deep 

The Sea Knight 

The Southern Cross 


The Lucky Fish 



Radio Caroline 

The Jolly Roger 

The Figurehead 

The Ram 

The Barnacle 

The Sea Dragon 

Mermaid Watcher 

The Siren Song 

The General 

O’ Captain My Captain

Best Ship Names

Tanker Me Later

The Icebreaker 

Barging In 

Cargo, Boat Float 


Trawl Me Like a French Girl 

Dr. Suez 

The Navigator 

The Ozark 

The Gambler 


The Argonaut


The Battleship 


Atlantic Hero 

The Bronco 

The New Frontier 

The Singing Maiden 

The Floating Fortress 

The Dealer 

The New Wave 

Bye Bulkhead 


The Millionth Mile 

Ship Off the Old Dock 

The Phalanx 

The Spartan 

The Ark 


The Atlantis 

Saul Kemack